Nintendo 3DS: High Quality Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer From Tokyo Game Show

Square Enix has finally provided a high quality video of the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance trailer they showcased at this years Tokyo Game Show. The game is looking fantastic and it also features a cameo appearance from The World Ends With You main character Neku. Enjoy!


  1. forgot to say… “Japan Only” LoL XD …. in exchange we’re gonna get wii play 3ds and Rainbow bright 3d

  2. Ha ha, good to see Riku cut his hair. :P

    It looks like we’ll see more of what happened to Organization Thirteen’s true selves before they became Nobodies!!!! So excited. :D They teased in BBS and I was wondering what became of young Lea and Isa when they went to the castle. Hope we learn that.

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