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Nintendo Wii U: EA And Valve Are Both Desperately Competing For Wii U Online Service?

EA is apparently trying to convince Nintendo to use the company’s Origin platform as the main online service for Wii U, whilst Valve is trying to get Nintendo to use the immensely popular Steam. EA however is apparently putting a lot of pressure on Nintendo to exclusively use Origin. Which service would you rather see?

264 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: EA And Valve Are Both Desperately Competing For Wii U Online Service?”

    1. Javier Vèlez Morales


      1. Personally, I’d like to see Nintendo create a brand-new, fresh online platform and therefore online system for the Wii U, instead of just using steam (although it is quite good) or, dare I say it, Origin. But, whatever brings in the most customers, right?

  1. EA has been the biggest supporter of Wii U since day one. I’m sure Steam would have no problem with Origin, it’s just EA has a problem with Steam. I’d personally prefer Steam, but EA could be little babies about it all and pull their support for the Wii U.

      1. The Forums were hacked, and only some information was released. It is bad, however it could happen to anyone. At least Valve said to change passwords asap, when Sony even denied claims.
        Once Origin becomes bigger, it will be a bigger target for hackers and such.

          1. sony took a wopping 3 days to even say anything happened. and they didnt even say what happened for even longer than that.

            1. 3 days sooner than most companies admit their services had been hacked. Besides he lied and said they denied it. They never denied they were hacked.

              You Nintendo kids are just as bad as Xbots with your irrational hate and venom. You make those of us who enjoy Nintendo and Sony games look like idiots. Keep feeding that “gamers are disgruntled basement dwelling trolls” stereotypes. Your doing those of us who just like to have fun all a favor.


              1. Please Sony fans are the most irrational at least Nintendo and Xbox fans can make sense and better arguments let alone have games that dont lag as much etc and what other company that has heaps of Credit Card Details for its online Game Service had it hacked and than took 3 days to let people know so they can check there credit cards and cancel them sooner and yes Sony lied when asked after the hack happend than came out 3 days later when people noticed Credit Card transactions etc

    1. A new TF2 class called plumber? Freeman’s pipe would be melee, and fireballs are the main attack. You get where I’m going with this….

      Oh, and the costume pack gives you a green set, rather than the stock red one. :D

  2. if nintendo go with steam will EA be pissed and not put their games on wii u? sounds outrageous but i really want reassurance that that wont happen :P

    1. I see it as win / win. Origin doesn’t touch the wii and we don’t get any of EA’s crapware and shovelware. There is also a change that Source will be ported to Wii U with maybe even a ports of HL / Portal / TF2.

      1. You can hate all you want, but if you have no full version of Madden then the WiiU will fail in the US. And a full version of FIFA is a requirement for success elsewhere. I would love to see Valve games on the WiiU, but it is not make or break for the platform. So EA holds a lot of cards in these negotiations.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this. Would you use an existing Origin/Steam account ? Not sure if I want to be tied in with either account on Wii U.

    I would need to see more info about Wii U’s online service to decide on which one I wanted.

    1. I imagine it would be entirely optional (Set up a username and password for Wii U gaming, add your email address or log into Steam to play your Steam games too. Nintendo would never make you HAVE to have a Steam account.

    2. It would be like the PS3’s Steam service; cross-platform play with PC (and, if the Wii U gets the ability, the Wii U/PS3, depending on which console you’re on), great game support, and when you buy a game for the Wii U/PS3 you’ll get it for free on PC.


    In all seriousness, if they go with Origin instead of Steam I will straight up not buy a Wii U (even though I’ve been really excited about it)

    1. Well, looking at it from Nintendo’s perspective, here are some things to consider:

      EA has been supporting Wii U like crazy ever since it was announced. This could be why, or it might just be one more reason for them to be excited. If Nintendo chooses Valve over them for this, they could be whiny little babies and pull all their support, once again leaving Nintendo with seemingly very little third party support. Not having EA would mean the Wii U suddenly wouldn’t be getting many of the games we were promised, like Madden, FIFA, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Need for Speed… You get the point.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely LOVE having Steam on the Wii U, far more than I could ever be excited to have Origin. In my honest opinion, I just think Valve’s games are that much better. But you have to look at it from a business perspective – from Nintendo’s perspective. Suddenly losing the support EA has been giving them could really hurt their image and tarnish the image of the Wii U.

      I hope something gets worked out between these three companies and we end up getting both Origin and Steam. It’s a lot to hope for, but that’s what I hope happens.

  5. STEAM!!!! Nintendo should use Steam. Then I can have my Awesome Nintendo game sagas and my hardcore epics all in one place! =D let Origin but pooped upon by rabits

  6. Steam!

    Please and thank you, Nintendo. I like EA, but Origin is a bit nightmarish.

    And if Steam means I can somehow replay the Half-Life series on my Wii U, I will throw my PC out the window.

    1. Then you’ll be unable to browse the web or anything… and while I’m at it, can I have your monitor and other computer accessories? In case your PC doesn’t survive the crash of course…

  7. Steam. better variety of games, easier to use, cheap, secure, and most important to Nintendo…More popular. I’m sure a Wii U port of Portal 1 & 2 would be the selling factor to many people even if they beat them already many times over.

  8. Also, if Valve and EA, two very high profile companies, are fighting for the WiiU’s online service, it is sure to be VERY good.

    1. I was thinking about this too! 2 huge 3rd party companies fighting over something made by Nintendo…. now that’s something my ears haven’t heard in the last, what, atleast 10 years…?

      1. When have 3rd parties been fighting for a console ever? Never heard of that before.. so it´s a first for me… LET THE CONSOLE WARS BEGIN xD

    1. I see it this way…

      Steam: Free account and free online play (would fit to nintendo for not wanting to charge their fans for extra cash)

      EA: Long term bitches (sorry EA lovers… but that´s how I see it). They will either go with “pay once for your account creation” or “pay monthly/for gold cards” (or something in the likes of gold membership on 360). Nintendo personally doesn´t see any good in this. PLUS…. EA really loves closing old servers recently… so I think all WiiU owners will have a connection prob with the server, after the follower of the WiiU shows up (in 6-8 years)

      Just my personal thought without taking the games of those two companies into account

  9. It’d be great to have both, as I have no problems with either. If Nintendo were to be flexible, they should allow both companies to use their [own] online structure for their respective games.

  10. I think a case by case basis would be best to insure integrity with different software manufacturers. I’m sure activision might have a problem if they are forced to use Origin for COD online.

    1. Thats why its not going to happen. No way in hell nintendos giving EA THAT much control of their online system. If they do they have learned nothing from past mistakes.

    1. lol “yeah i got hacked and you didnt; how bout that hahaha that means im more popular than you are haha suck on that ha!” xD

  11. Nintendo better choose Steam over EA’s Origin online platform for the Wii U. Steam and Nintendo together would be BOSS.

  12. Steam! YES YES YES!

    Origin sucks ass; the only reason I let that program stay on my computer is because it’s required for Battlefield 3

  13. Ok, this title is misleading. Both can be on the wiiU, but EA is trying to make origin the only/main form of digital distribution. Meaning 3rd parties would have to go through EA in-order to put their digital content on the wiiU. Now keep in mind this is only A RUMOR!! This also contradicts Iwatas statements of flexibility, so while EA might be trying, Nintendo wouldn’t cock-block other companies like that. I hope nintendo gets steam(works) on the U even if origin is there too.

  14. I would rather use Steam and if they choose Steam Valve could possibly make exclusives for the Wii U cause honestly I don’t think EA has interesting exclusives *gasp* probably Nintendo can teach Valve to count to three and possibly make a Portal 3!

  15. Well Origin just does EA games while Steam is different companies as well as Valve. So that’s a plus for Steam. Also with Steam on PS3 it allows PS3 to play Portal 2 with PC Steam users, I believe so I wonder if PC, PS3 and Wii U could all play with each other. Though apart from Portal 2, has Steam on PS3 benefitted in any other way? That’s a point I’m just curious about.

    For Origin, however, 2 reasons to go that direction are EA games will be only on that and they might pull support for EA retail games and online support if Wii U doesn’t go that way. Say what you want against EA but I’m sure if EA Sports weren’t making their annual games for Wii U a lot of people wouldn’t want it.

    I guess the main question is; is this gonna be the online service over which all games will play or is there going to be a separate PSN/XBox Live type service?

    1. It cuts out the middle man(psn/xbl) it will allow 3rd parties to bring their own services to the system. The problem with this is the need for multiple logins, now if nintendo could create a centralized account login across the board it wouldn’t be an issue.

      1. Think the way the PS3-Steam setup works is that the PSN account is linked to the Steam account.
        A question I would have about Origin though is if you have an Origin account, would you still have to pay to play used games online. Because I think that would be a good selling point for the Wii U: people being able to play used EA games online without having to purchase an online pass.

        1. It depends on the deal nintendo has with EA, I wouldn’t trade free used game play online for a Origin only online system. I wonder what its going to be like though. I would love to recieve DlC from my club nintendo account coins.

          1. Yeah, I’m not a big online player anyway or a Steam or Origin user. I’ve used Steam to get a couple games and that’s about it. But I’m sure we’ll have info trickle out before E3 next year

            1. An inside source who gives info via neogaf said he heard there will be an event or meeting about the wiiU before the years end, so maybe we’ll get new info then.

  16. STEAM!!!!! We already have cross platform gameplay with PC/ps3 via steam. Add Nintendo and the wii U and that would be a nice network. First party games would still be restricted to their respective console but third party games would just be that much better.

    1. Im sure they’ve had talks, and this article makes it seem like both can’t be on the system. (Which they could, but EA doesn’t want it to be that way.)

  17. I would like both if not more. There’s no reason why they should limit themselves to just one service; it would allow people to have options.

    Also guys, the rumor states that the Wii U would use these services for game distribution. Steam does not provide online servers for games like CoD; they only provide download servers to deliver games and to monitor your stats and stuff. Multiplayer servers and systems are done using each company’s servers. Nintendo would have their own store and online infrastructure.

    This could be good. If Origin/Steam are made available, then their games could be upgraded to use the Wii U’s controller. Plus, if this happen, these companies can pay Nintendo royalties for each of their games that is available/purchased on the Wii U. Developers who want to develop for PC and Wii U would do the same through one of these services and pay both Origin/Steam and Nintendo for less money, like indi games, or they could just develop for Wii U and go to Nintendo to have their games up on their own service. There are many way they could do this where everyone benefits from it.

    Btw, is everyone enjoying Super Mario 3D Land? It’s awesome, but it can get pretty challenging if you want to get everything.

    1. This is what SHOULD happen, but EA will fight it. The only problem is EA, but nintendo needs a large 3rd party backing right now. Hopefully if steam isn’t on the wiiU at day, it comes within months of launch. Interestingly enough origins on tablet, so in theory origin tablet games/features could carry over to the wiiU. It could have a hybrid of console and tablet functions(again in theory).

      1. I had to go to 3 stores before finding one at Gamestop, but Mario 3D Land was so worth it. The game is fantastic, and the 3D actually really enhances gameplay. Also, anyone notice the “join game” button at the top of their friends list now that their system has been updated with 3D Land? If not, look now. That was one of the updates, you can now join your friend’s game in progress (if they’re online) for something like Mariokart 7.

        1. When I got to gamestop, there were people who couldn’t get the game because it was sold out. My copy was still there, so I just picked it up with the key chain. The game is good. And yes, I’ve noticed the option from the update. I wonder if you can join others in games like Dead or Alive Dimensions. I have to try it.

    1. Imagine watching that Let’s Play of the game while playing the game on a console.
      …a console with Steam.
      …a Nintendo console.

  18. how about both. think about it if nintendo chooses steam EA would abandon nintendo which cant happen because they have been supporting the Wii U since day 1 so i think having both is the way to go. also nintendo is going to have their own online service aswell this 2 are just for dgital distribution or something like that

  19. I’d prefer something new and exclusively Nintendo, but seeing how absolutely PATHETIC they are at online, I won’t hold my breath. Another vote for Steam, because Portal is awesome.

  20. On the one hand, I would rather have Steam, considering I already trust it. On the other hand, though…EA’s really been lending their support for the Wii u all this time, something which Valve hasn’t been doing much of, and it would be a rather…”slap in the face” move for EA if Nintendo tells them, “Thanks for all of your support, we couldn’t have gotten a good word with the public on our new machine without your help. Enjoy Steam on the Wii u!” I know it’s all just business matters and it shouldn’t be personal, but when you actually make the effort of supporting something, and it amounts to nothing on your end, there is probable cause to feel betrayed. Picking Steam could potentially jeopardize future appearances of games like Mass Effect or other EA games that people like. This is definitely not the first time Nintendo has pissed off a company on a major deal. That’s how the Playstation was born.

    1. Not to mention all the trouble they, Nintendo and Phillips went through further developing the SNES CD (rooted in the desire for a single format), only to have Nintendo start on the “Ultra 64” after all that time. As if CES 91 wasn’t enough already. At that point they wanted to work independently more than ever.

    2. Its not one or the other valve doesn’t care if they use origin too but ea is demanding exclusivity that’s a bit much

        1. Sorry to add on, but that doesn’t go for the stupid exclusivity thing EA is trying to pull. It defeats the purpose of Nintendo’s online approach for Wii U: Be flexible with all outside networks.

          Of course if EA walked out because of this, I could see some detractors trying to compare this to rejecting SEGA during the Dreamcast. Of course, they had a legitimate reason then: SEGA was being really stupid before and (as we found out) then. Now Nintendo would be rejecting their lame strategy. That is if any of that actually happened.

  21. If I’m remembering correctly, Nintendo only recruited outside help to create their own online network. Their plan was to be flexible with other online networks while offering their own solid structure. It was never their plan to have one outside network “be their online.”

    If they were to work closely with one, though, Steam would be their best bet. Since they are looking to even sales between their casual and hardcore audiences, Steam would certainly go a long way. However, their increased involvement with EA might suggest a greater cooperation with Origin.

  22. oh god please let it be steam. i mean origin limits you to only ea games… while steam is everything. but yeah if they want a better response form the gaming community in general. they should go with steam.

  23. Thats pretty douchie to demand to be exclusive valves fine with wii u using both/al but ea demands only them or they pulled out potentially

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  25. Why not? Nintendo can’t use both? I personally think Each Company (Activtion, SEGA, Capcom) set their service on Wii U. Like EA with Origin, and Value with Steam….
    Oh wait…
    Only two service so far. :O

  26. I vote Steam for four reasons:
    1. I use Steam more than Origin (because I bought Spore from the shops and it has to register there).
    2. I don’t know any of my friends who use Origin, but most use Steam.
    3. Most of EA’s games are already on Steam, while only EA’s games are on Origin.
    4. Gives an even easier opportunity for indie game makers to get their works published.

    I do know that Nintendo would be a lot more favourable to EA’s Origin (since I don’t think Valve have ever made a game for a Nintendo system, and they’re already asking to put their store on it), but I think that it would be a great idea, since that it would kind-of be like their Netflix service, letting people even buy whole Wii U games on their couch, you know?

  27. The Only Pokemon Champion

    I can’t believe this is happening :D
    its like a dream come true
    two of the biggest hit companies are fighting over NINTENDO!
    this is like usher vs timberlake for jb all over again
    however i dont regard bieber as a dream >_<

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  29. Wow… I think Origin could easily stop me from using the Wii U. I’m not putting up with that corrupted bullshit, even for Nintendo.

    Steam, on the other hand, would guarantee my purchase.

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  32. Like most others if I had to go by experience I’d go with steam but I haven’t used Origin since like others have said it only has EA games availible. Chances are if Nintendo was to choose origin I don’t see only EA games being availible. Nintendo isn’t stupid they are gonna choose a service that best suits their needs and alienating other developers wouldn’t make much sense. I’d imagine this is more of a template for Nintendo to follow and a possible ” powered by logo” for either steam or origin to get publicity from. So I don’t think it matters which company helps with Nintendos online format cause I’m sure as long as that Nintendo seal of quality is slapped on it it’ll be just fine.

  33. question. if Nintendo chooses steam would mods be possible for the Wii U? I mean like the g-mod for halflife 2, if so, that would be amazing.

    btw i choose STEAM, more comfortable with it than Origin.

    1. It would be nice, but I think Nintendo is well aware that online gaming is not their forte. That said I would choose Steam.

  34. Its hard to choose between both of them because the only bad side is that if Nintendo chooses Stream than Nintendo would sorta be enemiess with EA and the Wii U needs big publishers like EA, Activision, Ubisoft and many other third parties that can help Nintendo, because believe me or not I know many friends who like Madden Games and Nintendo needs the latest Call of Duty, Madden, Bioshok and any other big third party games that is popular with the common crowd. That one reason Sony and Microsoft are not being threaten by the Wii right now, because they basically live of third party games, and unfortunaly many Xbox and PS3 sells alot because of the Call of duty and Madden games. So far Nintendo has the first party fully funtional, but its a hard choice to choese either Origin of Stream.

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  36. origin, dont want to lose the amazing support from EA. ideally i want both developers to stay on good terms with nintendo despite one of them being let down at the end (unless nintendo come up with a comprimise, which is likely)

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    I wanna play TF2 on a Wii U, plus my other games on steam.

    Origin has been really unreliable when it comes to online services.

  40. Steam hands down. Origin is just a sloppy cut, copy and paste version of Steam. And it has a horrible (and very selective) selection of games. Steam has something for everyone, Origin is more or less for EA fanchildren.

  41. Both where its in the Nintendo Interface but in the background EA products are through Origon and Others that are on Steam through Steam but I prefer Steam Valve is much better than EA in regards to Online etc also Game Quality and pricing etc

  42. Javier Vèlez Morales


    1. Javier Vèlez Morales

      I thought that too, but battlefield and FIFA were released through steam by ea, which origin owns, and if Nintendo chooses steam, im SURE origin will pull ALL their games from the steam market

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