Warner Bros Montreal has released a brand new video of Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition. The footage shows exactly how the revamped game utilises the Wii U’s unique GamePad. As I reported earlier Warner Bros has confirmed that Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition will be available to purchase at the Wii U launch on November 18th.



  1. This was at E3…

    I might olay this game again soon, after i stop getting free stuff from Gearbox and Bioware so i can complete my other games .___.


  2. I’m pretty sure this trailer’s actually from e3 … Besides, i hope some of the visuals shown have been polished up now as there are some internet comparisons that show up some of the weaker shots from this trailer…
    0:38 and 0:24 do look inferior to the ps3 version but i bet this trailer is massively outdated by now!


  3. This is a genuinely fun game. It took me a moment to pick it up and play it (It’s my GF’s game, but she left for the Military, so I been holdin on to it), and I sorta regret playin it now, cuz I most likely wont pick up this edition to replay everything over again. I repeat it is an amazin game, but I wont cough out another $60 just to replay over again with a couple upgrades :/


    • -____-
      You’re asking on a site called “MyNintendoNews”. Of course everyone’s answer would be “3DS”. The answers you would find would be biased…


    • For internet surfing, the iPod’s browser is KICK ASS. The iPod is also great for Videos and music, assuming you know how to convert your DVD collection to MP4’s.

      For Gaming… 3DS. The 3DS with OOT or Kid Icarus should keep you well emersed for a while. It has an internet browser that is “OK” – “Semi shitty” but it gets te job done. I tweet from my DS when I get pissed at my iPod’s glitches and touchscreen.

      Last, expect the iPod to be outdated in 2 – 3 years due to Apple’s software updates fucking over your hardware.
      The 3DS, probably will be good for about the same, maybe 4 – 5 years.

      I talk from experience. I’ve owned an iPod touch 1,2 and 4th gen, and every Iteration of the gameboy & DS models.

      That’s also about the most un-biased opinion you’ll get from a hardcore Nintendo fanboy such as myself. ;-)


    • If you look for a good gaming handheld the 3ds is what you should go for. If you want a multimedia platform you should get the Ipod touch 5g. :) Otherwise if you prefer games like Uncharted you could get the PS Vita. I personaly prefer the 3ds though as I really like alot of the titles for that one. :)


  4. I’ve already played this game on the PS3, just one trophy away from the platinum, I’ll get that platinum on christmas since it’s the Calender Man trophy. It’s still a great game so I may pick it up again if I see it on sale or something, maybe include a copy of Arkham Asylum for the Wii U and I may consider it but I doubt they’ll include that one since it’s a game from 2009 if I’m not mistaken.


      • I know I can do that but I rather not cheat and I heard it screws up your data so I’d rather not mess around with it. And I really don’t want to lose it after beating New Game + with everything. Thanks for the tip though :)


  5. Can you pick one of the other costumes at the beginning of the game? I am not a fan of the Batman and Robin look. I feel if they wanted to add something extra…put a Superman mission or two in the game


  6. 2 Questions:
    1.) how long to play through the first time? (if there is difficulty, then assume “hard.”)

    2.) Is this an open-world, or level based game?


      • Thanks! I appreciate your reply.
        This article and video perked my interest, but for me, 10-12 hours isn’t a long enough campaign mode unless there is some serious replay value attached, like in RE Revelations.

        Looks like a sweet game, but I think I’ll put my $60 towards a different game until this one is old enough for me to get for $30-$40.


      • I have only had a Wii for 4 months, but I can tell you I am geittn bored with it already. Nintendo is slow at putting games out. They are really expensive too. I don’t have the Wii Fit because I am not sure how fit one can get standing on a little box. Better off joining a gym. I as well am not a gamer. My boyfriend on the other hand loves the thing. He is also geittng less excercise than her normal would and my dishing aren’t geittng washed much anymore either ;) .


    • To Rae, Barb and all of the family,John and Lorraine awayls made me feel at home in their house in Nanimo. John knew my Dad from the aviation community in Ssakatchewan during the 50 s and 60 s. I enjoyed visiting with him but especially enjoyed his aviation stories. He was able to tell me a few stories about my own Dad that I did not know. Thanks for that John.I count myself lucky to have met John and I know he will be missed by all who knew him.Happy trails in the sky John.Love Shelley


  7. Batman: Arkham City ARMORED EDITION is just like the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Wii U– The most definitive version of the original counterpart! I’m looking forward to become Batman once I get the U’s GamePad and become the Caped Crusader!!!!!!!


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