Nintendo Wii: Fans Of Wii Sports Should Play Go Vacation On Wii

Namco Bandai’s Masaya Kobayashi believes that the millions of Wii Sports fans should experience his latest game Go Vacation which comes out in Europe on November 4th. The game allows you to explore a huge resort and play the numerous activities on offer.

“I would say for anyone who is already familiar with Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort that they should look at our game and see that it is different not just because of the sheer volume of it but also because of the exploration elements, and I hope they’ll get friends and family on board to have fun and experience the game together.”



  1. Go Vacation is a totally different animal from Wii Sports Resort. While playing by yourself, it feels more like an RPG. The mini games are addictive, but they’re less than half of the experience! There’s SO much to explore and so many secrets to uncover. I believe that anyone looking for a great escape wants just that. The scope of this game is very deep, which is where it excels. And once you realize it’s a different game your playing you gotta give props—it’s very well done.


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