Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Announce Free Excitebike 3D Classics With May 3DS Firmware Update

Nintendo have told investors that they will be distributing a 3D Classics version of the fantastic Excitebike absolutely free in Japan with the firmware update that’s due to hit in May.

The May firmware update will see a number of new features for the Nintendo 3DS such as the long awaited 3DS eShop which will include numerous downloadable titles as well as the Nintendo 3DS web browser.



      1. I keep hearing “Late May.” If that’s true, expect it to be the last week. That’s fine for me, as I’m out of school by then.

  1. Yes! I was watching the Excitebike visualizer on the 3DS and I thought “This looks really cool in 3D, I wish they would bring the game to the console”

    And now they are, and it’s free. I just hope they bring it to America and Europe

  2. Why just Japan? What’s the point in not letting everyone get it? I hope that’s not the case… As far as I’m concerned that’s quite spiteful.

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