Nintendo: Nintendo Feeding America With Kirby Snacks To Promote Kirby Mass Attack!

Nintendo America has announced that it’s preparing the feed the American masses by deploying customized Kirby Snack Attack Trucks to deliver frozen fruit treats to consumers and fans in select cities throughout the United States.While enjoying these tasty snacks, participants can enjoy hands-on demos of Kirby Mass Attack, in which gobbling up fruit allows players to accumulate a mass of up to 10 Kirby’s at a time.

Kirby Snack Attack Truck Tour Schedule
Sept. 14: Rockefeller Plaza, New York City
Sept. 14-15: San Francisco Bay Area
Sept. 16-18: Upper Kirby neighborhood, Houst


      1. A van going around advertising free candy and video games. If I didn’t know better, I’d say there’s a rapist in town. xD
        But in all honesty, too bad Indiana is so freakin lame compared to big states like those… I WANT SUM FREE CANDY DANGIT

  1. People are complaning about the new 3DS add on but to be honest, would you rather pay approx £50 for this or trade ur 3DS for not that much now after the price drop then pay £200+ for the new version. Plus this means we can finally get a decent shooter for a nintendo portable consel.

  2. I wish I knew exactly where they’re going to be. Just knowing they’ll be in the San Francisco Bay Area is incredibly frustrating since it covers so much ground. The game looks really fun, and I’d love to try it out.

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