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Nintendo Wii: Here’s A Closer Look At Zelda Skyward Sword’s Limited Edition Package

Nintendo Japan has provided gamers a further glance at the stunning limited edition Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword package for Wii. The limited edition bundle includes the game, the Zelda Symphony Concert CD, and a special Gold Wii Remote. The game comes out November 18th in Europe and November 20th in North America.

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21 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Here’s A Closer Look At Zelda Skyward Sword’s Limited Edition Package”

  1. The concert CD is pretty cool, but I’m not that bothered because I’ll get to see the real thing in a few days! Can’t wait.

    1. Usually on the day of the game’s release, which is the 18th November in the Europe. If you’re in the UK and order from GAME they have always got my preorders to me the day before release. Ordering with FREE delivery from Amazon usually means a wait of up to 3 days AFTER release. Hope this helps.

      1. OH OKAY THANKS! :D this helped alot! Erm btw What if I’m in Asia? Will I still get it 3 days after release in America?(I ordered from Amazon)

        1. To Asia, I think at lease one week or more, after release date. International rate it going to be different. Unless you are willing to pay mre for shipping.

  2. Sweet, I know thats it going to be a limited run. I pre-ordered 2. I love the art style in game. Looks awesome can’t wait……..

  3. Dont have the money to preorder this unless I ask for b-day money early… but I already did that for Uncharted 3… hmmm (not im not canceling that preorder becausd I really want Uncharted 3 plus it comes with preorder bonuses)

    1. If you ordered in a retail outlet, go to said outlet and ask them to change your pre-order to the limited edition.

      It is NOT an automatic switch.

      If you did it on Amazon, just change your order.

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