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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Slows Down Wii Production

Due to a decrease in demand Nintendo have seen fit to reduce Wii production in Japan.

Japanese component manufacturers have been dealt a rather harsh blow as Nintendo reduces Wii production in Japan following a steady decrease in demand for the family friendly console.

In late October Nintendo reduced its profit forecast for the business year ending March 2010, noting that Wii sales during 2009 were approximately “half the size of last year”. The company also lowered its annual Wii sales forecast from 26 million units to 20 million.

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7 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Slows Down Wii Production”

  1. exactly! people think that this is a sign of a shift in console sales, but the fact is, these other systems are going to flatline too.

  2. it is only logical to cut down production when everyone has a wii already (I say this figuratively), theres only so many people on this planet.

  3. Nintendo? Nintendo?! NINTENDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    I don’t want nintendo to die! Why!? WHY!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?

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