Nintendo Wii U: EA Says Everything Is On Track With Wii U And They Love The Console

Peter Moore, Electronic Arts chief operating officer has told news publication Reuters that the company is extremely impressed with Wii U and has made a commitment to Nintendo to bring all their key franchises to the new platform.

“There are no indications that there’s anything that feels like it’s off target,”

“From our perspective right now, specs are a big deal,” he said, adding that during his trip [to Nintendo], he will looking to find out more about the gadget’s graphic and computer processing units, its price and when it might be shipped.”

“No one thinks its going to replace an iPad 2 but it is playing into what a consumer feels comfortable with.”

“In the past, publishers have backed away from dedicating too much content to Nintendo platforms, since the Japanese company tended to use its consoles to push its own software titles. But make no mistake, EA is on board with the Wii U.”

“Our teams are working on it around the world. Our key franchises will be there. We’ve made that commitment to Nintendo.”


  1. This is the kind of news I want to hear about the Wii U, I’m extremely happy it’s going well with such a big developer.

  2. nice, we can finally play some good ea games, on it. Im crossing fingers for a new dead space, or new Need for speed

  3. good for EA. i like to hear this. hopefully this means dead space, mass effect, and battlefield are on their way!

  4. :) We haven’t heard much praise from developers as of late. I mean, we’ve heard “Yeah, I like the console, we might make a game for it.” but nothing like what Peter Moore just said.

    1. Mass effect, dragon age, madden, battlefield, need for speed dead space etc etc…..there is nothing you like?

  5. i play nintendo for Mario!!! Please don’t Loose your identity trying to keep up with the Jones’, Mr Nintendo Wii U

    1. YEH! only if they do the original 2008 PC version remake for Wii U.

      I hated the spin-offs after the first, But the first one was SOOOO AMAZING!

  6. And Nintendo and loves you Peter Moore as well as Nintendo’s fans do too. You make the game on Wii U and we will buy it.

  7. i like wii u,glad to hear developers like it,as a major nintendo fan i always wanted great third party games on a nintendo console as well as first person games,who can say they were playing the legend of zelda then switched to play assasins creed,or battlefield 3 or something like that

  8. I may have to buy Battlefield 3 twice; the first time for the 64 player PC experience, the second time for Wii U because why not?

  9. Well, the Dead Space announcement earlier makes a lot of sense, then. I wouldn’t mind a late port of BF3, maybe launch it at the same time as DLC on other consoles, but Wii U version has it included.

  10. I guess Nintendo is picking up their game after their not so great 3DS launch…but now they are realesing some good games for it, and the WiiU sounds like its definitly on track for a solid launch :)


  11. This part is of great interest… “From our perspective right now, specs are a big deal,” he said, adding that during his trip [to Nintendo], he will looking to find out more about the gadget’s graphic and computer processing units, ….”

    EA said that spec is a huge deal for them and the fact they are throwing their full support behind the WiiU tells me Nintendo is bringing a power house that’s going to shock the haters that making stupid statements that it is just on the level of the PS3/360 or that the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft will blow it away. Really!!! I feel a major shock and surprise in just how robust the console is… is coming.

    1. Same here; I wouldn’t be surprised if it were capable of much more than is being hinted at. Nintendo is smart, and they wouldn’t take the leap into the next generation of consoles so early if they didn’t have a few aces up its sleeve. They have to be sure that they can compete with the successors to the PS3 and 360, and I think they’re fully prepared to do so. I couldn’t be more excited about the Wii U.

      1. Reggie Fils-Aime has stated that only about 10% of what the Wii U is capable of has been shown, and he could possibly be talking about power or specs here. So there you have it.

  12. this is excellent news for nintendo, the likeliness now is that the other companies who may have doubted the wii-u system might now be thinking twice as one of the biggest gaming corporations is on board. EA’s main rival is activision and ive heard rumours of COD (not that i care about cod) made available for the wii-u. If both EA and activision get their best selling games on the wii-u e.g. cod, battlefield, need for speed, dead space etc this could be the best selling console of all time. Now theres untol opportunity for nintendo now imagine for the wii-u bethesda with fallout and elder scrolls, capcom with megaman and street fighter, konami with castlevania and metal gear solid, bandai-namco with soul calibur and tekken, sega with sonic and golden axe then theres nintendos own games like the legend of zelda, pokemon, super mario, donkey kong, the conduit, fire emblem and metroid. I have high hopes for this system just as i do in the 3ds, good luck to nintendo, i have a feeling microsoft and sony are going to have a rough year in 2012

  13. booooring let me know when capcom or konami make games for the wii u ea is good verry good but my favourites are capcom and konami :) konami should bring back goemon for wii u

  14. If Nintendo f**ks up the Wii U like they did with the 3DS, then it will be my last NIntendo console…

  15. YEH EA!

    If you make shovel-ware on Wii U then i will be mad! Really i know your going to make good games anyway ^_^

    1. That is akin to connecting a Game Boy to the Game Cube. Not really anything like the Wii U, the multiple screen thing is not new. Having everything as part of a single console is.

      As for details, technically much different (console powered, not the other way around). Control-wise much different (buttons, ect). Wii U, unlike other portable/console connections, will spawn many many ideas (again because it is always available).

      Not to mention it is living room centric… Has the potential to become the center of the living room with its always on, always accessible interface. Possible replacing cable as we know it, definitively replacing the sub-par Apple TV and much of waht xBox can do.

  16. good for nintendo and everyone else hopefully. i really hope they get their top spot back again. APEX!!!!!!!!!

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