Nintendo Wii 2: Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) Images Leaked?

There appears to be an internal Project Cafe presentation and information sheet doing the rounds on the Internet. Admittedly the information sheet is most likely fake but I thought it was worth a look anyway. What do you guys think? Legitimate or just plain fake?



    1. I’m going to hold you too that. They’re probably safe though seems a bit convenient and fake.

  1. Fake if you ask me, and i’m not 100% sure of the screen on the controller yet though, mainly because it was apparently a rumour before the wii and also because of how expensive a 1080p display would make each controller, and how – whilst it sounds like a good idea – pointless it would be

  2. Fake – like people said: Nintendo is JAPANESE. That’s written in English.
    And like someone else said, it cropped up on 4chan. Go figure.

  3. If its real they should have it were u can use as wireless and people can be in differrent parts of there homes. so maybe like 2 ora group of people are play in differrent rooms.And if they wanna go a step highier have a alert of the controllers that lets people invite each other to play online games.

    Plz tell me what u think… I`ll be waiting

  4. Definitely fake. I can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few ‘shops in my time.

  5. If the rest of the image is in black and white, then why are the screens in color?
    Oh, that’s right.
    Because it’s fake.

  6. I thought they said the controllers were going to be tablets.

    This WOULD be awesome if true though.

  7. Fake, it’s in English, plus they picture of the controller is just a cheap knock off of the picture ign made

  8. it’s hideous…it looks like those leep frog games…or watever it’s called…

  9. I vote fake. Looks too much like the x-box. Besides, the controllers defeats the entire earlier wiimote craze, which now PS3 is copying, so… I vote fake.

  10. I quite like the design, if it was real, I think it’d feel as comfy as the gamecube controller. but theres no way you’d be able to swing your master sword holding it with one hand. I’d be happy if they ditched full motion controls, I’m still having fun with my dual shock 3

  11. i’ve actually seen alot worse look at any so called xbox 720 controllers and there insanely stupid the one in the pictures look half believable think about it nintendo tried to bring in gba/cube gameplay it worked on wind waker (currently playing) i think this may be along shot for it to be hd or any thing like that but if they havent figured out how to have both there next console and there current handheld working perfectly together for games to work together then i don’t think its ever gonna happen. if this mock up was sent to any gaming company in the world mainly english based it would be in ingirish would it not all thought theres no doubt about it being fake

  12. This has got to be a fake. It doesn’t look very appealing and the controllers look too much like POPstation-esque handhelds. (high five to anyone who knows what a POPstation is)

  13. FAKE. The screen is said to be six-inch. Then the whole controller is so big you couldn’t even hold it in your hands. People would play Wii 2 with the controller on their knees. lol
    P.S. I’ve actually calculated all of that :D

  14. It’s possibly real ONLY if they are close to a western release date and have already began setting up a promotion plan worldwide at once. The first of my statements are already confirmed via IGN that the release date plan is mid-October to November. Go check yourself

  15. I don’t think Nintendo would go for a completely new controller design right after they had the breakthrough of Wii Motion Plus.

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