Nintendo Says Gamers Are Ready For Next Generation Consoles

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told investors early this morning that gamers are now ready for new video games consoles. Iwata pointed to declining sales of all the major home consoles as the reason that consumers are looking towards brand new formats.

“However, not just the Wii, but the overall performance of home consoles in December was lower than the previous year, and I think that the market is now waiting for a new proposal for home consoles.”



      1. Save your money and get the Wii U when it comes out. That way you’ll have the new console and still have access to all of the older Wii games and accessories.


  1. I’m ready for a new PC, not a console… I’ll get into the console market a couple years from now though; something like 1-2 years. Spring of 2013 sounds nice; a bountiful supply of games, available consoles everywhere, maybe a deal or two, software is ironed out; no negatives to getting the console a bit late really.


  2. I’ve been ready since 2010!!! I love the Wii and still buy recent Wii games such as Mario Galaxy 2, NSMB, Donkey Kong, Mario Party 9 and of course Skyward Sword. But I have my whole life to play them games, we need the next gen now!!

    I’m quite patient actually, I’ve had the Wii since release in 2006 and now it’s 2012, and I think many other people are in the same situation and we just wanna try out the next gen console! However, we don’t want to rush it because we want really good games on release too, I agree the 3DS release games weren’t good but at least we had Ocarina of time to look forward to soon after. So I hope it’s release date is realistic with really good release games and also hopefully have the online store available from release too with maybe a few gamecube games to download etc.


  3. Yes, We want more games. I mean honestly, the beter systems are for the Console. And I don’t know about you, but I wanna see how Apple will make a game console.


      1. It was after The Steve left but before he came back. In the 11 years he was gone, Apple went straight to hell and made many poor decisions.


      2. It would be interesting if Apple decided to try one more time at a game console. It could have awesome exclusive features if you connect it to the long rumored Apple TV. It could be called “iGame” :)


  4. Well not me. I like the current gen, there just isnt anything new to improve on yet in my opinion. I think all 3 should of just waited until there was a new break through in technology. Now since Nintendo has thier system the other 2 are probaly feeling the pressure from it (of course they are not gonna say it but we all know it). Well just as long as the games are good ill buy them when those games are out. Ive learned waiting for Nintendo products is a good idea =D


      1. Yep the 3DS. I was un aware of the deffects but now I like it even more that I waited on one. I was originaly waiting on getting one because I did not like the games available at launch. Then they lowerd the price and then the sexy Zelda Aniversary 3DS came out so im very happy to have waited on getting one.


      2. Hmm yeah mine has that horrible hinge click noise which my ds lite (and dsi) doesnt and it sounds so bad :( but my 3DS is special to me cos it has the ambassador software on it so im ok for now, as long as I can transfer the 20 free games over to my new 3DS model in about 2 years time :P


    1. I’m def ready for something new I’ve had the wii since 2006 and the ps3 since 2007 and I bought a 3ds last year in march now ready for a new nintendo console and a new Sony console….I’m mostly excited about the wiiu though because nintendo is finally releasing an HD console with enough power to display very good graphics plus the controller is pretty neat as well and could def add new things in terms of gameplay plus the things I’m hearing about the nintendo network are also pretty exciting…


  5. Sickr, I think you could compile some of the articles all together. There are just too many ones on the same subject with different news in separate articles. It creates too much chaos in the whole site and is more difficult to track each one I would like to.


  6. Gamers might be ready, but the lack of sales could also be attributed to lack of games.

    I’m getting more and more concerned about Skyward Sword. It never appears on any top selling list and that concerns me because it was such a great and underappreciated game.


  7. im ready for sure Nintendo,i saved up money(i have 1000 dollars in my bank) since the start of when Wii U was announced,as long as its not over 500$ i will buy i.t 350$-400$ is my favorable price range or lower.Im only 16 and have a job so its nice to be able to buy stuff for myself and not be a spoiled little bitch ;)


  8. I wasn’t really ready in 2011 because I was still holding out for and hoping for Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, Star Fox Wii, Yoshi Wii, or Madworld 2.


  9. We need more amazing fighting games look like:

    more Street Fighter
    more Marvel Vs Capcom 2 + 3
    More Soul Calibur
    More Tekken
    don’t forget MK vs DC, Mortal Kombat 9 and next new section ( I love MK)
    Capcom X Tekken
    More Dead Or Alive
    More Naruto

    And advanture/Action…… game
    More Resident Evil
    New Super Mario 2 :D
    Alice madness return
    More Assassin’s creed
    More Prince Of Persia
    more Amazing Games and many new games


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