Nintendo: Nintendo Reconfirm No Xenoblade Chronicles For US And No Kid Icarus For Europe Until 2012

Nintendo has released its supplementary information and upcoming software launch schedule for 2011 and 2012. The list reconfirmed that Kid Icarus: Uprising won’t be released in Europe until early 2012. Also of note is the fact that Xenoblade Chronicles is still not listed with an American release.




    1. I’m tired of seeing you crybabies everywhere, even on YouTube. Sheesh! The Wii has Mario 1st party games, and you can play your old GC games, making the Wii’s games library awesome. Geez! “FANS” like you are annoying, you sound like a weeaboo. What’s next?

      1. So basically you’re happy since you have your little stupid Mario games and we just have to suck it up? yeah I don’t think so the games are already prepared and they aren’t giving it to us that’s why were doing this. Why don’t you just shut up and go play you’re kindergarten shovel ware!

  1. Ok guys I ask you to calm down please, the game isn’t on the list but you can’t make a big deal out of this because it was obvious, operation Rainfall is supporting the sales of Xenoblade in Europe to show Nintendo our interest for it, if it gets great sales in Europe, it’ll call Nintendo’s attention to get the same sales in USA, remember if it were going to be a confirmation it won’t be until later this year!

  2. I so wanted to play Kid Icarus, Seriously there is only one good game on the 3DS, maybe if they made more good games for the 3DS they wouldn’t have to do the price cuts

    1. Saying there is one good game coming to the 3DS is either ignorance at its finest or utter lack of video game taste. Case in point: Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Luigi’s Mansion, Star Fox, Paper Mario, Animal Crossing and Resident Evil: Revelations are a handful of games that ought to be great. .

      1. I agree with dan. CURRENTLY there is only 1 good game (OOT I imagine dan is referencing to). The future holds MANY good games, such as the list you listed. I don’t consider myself to be super picky, but none of the current available games to me is worth $40. I’ve been stocking my 3DS with VC games, and DSi games I didn’t know where good. This is why the 3DS is facing a price cut so people will buy the system now, then the list you mentioned will sell very very well.

        Take this as no means of purchase regret, I was over-joyed to hear I will be getting 20 free games. I love the system, just wish there was more than 1 cartiridge game to purchase that fits my tastes. It’s no secret that the launch list was horrifying and that is why people did not purchase the 3DS yet.

      2. Super Mario 3D is fail. The whole gimmick was the Tanooki Suit, & they couldn’t even get that right. Tanooki Mario will not fly or turn into a statue. The only thing it does is jump & tail attack. The game also looks slow manuever paced & way too easy: not as fun as original M3 or even the outdated M64.

        Mario Kart is way better on a console & if I want it on a portable, I can just get the Wii U, which has a bigger screen.

        Luigi’s Mansion sucks. Tried it for Gamecube, prefered Mario.

        Starfox 64: already played. Got bored. Nuff said.

        Nintendogs: “Same dogs + New cats: offers nothing new”, -as posted bt Nintendo Power themselves. Meh. Nintendogs sucked anyways.

        Animal Crossing… Seriously?

        Paper Mario=No partner. I’d rather play PM64 again on VC.

  3. Yeah, Nintendo botched the launch of the 3DS but they are moving to make up for it. With the price cut there is no excuse to not own one now.

    1. Yeah, you’re clearly one to talk bad about the 3DS, with your bad grammar. You bought the 3DS because you thought it was worth the investment. If you’ve nothing good to say about Nintendo, then get out, you loser.

      BTW: Naruto is a Dragonball clone. It copied Dragonball’s innovative story. All that Naruto knows how to do is leech off of DB’s success. Even the guy said Naruto was inspired = excuse steal every idea off DB, including the Kamayamaya.

      If you don’t like Nintendo, then please GTFO you troll. You fail bad. If it weren’t for Nintendo you wouldn’t even have games, so please, sir, do STFU and grow up, you fail troll.

      1. What does that mean? And i don’t mind that Naruto is a DBZ clone. DBZ is the greatest anime of all time. And Naruto is very good too. My favourite ongoing manga/anime. Kyuubi Mode Naruto is so fucking awesome.

        1. And I didn’t insult Nintendo in anyway in my statement. It’s a fact. I love Nintendo, too. I have owned every Nintendo system except the DS, Wii and 3DS because I don’t have much disposable income anymore.

          So keep the name calling to yourself.

  4. Not to be optimistic or anything, but let’s say that the Wii U is already out and Nintendo plans to release the new Zelda HD soon. They wouldn’t announce it through a list of announced games or anything like that. They would make an official statement. I know Xenoblade would be a localization, but it’s the same principle.

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