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Wii U Games’ Graphics Would Need To Be Downscaled On PlayStation 3 And Xbox 360

According to Frozenbyte’s Mikael Haveri, compared to the other HD consoles on the market, Trine 2 expansion Goblin Menace’s graphics are best on Wii U. Haveri believes that Trine 2: Director’s Cut requires a considerable amount of processing power and, therefore, would have to be downscaled if it were to release on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Trine 2: Director’s Cut launches November on the Nintendo eShop and includes a new mode called “Magic Mayhem,” which is designed exclusively for Wii U.

“Basically that does require… well, not huge amounts more graphics processing power, but still considerable. If we would publish that on the other consoles, then I believe that there would be some small downscaling of what it is right now.”

“I think we didn’t start really until sometime early in the year still, but the fact was that we had a lot of things going on. Then when we got over the old things, we started with the Wii U and then in two days we had it running,” he explained. “We had it running really fast. So it was more about knowing your own tech and then having that ‘eureka!’ moment of making it work on this new hardware.”

-Mikael Haveri, sales and marketing manager,

285 thoughts on “Wii U Games’ Graphics Would Need To Be Downscaled On PlayStation 3 And Xbox 360”

  1. Two thumbs up for Frozenbyte’s Mikael Haveri. Trine 2: Director’s Cut is gonna be one ultimate visual and gameplay treat only the Wii U truly delivers… especially with the free add-on Goblin Menace.

    1. The problem, however, is Sony’s financial loses many months ago. They don’t have the right investment in making the PlayStation 4. Nice try, clone.

      1. I’m not trying to troll. It’s just stupid to compare the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the Wii U. I’m getting the Wii U and I don’t see what your problem is.

              1. Why attack him, I fully expect what he’s saying to be true. Mo powa =’s higher res/better assets. I fully expect WiiU games to shit all over this gen, but won’t be as impressive as what the other two nextgen consoles will see. And really, does it fucking matter?

              2. This guy is not trolling… -___- Why do everyone assume that everyone who do not think the Wii U will be more powerful than PS4/720 are trolls? They might just go by the fact that those systems will be released at least 1 year after when better technology exists..

            1. If you think a PS4 will even happen with Sony’s situation you must be praying. 2 years from now Sony has a HIGH chance of disappearing off the planet forever. Lets say best case scenerio for Sony and the PS4, They make it but it will only be SLIGHTLY better then Wii U do to the fact that it will be out a year to 2 years later. However if you think it will Downscale games from PS4 to Wii U then you are mistaken. All 8th gen systems will be 1080p and 60 fps. Therefore they will all be on the same ground. No reason for downgrading.

              1. Sure they do, Mr. Corporation Analyst.

                Buying out Gakai for $380 million and purchasing a 51% stake in Olympus for $645 million, NOPE THEY CAN’T AFFORD A NEW CONSOLE!

                Nope, nope, nope!

                Lol, serious talk, but shut the fuck up. You have literally no idea what you’re talking about. The 1080p 60fps part being mentioned as some sort of feature made me LOL harder too.

                    1. OnLive has half the staff to pay, and some attempts to avoid shareholders.

                      Not to mention the debts OnLive has.

                      380 M is not as horrible if it takes into account the likely profit increase from being an internally integrated product.

                      Still pretty bad, but not as bad as the Instagram buyout Facebook did.

                1. That’s why Mariokart is 1080p at 60fps right? whiles the PS4 hasn’t shown ONE game at 60fps besides Cawaduty.

                  Stay pleb.

            1. If you think the PS4 will blow Wii U away you are delusional. Unless you are one of those who think Sony will really make the PS4 HAVE TO USE A 4K TV. In which case you’re a moron.

              1. I think the PS4/720 will blow the Wii U away in specs at a $400-450 asking price whilst receiving far more attention from the gaming community. I’d place bets on that too if possible, but I forgot Nintendo fans basically just get allowance from their parents to purchase their goods.

                Ironically, neither are revealed yet and get more speculation than this console.

                1. I really don’t understand what you are always going on about…yes, the PS4 will be more powerful than the Wii U(releasing later, logically this makes sense)…what does that have to do with anything? Sony is bleeding money, they have gone from making poor decisions to making worse ones, but you’re right, they have tons of money yet, and seeing how the engineers run Sony, and not the management, they will inevitably make a new PS4 console, and anybody saying ‘they don’t have enough money to make it’ really has no clue about how these things work. The engineers made the PS3 without management, revealed it without key people involved actually there at that E3, and went over budget on what the company ultimately wanted to spend. Why? Because, again, the engineers run Sony, and that is why they are in trouble. While it is good to be at the helm of new technology, Sony’s real problem is that they try to force their ‘proprietary’ crap on entire markets…while I agree they have given us lots of nice technology (cd players, dvd’s blu-rays), they have become nearly irrelevant in their quest to be the best. I think the Vita could be an awesome system(I personally wouldn’t buy it, because I hate the playstation controllers with a passion, I think they are the most uncomfortable pieces of crap out there, and I think the Vita mimics that control style of the dual analog sticks at the bottom), but lets be realistic: They have tried to force another new proprietary format on consumers with their new Vita cards…why? They couldn’t make their memory cards stick, why do it with another type? So everyone who bought a psp can’t use their cards, they have to buy new ones. That is a shitty business model if I don’t say so myself. And they shoot themselves in the foot with being the most advanced, like with the PS3, and this is the point I really wanted to get to…all that power, and which system were they developing for? The 360. Most multiplats were ported up due to ease of development, not ported down. So saying that ‘PS4 will be so much more powerful, and Wii U will cease to be relevant’ can not hold up to precedent. PS3 was ‘so powerful’ this gen, and only first party really made use of it where you actually saw a difference. This is just as plausible a scenario for the next gen, especially considering development costs.

                  TL;DR?? Well, the facts above remain. On and on about the Wii U not remaining relevant, while each generation has proved something to the contrary. PS4 may be better, but with the engineers running things, will the system be easier to develop for? More cost effective? Only time will tell.

                  And for those that don’t read cause its ‘too long’…just shows you don’t like facts, and if you’re not willing to read, then you are plainly too damn stupid to bother having a conversation with. Good day.

              2. By the way, why the fuck would you be “forced to use a 4K TV” to play PS4, and how did you interpret him as saying such?

                You’re literally a new form of stupid.

              3. Give him a rest. He never said that PS4 will blow away the Wii U. Just that it might be more powerful and that there might be a need to downscale graphics for it, which I agree with. But I don’t see it happen any time soon maybe 3 years after PS4s release that will start happening.

                1. Then worry about it in 4 years lol. Who knows if well even be alive in 4 years lol. Man live 4 the moment, and right nown WIIU is the big man on the block, giving all ages what we like, so really dude just enjoy the ride! This goes to all trolls. Quit beig such a bunch of whiney children. And Nintendo is 4 the kids? Lol not if all you trolls are any indication.

      1. Oh for the love of god enough with the Wii names, it should’ve been called The Revolution, hell, I liked the Code name Better, it had a nice, classy name to it

        Project Café.

        1. But hardcore gamers are the bane of making profitable business (as in, making more than your expenses), so Nintendo has no reason to market their products towards a not-profitable sector.

          And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you need to see things from their perspective instead of solely from yours.

    2. Maybe, maybe not. PS4 hasn’t even been announced yet. For all we know it could just be a slightly better PS3 on the same level as the Wii U (same possibly goes for the Next Xbox and 360). Sony can’t afford to put out another 599 US Dollar console that will have trouble selling.

      1. considering the position sony is in right now, i doubt we’ll even see a ps4. a lot of people act as if sony will creat this super powerful machine that will destroy everything else, but there would be no way in hell they’d be able to make it cheap enough that people would buy it, and still make a profit. there retarded business strategy of “sell it at a loss and never advertise it” has already caught up with them and run ahead. they need to quit.

        1. Bummer, I was kind of looking forward to the PS4. I wouldn’t have bought it myself considering my brother would have most likely upgraded from his PS3.

          1. Actually its not farfetched, I mean, I love you sony, but you’re financially retarded.

            The reason I say that is because Sonys TV division has been suffering for yrars, and instead of making them affordable, the go and make a 4k tv and Price it at 20+ grand. That’s the price of a fucking car.


            1. Sony wasn’t the first company to come out with 4K TVs, you know. They’re just keeping up with the times. I doubt at this time they’re throwing all of their resources into mass 4K production.

              1. My point is that if Sony is willing to invest money on their tv division that is infact doing bad, I’m fairly certain that they are investing on a new home console, cause you know, the ps3 has been profitable.

              2. Are LG losing as much as Sony every year?

                Investing in expensive new tech when making money = good.
                Investing in expensive new tech when losing money = not so good.

          1. how wrong i’ll be? when last year a lone they LOST over $300 million? alrighty then aeolus, have fun living in your fantasy world where sony is doing just fine, and where it makes sense to follow a news site about a company that you hate. oh yeah, why are you still on here?

              1. yeah, in there first loss ever, which they’ve already overcome since they started being able to manufacture the 3ds so they could sell it at a profit. while sony is losing EVEN MORE money since they aren’t selling any vitas that they are already selling at a loss. nice try there.

              2. and heres another tidbit, while nintendo lost a “wopping” 220 million on the 3ds for one quarter, sony has lost 4.7 billion on the ps3. yeah

                1. 4.7 billion on PS3? Dont be stupid, it lost that much as a whole, the majority being from its TV sales, the PS3 has been profitable since 2010, im all for proving Aeolus wrong, but dont use bullshit facts and confuse morons with it.

              3. Sony lost $312 million on $19.2 billion in revenue for the quarter ended June 30. A year earlier, Sony lost $196 million on $18.9 billion in sales. On a per-share basis, Sony recorded a 31-cent loss, compared with a 20-cent loss the year before.

                Sony also blamed its low performance on the stronger yen, which made its products more expensive abroad. Over the last year, the yen gained 12.5% against the euro and 0.7% against the dollar.

                As a result of the higher yen and lower unit sales of its consumer electronic devices, Sony also reduced its forecast for the fiscal year. The company now expects to earn $250 million in net income on $85 billion in annual revenue in the year ending March 31, 2013. (In May, Sony had projected $375 million in net income and $92.5 billion in revenue.)

                Its PlayStation games business also saw revenue decline 14% to $1.5 billion due to lower sales of its consoles and game software. As a result, the unit swung to a loss of $45 million from a profit of $52 million a year earlier.

                Sony’s newly appointed chief executive, Kazuo Hirai, in March announced a top-to-bottom reorganization that involved eliminating 10,000 jobs and de-emphasizing its once iconic TV business to focus more on games, mobile and imaging.


        2. Holy crap someone else who can see the truth. Sony making a PS4 in the first place would take a miracle. After the Vita failing I dont think another new system is on their mind lol. They lack the money to make a PS4 anyway lol.

            1. You’re already proven yourself an idiot.
              “Sony is NOT PREPARED to demonstrate its PlayStation 4 console until the system can demonstrate ‘A SIGNIFICANT LEAP’ in technology, the group chief executive of SCE has explained.”
              ‘Not prepared’ is a PR terms for ‘we don’t have any fucking clue what we going to do next. we’re just a hardware company, selling physical media player disguise as consoles.
              And then this. ‘Significant leap’. What kind of significant leap in technology will suit for graphic whore aka Sony drone like you? (I’ll bet not some mind reading controller because it’s considered too gimmicky). Why of course, 4K resolution FTW! Let’s slap a $1000 price tag for next-gen consoles namely Piece of Shit (PS) 4 sometimes in 2016 and go bankrupt in glory.

              1. You are the idiot here. I don’t always agree with Aeolus, but when I do it’s because he happens to be right.

                Sony is far from bankrupt. They sold the least consoles this generation, yes. But your mind cannot fathom how much money they have, same goes with Nintendo and Microsoft. Everyone saying that any of the big 3 is about to go bankrupt is out of their mind. And assuming Sony will go for 4k resolution is way over the top when they did not even have true HD with the PS3. The PS4 will not be as huge step as Wii > Wii U and Sony knows that.

                1. I’m just trying to mock by taking it to the most extreme case scenario, shesssh.
                  Okay, let’s get serious. While Sony is in the midst of financial problem, I wholeheartedly agree that they won’t be disappear anytime soon. Sony is too big too fail. Or if that happen, Japan Government will surely bail them out.
                  The thing that annoys me is when troll like assholus glorified the mythical PS4 as a super power next gen console that will crush Wii U to oblivion next year. It’s no brainer, the latest console will be more powerful then the previous generation. I have no problem with that, it’s natural. But as you admit it by yourself, “…assuming Sony will go for 4k resolution is way over the top when they did not even have true HD with the PS3.” And then this shit head aeolus stated “I think the PS4/720 will blow the Wii U away in specs at a $400-450 asking price whilst receiving far more attention from the gaming community.” Let’s think about it: release a hundred more expensive then Wii U while keep producing still-a-very-capable PS3 in the market. The way I see it, PS4 is hardly a threat to Wii U. Nintendo is playing smart by diversified their offerings. Content is king so they came up with TVii and Miiverse. People called Gamepad as gimmicky, but casuals and non-gamers will see it as nice addition to their family room. And the most important thing, High-def Mario, Zelda, and other 1st party exclusives will likely responsible for at least 30 million console sales.
                  Also, you’re saying “The PS4 will not be as huge step as Wii > Wii U and Sony knows that.” But as already stated “Sony is NOT PREPARED to demonstrate PS4 until the system can demonstrate ‘A SIGNIFICANT LEAP’ in technology”.
                  Please enlighten us, genius!

              2. Sony says a lot of crap at the start of every gen so I don’t blame you for not accepting it this time.

                Emotion engine with Toy Story graphics, 1080p/120fps, Dual HD monitor output as standard, rumble not needed, etc, etc, etc.

            2. ”we won’t show ps4 until it can demonstrate significant leap ” aka ” we will be far outpeformed by fucking NINTENDO for the next 2-3 years , then we will release a more powerfull console , then 2 years later they will release an even more powerfull console”

              R.I.P sony ” we’re trying to rinse every last penny out of the ps3 as are future is uncertain”

    3. i have a fact that will piss you off: sony is home to 5 different markets including television gaming ect and nintendo is home to only one market: gaming

      Nintendo has more money than sony ; Yes im serious

  2. Could this mean WIi U could possibly be a new primary game developing console(for instance the Xbox 360 is used more than other consoles for devolping games on) but saying it is more advanced hardware would the WIi U be a better candidate for this. As well is it easier to upscale or downscale im not a tech expert at this.

    1. Since it will be the first next-gen system out the gate, it is very possible.

      But we still have to wait on the specs of the other systems. A lot of factors could contribute to that decision. It could depend on the engines that the devs will be using and what systems the engines work the best on.

      We’ll see. But that should be interesting.

  3. Why is this impressive? Of course it’ll run circles around 7year old tech.. This is as bad as saying its only as powerful as lastgen hw, its newer, no shit its going to be stronger. It can run a a better res wow that’s impressive! …. It’s newer, its more powerful, no shit games are going to look better.

      1. And those people are fucking idiots who wouldnt buy the system if: it was $50, 30x stronger than lastgen and could suck their dick. I swear the level of blatant stupidity(not talking about you) just thrown around on the internet is astounding.

        1. You have summed up the mutual common sense of this website . OBVIOUSLY the wiiu is more powerfull thats the fucking point . why are butthurts trying to defend the ps3 and 360 with every ounce of their existence proclaiming ”the wiiu isn’t even current gen” even though its got a next gen controller and ”next gen” graphics and its litteraly ”next gen” in general.

          Case closed . You win , everybody else loses .

      2. well keep in mind the first few years of the wii u, the games will look like ps3 & xbox 360, but after the developers get use to the console, then they will use the true power of wii u.
        look at the games that came out on ps3 6 years ago compare to now.

    1. It’s not impressive, it just shuts up the people who constantly claim it won’t have as good or better graphics than PS3/360.

  4. Nice to here just to let us know(trolls more like it) that wii u is a true next gen console (like we did not know

    1. Miyamoto said he wants to make next zelda using skyward sword graphics smh all they know is how to make cartoon graphics. Hd cool bro hd cell shaded cartoon gralhucs derrrp

      1. What’s wrong with cell shaded cartoon graphics? I personaly likes them, it is a good rest from those 100 shades of shit brown those “realistic” games offers. I like both, but there’s obviously to much hyper realistic looking stuff in the market right now..

      2. I would rather have those “Cartoon” graphics than the horribly muddy “realistic” graphics shown on Skyrim. Not trolling Skyrim, just using it as a point of reference.

      3. I personally think that any game in HD cel shading would look better. It has an anime-esque look to it, which in my opinion adds to the value of the overall game. I mean, more franchise could use at least one game that has cel-shading graphics.

        1. agree, Borderlands, Eternal Sonata, and a few other Cell Shaded games look amazing, Specially Eternal Sonata, that game looks and plays amazing.

    1. Dishonored?
      Pssh, maaaaan, it’s all about that there Borderlands 2.
      Mechromancer is freaking awesome, but I’ll never abandon Axton and that glorious death-raining Nuke-deployment Turret of his…..

      1. Mechromancer is boss. Stack ALLthe Anarchy :D plus loads of her skill points are MLP references .____. sooo awesome

        1. XD It’s more the middle tree that holds my interest; lots of focus on SHOCK DAMAGE….
          It’s my favorite.
          Ever heard a bandit die to a shock DoT in BL2?

          1. It does look good that shock one.
            I’ll probably invest in the Choas tree till i get Discord, then move to the shock tree, got some crazy stuff in there

  5. Honestly, the Wii U seems interesting enough to buy. I thought the same of the Wii when it first came out, so likely it will catch my eye once again. But then I saw PS3, it had everything I wanted, all the games I wanted, so I jumped ship. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll forever respect Nintendo for guiding me through my childhood, but I’ve grown from that. I’m at a point now where Nintendo’s games just simply no longer apply to me. I don’t think it’s politically correct to be called a “clone” for jumping from one library of games to another due to personal opinion. And another thing, Nintendo and Sony fans didn’t bicker like this untill XBOX came into the market (regardless of our history). What happened???

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  7. i’m still not decided on wii u. I’ve had every nintendo console apart from virtual boy but i found the wii a bit gimmicy and controls not accurate unless in perfect conditions. P.s. Nintendo fans are hilarious. One minute graphics dont count and its all about gameplay. Then when a new console comes out and the graphics are just better than old tech all the nintendo boys are making a big deal of it. I thought graphics didn’t matter?

    1. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I can tell you that I think graphics ARE important. Just not as important as gameplay. I had no problem playing games on the Wii (even the GameCube), but now that i’ll have a full HD console, i’m very happy about it.

    2. Because they secretly do give a fuck about it, but when the bitter truth that the next systems WILL eclipse the Wii U in specs comes to fruition, they’ll be back to singing their old tune. Watch.

      1. By then the Wii U will have a solid install base of core and casual players, and everyone will give even fewer fucks about what Trolls are saying anymore aside from the trolls themselves, so it won’t even matter.

        1. What fucking core players? Nobody besides Nintendo fans even give a SHIT about this console. Casual players don’t care, because as far as their concerned, it’s the same old junk previously released, now with DS-like features and a $300-350 asking price, yeah very marketable towards casuals who have since moved on to Kinect and Mobile or whatever is the latest in fads. By creating that clusterfuck controller, Nintendo will effectively scare off those casuals that oversaturated the Wii to BEGIN with.

          Core gamers? That’s a good joke. You know damn well the core market isn’t into Nintendo anymore. The system has no audience. Just like how an abandoned car has no real driver, the only potential drivers will be the Nintendo fans who still believe this company has an ounce of relevance left with today’s gamers. Because they sure as shit do not.

          1. That’s your out-dated opinion, and one coming from a hater in any case.
            Back when the Wii U was announced, “people” like you were harping on about Nintendo’s new system never getting anything serious like Ninja Gaiden or Bayonetta or Mass Effect, or anything else third party that actually mattered, and now we’re getting all of that plus more.
            I find it hilarious that you’d try to speak for the core audience when you aren’t even capable of seeing past your elitist specs to what really defines a gamer.XD

            The system has a huge audience already and it’s not even out yet, pre-orders alone are showing numbers that trolls like you have said it would NEVER get just because of the way the system is built.
            You’re just too blinded by hatred for the fans to see the system in a fair light, but that’s your fault and you’re welcome to it.
            So go on; keep trying to convince us it won’t sell.
            When the numbers come in after its first year of life and it’s still selling strong, I won’t even bother coming back to say “I told you so”.
            I’ll be too busy playing it while preparing for any news of the PS4 to listen to your hate rhetoric.
            In fact, I think it’s a good idea to start that little dedication now, so have fun replying to thin air, Asstrollus.
            The only person paying attention to you now, will be the man in the mirror.

            1. That’s cute shit you’re trying to shove into my mouth. In the meantime, have fun with your slightly retextured ports of readily available games while owners of the HD twins or PCs get vastly better content and deals compared to what the Wii U offers. Oh how’s that ME3 treating you? All for the same price as the collection. But hey, you get cool “gamepadz powerz!111” and “lolo0olool,olo dlc!111” over TWO FULL FUCKING GAMES YOU WILL NEVER SEE.

              The Wii U has NO audience but Nintendo fans, it’s an observable fact, whether you like it or not. The video below will confirm my suspicions come this holiday season.

              Enjoy sucking Nintendo cock with latest graphics circa 2008 along with DS gameplay. Real gamers will get real next-gen experiences come next year and beyond. The Wii U isn’t going to match up to the might of them.

              1. You’re embarassing yourself, Assholus. You are a disgrace to the entire fucking community and given us gamers a bad name. Bend over and pick up your soap, you exposin’ ass!!!!

                1. You’re not gamers, you’re a bunch of little faggots and brand loyalists stuck to a company who has been sucking post-SNES.

                  1. Shut up, Meg. I am a gamer. You just a fucking poser giving blowjobs to Sony at a loss of profit. Grow the fuck up!

                  2. Ok some of us are Nintendo fans , But you aint a ”gamer” . You hate the original and best gaming company on earth . Thats jus fucking stupid . I don’t really care for sony and microsoft , but I still own them. I love Nintendo becuase they actualy mean something . Sony has playstation gay copy cat stars and Nintendo has Super smash bros , thats the key difference.

                    You’re a poser troll at best …

              2. HD twins? You’re joking right? The Wii U probably already has more native 720p and 1080p than both of the HD twins combined.

                    1. There are over 17 retail releases pushing that resolution and an additional 18 for digital titles. What’s funny is the list hasn’t been updated in quite a while, so there could be even more than that.

                      Don’t even get me started on 720p games, try again next time though.

                    2. Let me add to that: The Wii U has what 20 orso launch titles with an additional how much overall..? Out of that, what 4-5 titles in 1080p? Some even unconfirmed?


                      you’re wrong

                  1. The Wii U will be the true bringer of HD to consoles. PS3 has what like 5 native 1080p games what a joke. And even more upscaled to 720p not even native 720 lol what an awesome HD machine. NOT

                    1. You’re a moron. They don’t have many native HD games. Face it you worship a sub-par HD console.

                  2. YEH !!!!! 80% of ps3 and 360 games are rendered less than native 720p , 15% are native 720p and 5% are 1080p . Amirite or amiwrong ???? you lost , they’re not even truly ”HD” .

                    20% HD 80% Sub HD , you know it aswell you lying piece of shit.

              3. “Real gamers will get real next-gen experiences come next year and beyond”

                Lol if you don’t like what high end pc’c have been doing for at least the past 3 years, you are going to be one sorely disappointed child come “next gen”. Look at full quality bf3 or witcher 2 on pc, if you think next gen is going to get much better then that you are in for a shock.

                Also “Nintendo has no audience besides Nintendo fans”, by the way they are locking up third party exclusives (monster hunter, dragon quest and now bayonetta) all franchises that we’re big on Playstation are slowly migrating now to ps3. I don’t know about but I buy my consoles for its games and exclusives and games that boast over the top graphics for my pc.

          2. I would be interested in hearing your Wii U sales projection. You know, put your money where you mouth is and make a firm prediction.

            Then everyone here can see just how knowledgeable and accurate you are.

    3. They don’t.
      The only reason we’re happy about it is because having the better graphics for once, means that the trolls can’t harp on about it being graphically inferior for a while.
      It’s always nice to have at least one load off of our backs.


    Casuals don’t even know what the Wii U is.

    LMAO. This system has NO audience. Core market of REAL GAMERS isn’t interested, casuals are playing their Kinect, iOS touchscreen shovelware or Facebook Zynga games. Hardcore gamers also give 0 fucks about what’s basically Nintendo’s 360.

    I’m willing to bet the majority of pre-orders are Nintendo fans with a miniscule percentage being curious buyers/other. Whatever happens in store is purely holiday rush. Calling it now.

    1. That was THE WORST piece of “evidence” you have ever posted.
      Quit embarrassing actual gamers by talking as if you’ve got a point that doesn’t come from your hate-spewing anus.

      1. Actual gamers? Actual gamers are not anticipating a console launch library of titles they can already get elsewhere or a bunch of overhyped and dull games like ZombiU. Casuals are not actual gamers, they are loyal to no company and seek cheap, accessible experiences.

        But if you think actual gamers are laying down $300-350 for some slightly better framerates or barely noticeable texture improvements, then continue to sip that Kool-Aid.

        1. Wrong. Actual gamers, not casual, who shouldn’t loyal to any companies. They willing to appreciate a diverse gaming experience, and doesn’t mind to shell out $350 for exclusive they couldn’t find in other system. Just admit it, aeolus, you’re just elitist fanboy.

        2. Actual gamers would KNOW that the Wii U launch list includes alot of exclusives in alot of different genres that tickles their fancies.

          Also, the kind of “gamers” you seem to belong to would infact pay 300-350$ for slightly better framerate and slightly better graphics.

        3. I am a gamer. And you say I can only afford cheap things?Well I do not know how I got those 100 games in my room since the cost money and I cannot afford stuff since I play Nintendo but somehow I do have lots of games.
          So real games are people that play the Playstation. So why?

          “super high fucking nice graphics” the Wii U graphics are better “yeah but the Wii U graphics look like shit be cause they look better than the ps3 graphics.
          “ps3 has hardcore games” *zombiU, Mass Effect, Assassins creed, darksiders, call of duty* “Yeah but they are not 100% hardcore since they are for the Wii U and not ps3. Btw the Wii U has new super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo land” Did you know that the rating: means E FOR EVERYONE? Not E for Fucking little babies that can only wish to play the ps3 hardcore games but they cannot be cause their parents cannot afford it.
          That is how you sound.

    2. That was the worst piece of “evidence” you have ever posted.
      Do real gamers a favor and shut your anus; you’re making the core multiplatform crowd look like a bunch of uninformed neanderthals whenever you try to speak for the core crowd while posting bullshit like this.
      Fucking ass-hurt little cunt.

      1. I will have to admit that there are not any killer games that stand out on Wii U at launch that the PS3 has or will be getting. I also don’t think Nintendo are serious enough about third party support. Most people will be buying it for Nintendo games.

        1. Compared to the launch list for PS3 the games are beyond killer apps :S And doubting their focus on tps… This is the first time since the SNES days I see them attempt to get some TPS and they have done a really good work with that.

    3. Take a deep breath.
      Think about how you invest your time when browsing the internet, and for what exact reason you search for these tidbits of information specifically.
      Try to reevaluate your stances impartially and not base them off of loyalty backed up by insignificant trifles that have little to no bearing in a world filled with much larger variables.

        1. This is my first time commenting on this site, as I was linked to this article specifically.
          I do not possibly know what you mean by “trying to hard”, as I’m only trying to get you to think logically. People who invest their time on their hobby shouldn’t ruin it with bias, you’ll never go anywhere with that attitude.

            1. “When you submit a post to a thread and nobody responds, sign up with a couple of extra accounts. Make each of those accounts bump your post to make it more popular. This happens a lot on Digg, 4Chan, and so on.”

              What are you even talking about?

                1. That was the first google search result for “samefag”. What lesser-known definition would you be referring to? Also, why would you expect someone to not look for the most popular definition?

                  You’ve also completely ignored whatever advice I was trying to give you. Changing the subject does not help anyone. Try reading my initial post again, you can’t really be this beyond help, can you?

                    1. You have, quite literally, completely ignored my points and responded with irrelevant nonsense which has no bearing on my statements in any way.

                      I’m disappointed that this is what the younger generation of “gamers” has come to. It’s a shame that these are the kind of people games are being made for. I’ll be leaving this site now. It seems that I’ve wasted my time trying to educate a hopeless soul.

                    2. “Take a deep breath.
                      Think about how you invest your time when browsing the internet, and for what exact reason you search for these tidbits of information specifically.”

                      This post of yours in itself is completely irrelevant nonsense to what you replied to. Actually, that entire comment was.

                      Pot, meet kettle.

          1. Ohh, you’re a first timer? Here are some rules:

            Rule 1: Aeolus is not 1 person but a collective name for a bunch of trolls who can never say anything good about Nintendo. It was not always like this though, at the beginning there were a person called Aeolus who was sceptical against the Wii U. Sceptical, but not a hater. Then everyone here assumed he was a hater (because this place is filled with trolls) and because he had some facts he was considered a mega troll, so all other trolls tried to copycat him. The result is what we see now.

            Rule 2: FEED the trolls. Yes, I know this sounds like a bad idéa. But the more you hate it the stronger it grows and the more we feed the trolls the more they hate the Wii U. And then it gets stronger. Therefore, by feeding the trolls the Wii U will get stronger.

            Rule 3: No one on this site is completly unbiased but they will try their best to look like it.

    4. How sad. A video, in which they asked 10 people, who dont even game, in a near dead town, possibly early in the morning or work hours, if they know about a new games console.

      A you totally owned yourself too, know why? Because a few of these people actually said theyd consider buying it. Just from hearing about it from some guy on the street.

      1. If the general public does not know what it is, Nintendo has already failed.

        Guess what the casual market is? The general public.

        1. Again, 10 people, that dont even game.
          Or just play Fifa, which doesnt count in my opinion.

          If they have no interest in gaming from the begining, why would they show interest in, or even begin to bother finding out what a WiiU is?

          And again, just because i need to repeat myself with you, (dont worry, i’ll let you off, i know you’re slow), a few of those people, not only kinda knew of it, but said they’d BUY it. From talking to some random guy on the street, for a couple of minutes, that to them, was a sold purchase.

          Casuals will by anything, if it can do 1 thing they enjoy.

          1. They could have have interviewed the entire state and I’m positive the percentage of the public would still be utterly clueless about what it is.

            The fact that random people only actually remember what the Wii itself and Kinect were speaks for itself. This is just an add-on or whatever else they’ll assume it is.

            1. Thats because the Wii has been out for 7 years, and Kinect has been about for about, 2?

              Is the WiiU on television at the moment? Is it in stores on display? Is it in the majority of magazines? No.

              The WiiU wont have the same impact as the Wii, but the WiiU has even been released to the general public yet. The only places talkig about it, are gaming and tech sites, or tech sections in magazines and newspapers. Because, guess what, the majority of the public, as you like to say, dont care about gaming. Casuals arent the general public, the vast majority of people, do NOT game, what so ever.

              There are billions of gamers. The gaming population is very small. Its significant enough, but its not that big. At my work place, only a couple people game heavily, others lightly, but most, not at all.

              It’s not strange, or a “sign”, if 10 people on the street, who dont game, or have no interest in gaming, havent heard, or have only heard a little of the WiiU, when its not currently on TV and publications.
              Thats just commin sense.

              If a music artist, that you dont listen to brought out a song, or a new album, and you didnt know about it, that doesnt mean its going to fail, what so ever.

              1. The Wii U is not going to appeal to the casual market in any significant way. Shit like Kinect did, because Microsoft marketed the hell out of it and got their message across in no time. Nintendo has not reached out any further than their fans, and showing off some enhanced ports is not a purchase incentive to anyone else.

                I seriously cannot believe it. A PERIPHERAL, something nobody even needs to purchase, has sold over 20 million units since launch. If they can’t market the Wii U where people beyond Nintendo fans and gaming sites are talking about it, they have plain and simply failed. I don’t think it’s hard to get that.

                Also, billions(????) of gamers? In a population of approx 7 billion people? Are you on coke? o_O

                1. I get what you’re saying, and even i agree, the WiiU needs more advertising, at least where i am,icant speak foranywhere outsideof the UK, but still, once it does,prople will buy it. I mean look at the speed and quanity of WiiU preorders. Clearly the marketis there.

                  1. Wii U advertising hasn’t even started yet…

                    Which is why these people aren’t aware of it. Just like nobody knew what the Wii was before the ‘wii would like to play’ campaign got going.

        2. “If the general public does not know what it is, Nintendo has already failed.

          Guess what the casual market is? The general public.”

          I guess since Playstation and Xbox are for the so called “hardcore gamer” and not casual by your logic, next Xbox and Playstation have already failed.

      2. as long as WiiU is capable of giving me quality games like uncharted, GTA 5 or a slightly better crysis than the xbox360 or ps3, I wouldnt care how strong the ps4 or xbox720 will be..

        1. GTA has never touched a Nintendo console before.
          You will never get Uncharted either.
          You must have some low standards if you want a console Crysis over the superior PC version that has mods to make it look even better.

          1. Ermergerd, graphics.

            It’s getting old, Aeolus.

            It doesn matter how much mods you put on Crysis, because it’s a mediocre game anyway.

              1. Yeah, i wonder how many of people are people like you, who would uprate it just for graphics.

                And user reviews are only ever a few things, either a very high rating, or a very low rating, mixed with a small number of actually reviews.

                The game offers multiple choices, yes, and the suit powers offer more diversity. But when the enemy AI is very basic, and your powers not that good, or you surcome to the classic enemy seeing you, even though you’re invisible, and with guns that are very boring, it ends up being a mediocre FPS, with a couple of mechanics added, that arent even neccessary. Crysis 2 suffers from the same problem. Theres no direct means to do something, and often, you have to force yourself to play the game the way they intended it to be.

                Not to mention the story is practically non existant, so yo never feel like you actually have anything worth playing the game for, other than gameplay, which is unfortunatly, not that interesting.

                1. “A video game console is an interactive entertainment computer or customized computer system that produces a video display signal which can be used with a display device (a television, monitor, etc.) to display a video game. The term “video game console” is used to distinguish a machine designed for people to buy and use primarily for playing video games on a TV”

                  Not only that, you knew exactly what context console was used here. Try again.

                  1. Aah, Wikipedia. You never failed me. Okay, how ’bout this:
                    “The Nintendo DS (ニンテンドーDS Nintendō DS?, abbreviated to DS or NDS) is a dual-screen handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo.”
                    “A handheld video game console is a lightweight, portable electronic device with a built-in screen, game controls, speakers and replaceable and/or rechargeable batteries or battery pack.”
                    Yes, I knew EXACTLY what you’re trying to do: assuming that Nintendo system isn’t fit for core games like GTA. The original GTA even comes in Game Boy Color! Their absence in NG4 and Gamecube was purely for economic reasons. As for Wii, I think Rocksteady can’t come up with interesting ideas to utilize Wiimote (or maybe it is Rocksteady being lazy).
                    GTA: Chinatown Wars is one of the best games on DS. This proves that Nintendo console is suitable for all kinds of games if developers at least show a little originality.

    5. You say: “Casuals don’t even know what the Wii U is.”

      –Exactly. Casuals. People who don’t pay much, or any attention to the gaming world. Why would they know what it is if they don’t play games?

      You say: “LMAO. This system has NO audience.”

      –Mostly due to the fact that it has not been released yet. (-__-)

      Pre-orders have sold out nationwide. That’s a lot of Nintendo fans/ curious buyers.

      1. ^This. He shows a video where a man goes around and asks people WHO DO NOT PLAY ANY GAMES(May be Wii sports or just dance once in a year) if they know something that has not even been released yet. How smart is Aeolus. It seems like he is not that smart.

        1. He’s just a hot-headed kid as it seems. Just a wee tike if you ask me. Using false information, rumors, and opinions while calling them “facts”.

          Usually doesn’t have much of an argument and when he starts to lose an argument, the bad language comes out and more opinionated facts.

    6. ITS NOT OUT YET! get these people to tell you about the next galaxy s. they wont know it as marketing hasnt started. or has only just started. facepalm.

    7. Funny thing is that only one or two people outta that whole video were somewhat gamers, literally no one else was. I will agree on one thing, Ninten needs to aggressively advert the Wii U

      1. You’re right, they are casuals, in other words ppl who don’t really even care about gaming. On top of that the man interviewing them actually piques their interest into getting one

  9. So tired of everyone saying ” Nintendo was great in my childhood but I’ve grown from it ”
    Basicly you mean that you all become more boring and stupid.
    I like Toy Story better than let’s say The Piano.
    Am I a child because of that?
    No, I just know how to entertain myself wihout following the mainstream shit.
    And that’s why I love Nintendo, I can play Mario or Pokemon wihout being ashamed of it unlike you Sorny noobs.

      1. I think it was a secret message. Basically without Sony. He says that he enjoys stuff even without a red M on the box. Which is possible without you Sony fags. Basically without Sony. Somehow makes sense.

    1. Toy story is awesome. They think they are hardcore if they only play/watch stuff with a red M on it. I can even enjoy cool stuff even if there is a black E on it. I do not care

    1. Why do you people insist on replying to Aeolus. Why don’t you people just ignore everything he says and go on about your day. He will eventually stop posting here. And if he doesn’t that’s his business. Just don’t encourage him to keep coming back. Though I know you guys will keep feeding him, which in turn makes you almost as bad.

      1. true enough.
        But you know, he’s just such a HYPOCRITICAL FAN-FAG that we just can’t help but be IRRITATED by his INCESSANT STUPIDITY.
        Seriously, he makes me ASHAMED to be a PC or Sony gamer. That’s how bad he makes those fan-bases look just by coming on here with that arrogant “I’m better than all of you” attitude that he has done nothing to justify using.
        If anything, he’s done quite the opposite, and dragged the Sony and PC fanbases right down through the mud along with him by continuing to pester the kiddies on this site.


          1. You can’t avoid this guy. You people are helping him ruin each discussion of every article that is posted. Why they let this guy keep posting stuff is beyond me. I suppose they promote this type of behavior as long as it keeps the posts coming. Every article posted is full of this guy and his drivel. Things get so off topic it’s almost pointless to come here to read stuff people actually post related to the article.

      2. Because the more we feed him the stronger his hate for the Wii U grows. And the more you hate it the stronger it gets.

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  11. Well no shit. The Wii U is a generation PAST the 360 and PS3. That’s like saying that a game on 360 would have to be foe scaled to play on the 64…

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  13. thats because wiiu is far far more powerful and modern and no amount of down scale will hewlp ps3 and x360 fend of wm+ wii remotes and gamepads FACT IS FACT

    1. Sigh, that’s not fact. It’s not far more powerful, or even more powerful
      “As far as graphical processing and such, it’s not much of an issue. But as far as the CPU goes, the clock is kinda low.

      “I guess they’re [Nintendo] trying to keep power consumption down so we have to come up with creative ways to get around that and that’s taking a little bit of time.”

      “For example on PS3 it was kind of difficult at first, but if you made good use of the different cores, you could split up the processing tasks and you could achieve very good effects. But this is kind of a different issue than that.”
      “One of the weaknesses of the Wii U compared to PS3 and Xbox 360 is the CPU power is a little bit less,” he said. “So for games in the Warriors series, including Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi, when you have a lot of enemies coming at you at once, the performance tends to be affected because of the CPU.

      “Dealing with that is a challenge.”

      “While the visuals are great, as is being able to improve them, we had to deal with the lower CPU power and how we can get around that issue,” he said.

      “Actually, we’re still working on that. If you see the demo on the show floor and you try it, you’ll probably feel it’s not up to the PS3 level. But we’re working on it!”

      “I expect that GPU focused games will benefit from smoother frame-rates and lower levels of screen-tear, but cross-platform titles highly dependent on CPU power could end up noticeably worse off.”

  14. 1080p 60 frames tv set and 480p 60 frames control pad in real time 1 wirless VS 600p ps3 cod and 600p x360 cod


    1. Not really. There’s a lot of native 720p PS3/360 games. And PS3 has a few 1080p games, as well as 3d 720p games.

      Also, generation is dictated by processing power, not graphics.

    1. The only reason why it’s even being said is because stupid people actually believe that 6-7 year old consoles will be more powerful than a console being released this year.

      Also, why do you think, all of sudden, Nintendo fans are jumping for joy knowing this? We KNOW this, it’s just that it has to be said for those idiots out there who will defend the power of the current-generation of consoles.

      1. ” stupid people actually believe that 6-7 year old consoles will be more powerful than a console being released this year.”

        Cause a few developers have said so.

        1. None have. The only complaints are the CPU and that’s only from two developers. Other developers are getting superior framerates, resolution, AA, etc. so no it’s not less powerful. It would cost more to make it less powerful than the PS3/360, seeing as those kinds of cards are no longer being manufactured and it would cost more money to make cards based off of those cards instead of using customized modern-day cards.

      1. What? No one is saying the opposite of that. Wii U does have a weaker CPU.
        “As far as graphical processing and such, it’s not much of an issue. But as far as the CPU goes, the clock is kinda low.

        “I guess they’re [Nintendo] trying to keep power consumption down so we have to come up with creative ways to get around that and that’s taking a little bit of time.”

        “For example on PS3 it was kind of difficult at first, but if you made good use of the different cores, you could split up the processing tasks and you could achieve very good effects. But this is kind of a different issue than that.”
        “One of the weaknesses of the Wii U compared to PS3 and Xbox 360 is the CPU power is a little bit less,” he said. “So for games in the Warriors series, including Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi, when you have a lot of enemies coming at you at once, the performance tends to be affected because of the CPU.

        “Dealing with that is a challenge.”

        “While the visuals are great, as is being able to improve them, we had to deal with the lower CPU power and how we can get around that issue,” he said.

        “Actually, we’re still working on that. If you see the demo on the show floor and you try it, you’ll probably feel it’s not up to the PS3 level. But we’re working on it!”

        “I expect that GPU focused games will benefit from smoother frame-rates and lower levels of screen-tear, but cross-platform titles highly dependent on CPU power could end up noticeably worse off.”

  15. Ugh…i’m tired of people comparing the WII U to the PS3 and XBOX 360 because their not in the same generation! Two clearly set of different consoles. Some people on the internet just can’t tell that 7 year old tech isn’t the same as new tech…Like really?

    1. They are in the same generation.

      In technology, generation is dictated by processing power. Not time.
      And given other devs have said WiiU’s CPU is weaker than PS3/360s, but the GPU is more powerful, it’s in the same generation

  16. I’m almost positive that the next Playstation and Xbox will be more powerful than Wii U, but only by a small amount, barely noticeable at all. They can’t make their machines much more powerful than they already are. So I’m glad that the Wii U won’t become irrelevant later on in it’s life cycle like the Wii was.

    1. ” They can’t make their machines much more powerful than they already are.”

      That’s a joke right?
      PS4/720 will be like 4 times bigger, that’s alot of room to make it a lot more powerful
      WiiU will be made obsolete the day PS4/720 launches by a large margin.

      But Wii was obsolete before it launched and we know how that turned out

  17. we need to What JOSePh4

    It doesn’t look like it. But its probably true of course because its new tech, but I want to see some next gen games which they definately HAVE Not done yet.

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  21. Reading those replies where golden. 100% of people didn’t think the Xbox One, PS4 or Steam would be overtaking Nintendo massively in sales. Whenever someone would mention concern they’d be attacked and thrown abuse by people thinking the Wii u was a miyamoto jesus console set to sell even better using 3rd parties who now never touch the console as assurance it would last. we’ll be lucky to have 5 years out of the wii u and as an owner of it myself i’m disappointed more than anything. Would have thought this fan base was friendlier. I wonder how many of them game on PS4’s PC’s and Xbox One’s now a days.

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