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Nintendo 3DS: Enterbrain Believes That The Nintendo 3DS Will Be The Best Selling Console Of 2011

Japanese magazine publisher Enterbrain has predicted that the Nintendo 3DS will be the best-selling console in Japan this year. Whilst sales are rather slow at the current moment, Enterbrain believe that Japanese consumers will be snapping up the console once Nintendo unleashes its impressive array of first party titles for the console.  Enterbrain has estimated a total of 2,868,000 3DS unit sales before the end of the year, compared to 2,378,000 PSP units.


8 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Enterbrain Believes That The Nintendo 3DS Will Be The Best Selling Console Of 2011”

  1. Wow, I really hope Nintendo achieves that result! I have a 3DS myself, but I’m still waiting for the right games…
    Btw, what’s the photo?

  2. I believe the lack of great titles at launch has been THE reason the 3DS hasn’t sold very many units. Put out good games and people will grab the new handheld for themselves or someone else without hesitation.

    1. That’s exactly what I think. I got one, but it will be a pedometer until OOT arrives. Still waiting for Kid Icarus, Mariokart, Mario, and all the awesomeness they annouced at E3 last year.

    1. Unlike in the rest of the year, a lot of great PSP games come out in Japan. I assure you, when the PSP goes off the market in the rest of the world, it’ll still be selling in Japan.

  3. Well of course its going be the best sellin system of 2011 its the only system of 2011 I mean really most people already got the old system and if microsoft or sony comes out with a new console no offence to nintendo but the 3ds might not even stand a chance

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