Wired Sticks By Shigeru Miyamoto “Retirement” Story

Wired editor Chris Kohler is sticking by his famed interview in which Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that he’s retiring. Nintendo says that Miyamoto’s comments must have been misinterpreted as his native language is Japanese, but Kohler says he’s ‘absolutely’ standing by the interview that was published as the translator was Nintendo’s own.



  1. He is retiring. He’s tired of being so high on the ladder. He just wants to do what he loves. Make games, not watch others make them with him having to babysit them.


    1. That isn’t retiring. Retiring is stopping completely, leaving the company and going home to put your feet up and start fishing or playing bingo with all the other old folk.

      So no matter if he’s scaling back his role, it’s not retirement until he walks away completely.


  2. wow, sticking to original story even after nintendo said its not true?
    Hmm… my eyes seem to have locked on his awesome shirt…… xD


  3. Ooh! Mario’s making notes pop out on Miyamoto’s jacket! XD

    Lol, I had paused in mid read to just stare hard at that shirt, almost forgetting why I was here.


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