Nintendo Wii: Wii Vitality Sensor Is Still Under Development Say Nintendo

Whilst Nintendo have officially announced that they’re hard at work on the successor to the Nintendo Wii which is set to launch in 2012 the company have told investors that they’re still working on the Wii Vitality Sensor.

“Everyone under pressure in our stressful society could use this to help us relax in a videogame. Videogames could be made for people to unwind or even fall asleep.”

– Satoru Iwata, speaking about the Wii Vitality Sensor



  1. This is not made to relax. This is totally made for Horror and Actiongames!
    Imagine more nightmares, or a shakier hand as a malus in Silent Hill or Resident Evil for being scared.
    Imagine a worse vision, or again a shaky hand in a racing game in a nervous last lap.

    Competition > watching the sea, or a fish tank.

    1. We’ll have to get with a lot of relaxing games, though. Honestly, I’d actually try them, but I’d be more excited by this being used for a horror game.

    1. They are putting the Wii to bed next year which makes it not-so-profitable for new ideas, so I’d say the Wii 2.

      1. BTW, I normally call it Project Café. I was just returning the name that was used.

  2. I’m not sure I want this thing on my finger. I’m not terribly interested in the relaxation idea. All I need is some soothing warm tea and soft music for that. But I think it has potential, like others have said, for horror games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

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