Nintendo Wii: Legendary Developer Tim Schafer Wants To Make A Wii Game

Tim Schafer the legendary developer behind the critically acclaimed Psychonauts and the fairly recent Brutal Legend has expressed a keen interest in creating a game for the Nintendo Wii.

“Most of my all time favourite games are Nintendo games. I have touched Shigeru Miyamoto with my bare hands!!! (He was very soft and pleasant.) Double Fine would love to make something for Nintendo’s fine machine, but it’s not up to us. It’s the publisher’s money, so they get to decide what platform to invest in. In other words, IT’S NOT OUR FAULT! I personally would have loved to make Psychonauts for the Game Cube. (Well, not literally me personally. I would have loved to tell someone else to make it, and I would have loved to watch them do it, and I would have loved yelling, “Faster! Faster!” as they worked.) I really hope we get a chance to make a game for the Wii some day. Why don’t you spam your favorite publisher with mail right now and ask them to send us money to make a Wii game? (And a little extra money for a pool table?)”

– Double Fine’s, Tim Schafer



  1. Brütal Legend was originally planned for a Wii release with 360 and PS3, but develpment was taking too long so they canned it. I’m all for a Double Fine Wii game!

  2. If I could give money I would but the simple fact is that hardly any one just gives money away, mostly because they know that it will be a waste of money. I think by showing the people that you can and will make the game, offer a better understanding that it is going to be a good investment and worth the time.

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