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Nintendo 3DS: Capcom Reveal Awesome New Monster Hunter Tri G Nintendo 3DS Console

Nintendo and Capcom have announced that they’re bringing out a limited edition Nintendo 3DS console to celebrate the launch of Monster Hunter Tri G. The bundle will be available to purchase on December 10th in Japan.

19 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Capcom Reveal Awesome New Monster Hunter Tri G Nintendo 3DS Console”

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  2. OMG….Must…get……Already…..Have….3DS…but..want…..this…too….don’t…care…Capcom…please….localize……NOW!!!

    1. if nintendo wants more 3ds games here soon, i dont get why they didnt get capcom on the ball and released it this winter. i guess they want to hype it more over here and nintendo is happy with their winter lineup (but still, so weak on third parties!!!)

  3. Ha, if you want one of these be ready to spend upwards of $300 on a Japanese fan sight because it won’t be released anywhere else, the special edition MH systems never are. Oh and the game will be Japan only capcom is run by dumbasses

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  5. they will b very dumb for not to localize it…which can make 3ds more incredible than d vita…n it can increase its market around d world…lol

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