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Wii U Spotted At CES

A forum member over at NeoGaf has spotted a Wii U console at this years CES event in Las Vegas. We already know that Nintendo plan to show the console at the event but they have also disclosed that the games we will see are the tech demos that were featured at last summers E3 event in Los Angeles.

106 thoughts on “Wii U Spotted At CES”

      1. The sad thing is, barely anyone knows the meaning of ‘troll’. I’m not talking about the fantasy-Troll i mean the Internet-Troll. You sir, are not one of them. You are someone who thinks getting in first makes a difference. There’s a saying about leaving the best things until last. You obviously do not grasp this, and for that, I laugh at you.

        1. Are you kidding, that’s like the definition of trolling. He’s all like:

          “I’m first and tell you so despite you knowing it, u mad???”

          And obviously, you are mad, so I guess successful troll is successful :D

      2. I’ll use your first post to start a convo.

        >I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the controller….
        •It’s too BIG!
        •Circle pads…instead of clickable joysticks.
        •Resistive touch screen.

        >My reply
        •People who have actually held it say it feels great.
        •I like the 3DS, I’m up for dual Circle Pads.
        •Who needs to spend more money when you have buttons too?

    1. SMH…same tech wow this company is such garbage ppl. give them credit where none should be. Same rehased games for 26 yrs, behind in tech and showcases technology thats 9 yrs old and already done. ps1 and ps2 kick nintendos ass. Am dissapointed in ps3 and so on Sony needs to get their act together team up with apple and destroy nintendo. i hope before i die i see this garbage joke of a company bankrupt. why are they even here n64 compared to ps1/dreamcast was a fucking joke. nintendo is only winning because they are selling at a lose if not sony would have destroyed them again. Sony and xbox if your here listen u guys are rich please sell your tech at a loss to and cheaper than ninty just to kill their cheap tactics because outdated tech is nothing true gamers should celebrate as progress just because they can afford 10 yr. old outdated tech.

      1. Dude, you sound like a 10 year old. Sony & Microsoft would disagree with you. They need Nintendo to stay alive so that they can steal Nintendos ideas. There not brave enough to go it alone. They need brave & mighty Nintendo to test the waters first & if it works, THEY FOLLOW. ie. Kinect – Kinect Sports = Wii Sports, Kinectimals = Nintendogs, Xbox Avatars = Nintendo Mii’s. PS Move = Wii Mote. As soon as the PS4 & Xbox 720 is released, there will be PC’s that come out with newer tech the month after, making the PS4 & 720 out dated tech!!! Stop hating, without Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft would strugle in the gaming industry. Did u hear the latest rumor the The next xbox may have a tablet controller just like the Wii U?? This proves that Nintendo are the most influencial consol manufactures in the world right now. They are the driving force.

      2. I get it’s a joke right? You put in Pachter as your name and say things that are the opposite of truth? Nintendo makes money on their consoles, substantially more than Sony and Microsoft, who take the opposite approach. Nintendo is incredibly innovative and never fails to shock the gaming world with bizarre ideas that almost always work out well. Rehased?- rehashed?
        Selling at a lose?-loss. I love Nintendo but when people talk about PS3 as a failure, I know they haven’t given it a fair shot, it has a huge list of great exclusive games. Rehashed games? Nintendo has achieved the impossible by, after all this time, constantly giving us new experiences with beloved franchise/characters all the while keeping a very high standard of quality that could only be associated with Nintendo. Surely you must be joking.

    1. The surprise is that the unit is just sitting out the first day. Rumors had indicated that time with the Wii U would primarily be a privatized affair, but this proves otherwise.

    1. It’s not actually. It’s a little bit wider and slightly taller, but it’s like two inches longer, so it looks rather odd, since it looks unusually long. (har har)

      1. It looks like the same size as the Wii U Controller (when it is held sideways). A little bigger but still look about the same in size.

        1. Yea, i guess they’re about the same. But it looks longer, taller, and wider to me. Also r^3 should make a big difference.
          I hope they make it a bit bigger, so they can up the ‘juice’ some more.

  1. Nintendo seriously plans to release this later this year? They still haven’t shown any actual games for the thing. All of the actual games we’ve seen were footage taken from other consoles. Outside of that, it’s been nothing than tech demos. The hell is Nintendo doing?

    1. ….*Sigh…..*

      What part of “the final product will be unveiled at e3 2012” Don’t you understand? Seriously, tell me.

      1. Because it will only have a few months to generate hype. Most times it’s: console gets announced 2 years before release, next year it gets demoed and shown off with all the games (console still not 100% done, but it is in the final stages) then it comes out close to a year later.

        Most games get shown off and hype starts 1-2 years before release.

        That’s why I’m still a NO on the wii U. All the third party games theyve shown so far have been ps3/360 footage.

        1. We all know that the Wii box was all that showed at its first E3 in 05 then in the 06 E3 thay showed game play and let people demo it now this way wii see that there is at least some third party games for Wii U

      2. Hes not wrong though, nintendos done a horrible job at hyping up their console… why wait till a couple of months before it goes onsale to show off what the wiiU is and what it can actually do?

        unless theyre planing on delaying till late this year it makes no sense.

        1. they sre delaying news because they know Sony & Microsoft will copy there ideas. There is a new rumour thet Xbox 720 will have a touchscreen pad just like the Wii U. To be honest i dont blame Nintendo for holding back news! Nintendo adressed this problem last year.

      3. As the other two mentioned, the Wii U will only have a few months of hype to go for it. We have ZERO games from Nintendo announced for it at launch with ZERO Wii U game footage of any title planned for the system. Between E3 and the end of this year, the Wii U will only have a few months of hype going for it.

        The Wii had a much longer hype schedule for it. Not only that, but Nintendo hasn’t even mentioned a word about the system to Japan. This is a BAD decision all around. It normally takes *at least* a year for a console to have a big amount of hype placed into it before release. We haven’t heard or seen from the Wii U since its announcement at E3 2011.

        1. I think they will bomb us with games at E3 to generate a really big hype and then quickly release it when the hype has started to get out as much as possible as soon as possible.

            1. Depends, remember that nitty generally develops its game about 2 – 3 years before we even catch wind of them. Skyward sword is a good example of this.

  2. they should be showing new stuff now since its coming out this year, i know E3 is meant to be the place to show new stuff,but showing off the same stuff again after all these months is pointless

  3. Does anyone know the actual dimensions of the console? It looks roughly the same size as the Wii, except bulkier.

    1. According to

      The console is “Approximately 1.8 inches tall, 6.8 inches wide and 10.5 inches long.”

      And the controller is “Approximately 5.3 inches high, 0.9 inches deep (not including buttons and other projections) and 9.0 inches long.”

      I actually made a rough scale model out of paper after E3 to get a good perspective of the size. It’s definitely not as big as it seems in the pictures. For the sake of comparison the console is about as long (a little bit shorter actually) than a sheet of letter paper and about 2 inches shorter across.

      The controller, from top to bottom is shorter than a Wiimote and the length from left to right is about the size of one and a half Wiimotes.

    1. They’re saving it for E3. I’m kind of glad they’re doing that, as last year’s E3 was a bit boring because everything was leaked.

  4. Is it me, or does the controller seem bigger than the actual console?

    Is that what it has come down to? A screen on the hand and the engine running in the other side of the room?

    There’s something hauntingly beautiful about that (or is it just weird)

  5. zant's faithful servant

    Yes it does look smaller… either that or for some sadistic asinine reason they made the controller bigger o.o… dear god i hope not. And i also prefered the old wii a lot of people thought it seemed clunky but i thought it had kinda a retro feel to it with the angles while at the same time being modern and minimalist… so, imo, best looking nintendo system to date, nay, best looking system period to date. so why is this the one you don’t get to drive on in mario kart? >.< i'd love any news on wii u that's, ya know, NEW, but this is something we've known for a while. post if they unveil a game. pce out.

  6. Livin Aint Eazy When You Cheezy

    What’s with the white though? How about some color! Other than that, it looks damn good! :D

  7. i use to want to buy but i got a ps3 instead for dragonball raging blast and a great deal and i dont want to wait for it so i might not get it

    1. mine too, it really stands out of all home console design i ever seen. actually, it looks like it might take 2 Discs at the same time.

  8. I don’t understand how Nintendo has kept other details under wraps. Looks great, although I don’t see anything much different, maybe a little bigger. Can’t wait.

  9. Looks like an Xbox 360 before the black paint job. But Nintendo fans are saying it is gorgeous haha. And the tech will be about as good as the ps3? What happens when the ps4 and Xbox 720 come out?

    1. We’ve never said that the 360 is ugly. I just enjoy Nintendo exclusives more than the games for 360. And that will be the main reason why I will buy Wii U first. I might by 720 and PS4 later. But Nintendo will always be the video game company in my heart

    2. You do know there’s basically no difference graphically between the PS3 and the PS4. And the news and/or rumors say that the WiiU will have better technology.

      1. Well guys, you are right but majority of people who own the wii are kids or people that do not know anything about hardcore games. You know Zelda and such. So when people tout the fact that the wii has sold so much, well yeah kids like it so their parents will get it for them. And when you lOk at both the hd twins library, their online functionality, and processing power…you get at more bang for your buck. The wii sold alot but anyone who think it is the best console out their is purely blind.

        1. Well if that’s the case these kids that have had the wii since 2006 can now graduate to “hardcore” gamer status on the wiiU

        2. You’re a child for calling Zelda fans children! Seriously though, Zelda fans are not children, they are actually a lot more mature than the 10-year-olds who play CoD just to screw around with more mature gamers. I just became a Zelda fan last year (weird since it was 25th Anniversary) right before I went to high school. I bet you won’t even be able to FIND the first dungeon in the original LoZ without dying at least 15 times.

    1. Etecoons and Dachoras

      I gotta say, the headline of that article screams of bias. Microsoft has yet to “beat” the Wii U at anything; neither of them are available yet, and Microsoft’s next console hasn’t been revealed yet. If anything, Microsoft having a tablet controller like the Wii U’s controller wouldn’t be beating the Wii U at its own game, it would be stealing from Nintendo and admitting a lack of creativity. Plus, the article credits GameSpot, which I strongly dislike because they truly hate Nintendo and Nintendo fans.

  10. This is beauty in it’s purest form. A salutation of taste and sophistication with high tech and newthinking technology. All of this in a white plastic box that will be known as the Wii U. I cannot wait anylonger to try this mastrodont of video game technology. Why can’t Nintendo release this piece of beauty today? Why do I have to wait to get my life fullfilled? This my friends is all of my wants… To play Super Mario and Dragon Quest X on this thing will be like a taste of heaven. And Zelda will be out of this world! Release this beauty soon nintendo <3

    1. Etecoons and Dachoras

      I agree with you completely. Playing Zelda on the Wii U will be amazing, not just because of the graphics but because of the Wii U’s bigger and better specs, they’ll be able to bring more detail and better animation into the Zelda series. Not to mention the control possibilities the Wii U controller opens up. Definitely looking forward to Zelda Wii U, maybe in 2014 or 2015 :)

  11. Although the Wii U showcases demos from last year’s E3, I’ll look forward to the final look of Nintendo’s most epic hardware at this year’s E3 show!!!!!

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  13. At least it looks slicker than what I thought it would be. If Nintendo puts a ridiculous price tag on this I will not get it however. I learned my lesson with the 3DS.

  14. Now that I FINALLY see the console itself, I’d say I liked the original Wii’s design better. It’s angular shape made it look more unique and space-saving (not that I needed the extra space). I mean, c’mon, is the WiiU or any other console ever going to use it’s aerodynamic curves in a house? And I don’t know anybody else, but I want this thing to be compatible with the Gamecube.

      1. Oh no!←(in Mario’s voice) I’m keeping my Wii and will cherish it forever and by forever I mean until it finally breaks, I’ve had it since ’08 and it’s never broke!

  15. Why doesn’t everyone just be a little patient. Is it hard to understand from nintendos standpoint if you release your console the other two get additional years to steal your designs and ideas. There are already reports that microsoft now wants to utilize a tablet design, playstation tried stealing the thunder by touting vita connectivity. Every one claims nintendo plays it to safe with the recent rumours we should all understand why.
    Now think about this if you will nintendo said with the wii they wanted to capture the ophrahcrowd and it’s safe to say they did it.
    They have there die hard nintendo maniacs. When it comes to marketing a game or there product they do that very well. So going forward look out for tv ads after e3 and all kinds of magazine ads. Nintendo isn’r crazy and the price may be higher but is it safe to say that if cadillac is not more expensive than the chevy malibu?

  16. Cool, now where’s the menu? I don’t know why, but whenever a new console comes out, I need to see the home menu. Hopefully at E3.

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  18. So… I guess that the news are that a Wii U which was expected to be showcased at CES was spotted and that it looks exactly like it did at E3… Which also was expected…

  19. Just had a thought, i know this is off topic but….just downloaded netfllix & it made me think…If Onlive could work on the original Wii as a downloaded App, it could play/stream xbox 360 & Ps3 games with the Wiimote or classic controller, as onlive use there own servers for the power & graphics!!! hmmm….

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