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Nintendo Wii U: New Smash Bros Brawl Sequel Possibly Leaked, Called Smash Bros Universe

A photo is currently rounds on the Internet which reveals that the next Smash Bros game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS will be titled Smash Bros Universe. The photo is most likely a fake, but it’s worth posting even though the game is still a long way off.

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165 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: New Smash Bros Brawl Sequel Possibly Leaked, Called Smash Bros Universe”

      1. If they include a bunch of 3rd party and not-so-popular Nintendo characters in the game, then this name could actually make sense. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really tie in with the series’ past names, and I won’t believe it until an official announcement or a screenshot.

    1. Agreed. It doesn’t match the other names(brawl, melee)

      They could have at least named it something that makes sense like royal, battle, clash, rumble, feud – almost any synonym of “fight” really…

  1. Huh. I call fake. “Universe” doesn’t fit in with their SSB naming patterns. Melee and Brawl are words for fighting, Universe isn’t. I know its because of Wii U but … i dunno…

            1. I believe that was the name of one of many attempted SSB homebrew clones for the DS. To my knowledge, all of them were dropped, I don’t know of one that was finished.

            1. A “quarrel” is an argument between a couple. Two people in a relationship. That name would just be dumb.

        1. i have 2 names.

          Super Smash Bros.


          Super Smash Bros. Deathwatch (featuring the commentators from Madworld :3) i dont care what its called as long as the following chars. are included:
          Dante (DmC)
          Neku (TWEWY)
          Sora (KH 2 version)
          Shadow (Sonic)
          Fierce Deity Link
          and 8 bit revolution chars. where all the old school classics like zelda,mario,etc. have there oldschool 8 bit forms :D

          1. I would like to see Tails in the new Brawl. Some people dislike Tails a lot, but I think he’s cool. He’d make a good unique fighter, with his flying and maybe some of his technology. (Example: Chu2 bombs, the Blue Tornado) I like your Neku idea.

    1. Unless the goal is to have a working online component and introduce a larger group of non-Nintendo franchise characters.

      Also, there was a Mega Man Universe before it was shut down – what if Capcom is secretly working on the Smash Bros game…

        1. not before asking us to beg for it, and if it did get released
          we would have to pay 5 dollars a characrer because the game would only have 15 character lol
          then a year later releaae a super edition XD

    2. You guys automatically assume the next title is going to have some fighting name? 2/3 of the names have fighting synonyms, that’s no indication of a sequel’s name.

      At least it’s not as sad as people calling the next XBOX the “720.”

    3. The name reminds me of something from a while ago. Back around E3 time or shortly after, Nintendo bought the domain name I’m just guessing that’s the name for the online system.

    4. Super Smash Bros. Friendly Debate
      Super Smash Bros. ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
      Super Smash Bros. Thumb Wrestling
      Super Smash Bros. Coin Flip Death Match
      Anyone still standing from the epic-ness?

  2. nintendo should cancel the 3DS version and focus on the Wii U version. the 3DS version is not only gonna ruin the experience. but smash bros.’ history!

    also, a gamecube controller acessory is a must. and i’m not too keen on “universe” why not ” royale”

    1. How would a 3DS version ruin Smash Bros? The 3DS is more powerful than the N64 and slightly better than the Gamecube; It could probably even provide an experience equal to the Wii version.

        1. It has graphics better than the Wii, which you can tell by looking at the textures of designs and stuff, but I think Wii has the better resolution, which I really don’t care too much about as long as it’s at least 360p.

          1. i kinda agree with raymond. although i in NO way want them to cancel the 3ds version, i dont want to vs people from 3ds to wii u, and i dont want the games to be too similar. although i probably would play through both games, i dont want two of the same games for two different systems. and i dont care what controller is used, just as long as the buttons are customizable (as usual), i dont like pushing up to jump.

    2. Just to make it worse (in your opinion), Sakurai said he was planning on doing a Smash Bros. for the 3DS first. Iwata then convinced him to also do it for the Wii U as well. So if they’re going to cancel one of the two (to work 100% on the other), the Wii U edition is going to be the one to get axed. Food for thought, no?

      And no, GameCube controller is not a “must.” They can perfectly release with support for the Classic Controller, Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and Wii U controller. See? No GameCube controller. Not really a “must” is it? Game is perfectly playable without it.

        1. I’ve preferred Gamecube since Melee and I suck with the Wii Motes (and I don’t really want to buy a classic controller), so I’ll probably have to get used to using the U Remote.

  3. The English font is definitely the same as Brawl, the Japanese and English names would probably be different, and the 3DS version wouldn’t have the same “U” pun in it, and it would probably be called the same thing, so I’m going to call fake on this one.

  4. I’ve heard of Strife and Universe but the game is still years away from compleation!

    If its called universe then Can we see almost all nintendo characters and others like capcom and more sega?


    1. As long as Falco’s in the game, I’m good. But I gotta agree with that Mewtwo point. Lucario sucked in Brawl, and I was great with Mewtwo. Also, I would love to see Wolf taken out and Slippy and Krystal put in the next Smash Bros. I mean, they could still have Wolf, but I don’t know if they’d want to put all 5 Star Fox characters in…

      1. I’m worried about 3rd party characters. Yes I would like to see Sonic again and new guys like Tails and MegaMan, but hopefully Nintendo knows that its their game. And they do. I just don’t want it to be ‘SSB with other characters that aren’t ours’. Also, will there be DLC? Meowth: $5.99. I would acctually buy that.

  5. Yeah. It’s fake. It looks like a child did it. The subtitle doesn’t match at all, in concept or in presentation. Also, I highly doubt they would name a game between the U and the 3DS with something that is distinctly “U”.

    1. Not to mention that there would be a different name in Japan. The U pun isn’t… well… universal. lol

      To back up my statement, here:

      Super Smash Bros. Melee, known in Japan as Dairantō Smash Brothers DX

      Super Smash Bros. Brawl, known in Japan as Dairantō Smash Brothers X

      They didn’t take the English subtitles of their counterparts. So why should the Wii U one? lol

      1. But if it were to be related to the consoles name, Wii U, then it would be same in Japanese, or atleast similar. Because the name of consoles is the same in Japan as in America.

    1. Yea, if by soon you mean in 2-3 years, if we’re lucky. The game probably hasn’t even or just started development, so don’t be expecting even screenshots anytime before next year’s E3.

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    1. Even that’s optimistic. I’d say late 2015 or 2016. Believe me I’d much rather have it earlier, but we know how slow the developer is… after all Brawl took forever.

      Kid Icarus was pushed to 2012, he stated he is finishing this title before going into Smash brothers.

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        1. Some of the Goombas I’ve stomped were females, so you might say no. Then again if I’ve stomped the same amount of female Goombas that I have male Goombas, then you might say yes.

  8. a gay name for an awesome game fo an awesome consoe with a gay name, heres for the stream, motion , momentum, something cool not bluddy wii u, wii already has a bad reputation with toher people and slapping a u on the end won’t change it, i swaer its why 3ds did bad, all my friends think its just a ds… bluddy hell nintendo don’t go bankrupt change it

    1. How Is Wii u gay. Names can not be Homosexual, anyway Universe may not be real name but I like Universe.


    2. Where did the naming of Wii U come up as a topic? Besides, it’s not the worst name, but I would prefer for it not to have “Wii” in the name but a completely new name.

    3. so your saying slapping “super” in front of Nintendo entertainment system was original for Nintendo to do for its second console. i find IMO that when they just slap on a letter or word to the name of an old console, they are telling people that it is brand new but should be known better by more people. so in turn they should make better sales.

  9. I’d say the name is fake, as 1.) Nintendo don’t release full-names for a game till at least 7 months before the game is released and SSB doesn’t come out till late 2013 onwards, 2.) it doesn’t match the two previous names which were Melee and Brawl, 3.) Japan have different translations….

    But other than that I cannot wait to pre-order and play SSB on the 3DS and Wii U.

    1. 1. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

      2. Melee and Brawl don’t match SSB.

      3. Wii U is the same in Japan and the US. Also, Japanese people can speak English. In fact, Super Mario 3D Land has the same name in Japan and the US.

      Look over your facts next time.

      1. 1. Skyward Sword was heavily delayed, the name was released prior to it’s November 2011 release date and the game was delayed afterwards.

        2. Melee and Brawl match Super Smash Bros because “Melee” and “Brawl” both begin with “Super Smash Bros,” in case you didn’t know. Super Smash Bros just didn’t have a subheading.

        3. All three titles are different between Japan and US. In fact, her are the Japanese games in chronological order:
        Nintendo All Star! Dairantō Smash Brothers
        Dairantō Smash Brothers DX
        Dairantō Smash Brothers X

        Look over YOUR facts next time.

  10. I’d say the name is fake, as 1.) Nintendo don’t release full-names for a game till at least 7 months before the game is released and SSB doesn’t come out till late 2013 onwards, 2.) it doesn’t match the two previous names which were Melee and Brawl, 3.) Japan have different translations….

    But other than that I cannot wait to pre-order and play SSB on the 3DS and Wii U.

  11. I’ve decided not to believe any rumors about Wii U until Nintendo or developers confirm them. Remember the huge list of games that Nintendo was supposed to reveal at E3? It was “leaked” before E3. Yeah, nice going. They want to surprise fans, so they’re keeping their games to themselves for now. Not even third parties are showing their ports. I bet they’re going to show stuff after the holidays.

  12. Sounds like a good name.I like it but I doubt they would put the “Wii U” u in the name.Strife is still the best name i’ve heard so far though

  13. You know, it’s entirely possible that the Wii U version will be called Super Smash Bros Universe while the 3DS version will be called something else. -.- Why are people basing their “fake” accusations simply on the fact that the “U” wouldn’t fit in with the 3DS? There’s no evidence suggesting that it’s the 3DS name. In fact, “3DS” isn’t even on the picture. Only “Wii U” is. I’m not saying whether the picture is real or fake. I’m saying don’t jump to a conclusion without looking at the facts, or else your logic could possibly be flawed.

  14. Universe sounds kinda cool actually. Like maybe they mean to put the name that way considering the Wii U will have a better online System so the game will have much more online variety so thats wat they mean by universe cuz ur like connecting to the whole world in online play without lag And different matches like 8 player battle sudden death battles, team battles. It seems pretty realistic and cool

  15. Without looking for any further information, I’m going to assume this is the website rather than the game. Maybe they’ll do another dev blog. I do know that quite a few people want it all to be a secret, though, so there would be a downside to that.

  16. More fake rumors I’ve heard are possible characters:

    -Paper Mario
    -Bowser Jr.
    -Dixie Kong
    -King K.Rool
    -Mega Man (that would sure be nice)
    -The return of Roy

    And there were more, those are just what’s fresh on my mind.

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  18. Wait, it ends with the word Universe? OH NO! It’s going to be cancelled then. :(

    Wait, it’s not a Capcom game. I guess we’re safe then. ;)

  19. Why would the word Universe on the Japanese logo be in English? The Japanese word for universe is like “uchi” or something

  20. There’s only so many words which mean fight that could be feasibly used. Otherwise you’re getting into ‘SSB: Handbags At Ten Paces’ territory.

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  22. I bet they’re going to name it like Pokemon Black and White’s sequels. Possibly Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2.

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