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Nintendo: Nintendo Power Reviews Super Mario 3D Land And Rayman Origins, Which Has The Highest Score?

US gaming publication Nintendo Power has reviewed both Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS and Rayman Origins for the Wii. Surprisingly Ubisoft’s Rayman Origins has scored higher than Nintendo’s very own Super Mario 3D Land. Here’s some of the details direct from Nintendo Power issue 273:

Super Mario 3D Land: 9/10

+Different and great styles of Mario platforming for everyone
+Great 3D

-More advanced moves (long jump, somersaults) are completely optional.
-Not very creative

Overall: “A true triple-A title…Natural evolution of the series…Not as much content as Galaxies but still tons..Blows away all of the previous handheld Marios.”

Rayman Origins: 9.5/10

+Beautiful art
+Inspired soundtrack that amplifies the manic atmosphere
+Nothing plain or boring
+Extremely fluid
+Some of the “tightest” level design in the reviewers’ 26 year experience with platformers
+Great at creating sense of momentum
+Perfect difficult
+Great multiplayer
+Always introducing new concepts

Overall: “Best Rayman game ever made. A platforming masterpiece.”

62 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo Power Reviews Super Mario 3D Land And Rayman Origins, Which Has The Highest Score?”

  1. Only by half a point, and Origins really deserves to do as well or better from what I’ve seen of it. Both scores are still fantastic

  2. I don’t know how great might Rayman: Origins might be, but when i saw the trailer back at the E3 i just though “Rayman Kong Country: Returns?”

  3. I’m frankly glad that Rayman Origins recieves such a score, this series deserves more than it has! and so do their fans!

  4. Isn’t it contradicting to say it’s not very creative and then say “Blows away all of the previous handheld Marios” and “Different and great styles of Mario platforming for everyone”.

  5. hahahaha merio failzzzz they give it 9 cus is merio but it rely deservs a 5!!!!!1111 nintendot plz stop making merio and selda games they sux

    1. lissin too thiss pplz. hee rlly nwz wut hez tokking abt. merio + selda shirr duz sux! nintendot sux 2! itz sow kool 2 knot spellll rite!

  6. hahahaha merio got a high score cus is merio if not he deservs a 5!!!!111 ninetndo plz stop making merio and zelda they sux, and hahaha u nintendo are not getting mw3 or bf3 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. Rayman probably got more because of originality and innovation. Even if it’s an all-new platformer, SM3DL still uses similar graphics and concepts from the galaxy series. Although I am SUPER HYPED to pick up my pre-ordered copy of SM3DL, I see why Rayman Origins got (half a point) better.

  8. Rayman Origins art style looks beautiful but I didn’t think it would top any Mario game as a platformer so it’s either Mario3DLand is not that good or its a twisted marketing scheme to push 3rd-party developers sales on the 3DS.

    The same company that developed the casual money-maker Just Dance series and a galore of sucky multiplatform movie-based games can make a proper game? not to mention outshine a Mario title on a Nintendo portable system where the big N excels? I’m yet to find out, seems suspicious but I’ll probably give it a try.

    1. Ubisoft also made the amazing Assassin’s Creed series, but on another note a 9/10 and 9.5/10 doesn’t mean that 3DLand is “not that good” or that it’s a “twisted marketing scheme to push 3rd-party developers sales on the 3DS”

      1. My previous comment was referring Ubisoft games on Nintendo systems and I agree that 9/10 is a great score. However, provided both games fall in the same category and play style, the scores comparison surely does stir enough controversy to raise a few marketing-related questions.

  9. Well its true about rayman origins, its a beautiful and amazing platform game. to be honest, super mario land 3D kinda looks like a rush job, but thats what you expect from a game thats bin in development since 2009-10. but its still looks like a great mario game, and probably the BEST one for handheld’s.

  10. What kind of thing are the reviewers smoking these days. Having the advance moves being optional is something that is a minus to them. REALLY? NSMBWii and to a lesser extent Galaxy 2 never had a you can move forward in the game unless you do this.
    Not very creative how?

  11. Since Mario has to live up to his own legacy, it’s not surprising. It’s a great Mario game that everyone should buy, but it only lives to localize most of what’s come before to a portable device rather than push the series forward. Mind you it’s a great representation of what’s been achieved with Mario over the years, and it even takes Galaxy and sidescrolling concepts of level design back to a standard 3D Mario game, but it doesn’t do much more than that. It actually would have been perfect for his 25th Anniversary last year.

    Rayman Origins, meanwhile, could be considered a grand realization for the series that pushes it forward by doing something different. While it draws on the original 2-D sidescrolling PSX game, it never limits itself with the past. Just as importantly, this affirms how well Ubisoft’s new UbiArt Framework…well, works. I really hope this set of tools deeply influences game presentation for years to come. It’s a pleasure to see that jaw-dropping surprise during Ubisoft’s E3 ’09 conference become the success I’d hoped for.

    Both are great, that’s a given, but one successfully pushes the boundaries. Still, that earned .5 is a bit awkward. :P

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