Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Announces New Wii Bundle For Christmas

Nintendo UK and Europe has announced that it’s releasing a brand new Wii bundle on November 18th. The bundle includes the newly-configured black Wii console (which lacks Gamecube compatibility) with a black Wii Wheel and Mario Kart Wii – a perfect present for racing fans this Christmas. Anyone considering picking one up?


  1. Wouldn’t trade mine for one without gamecube backwards compatibility. But then, I bought day of release when it first came out, so I’m guessing I’m not the target audience here.

      1. yeah, i saw that bundle on amazon during the weekend, and no, from what reggie says atleast, Zelda:SS is not the last great wii tittle will get on the states.. lets hope he wasnt lying.

  2. no way. the new wii design is stupid, lacking gamecube playback, the fact that it adds nothing is just dumb. its a waste of time, money, and productivity for things we actually want. (rainfall games, wii u, etc.)

      1. 1) If you’re bothered by GCN games play it on your Wii you have or (heaven forbid) your Gamecube.
        2) This is a European bundle, we’re getting the rainfall games so why bring them into it?
        3) It’s designed for families without a Wii, they will be about £89 which will be cheap to produce due to it being just Wii parts.
        4) The reason it’s designed to lie on its side is if you knock the console over when it’s standing up it burns the disk. This (designed for families, young kids knock stuff over) will eliminate that problem.

        1. I laughed pretty hard at that first one, considering it should be common sense yet people still bitch XD

  3. I haven’t bought a Wii since it came out, I thought I would get one the day Nintendo made a whole new Zelda, and now with Skyward Sword around the corner, I’m looking forward to get one. But I also have Wind Waker and Twilight Princess for Gamecube, and I love those games, I play them from time to time. There’s just no way in hell I would get a Wii without Gamecube compatibility, I just can’t see the logic behind it.

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