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Nintendo Won’t Publish Games Unfinished Just To Add DLC

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has clarified that Nintendo has no intention of publishing unfinished games just to make some extra money from paid downloadable content. We already know that the Nintendo Network will support paid DLC.

“Nintendo, as a software maker, does not plan to [run a business] where our consumers cannot know in advance which [product] will appear as the result of their payment,” Iwata said. “As a software maker, Nintendo believes that its packaged software should be sold to our consumers in a form so that the consumers will know in advance that they can enjoy playing the software they purchased just as it is.”



      1. Sorry I’m such a jerk guys, truth is, I’m a Girl, and I’m PMS’ing.

        You’ll have to excuse my tendency to lie and be immature for a few days.


      2. Wow david, Why can’t you learn to read?

        “Nintendo Won’t Publish Games ‘Unfinished’ Just To Add DLC”

        Nuff said.


      1. Nintendo already does free dlc: Pokemon, When they allow you to download new pokemon (and new items which unlock new areas) over Wi-Fi and at certain shops.


  1. That good of Nintendo, but i dont think any of us would complain if Mario Galaxy had an expansion come out adding extra missions. A game like that is a decent size so DLC wouldnt make you feel ripped off and is the kind of game you always want more from so I’d guess more would welcome add ons than moan about them.


    1. “As a software maker, Nintendo believes that its packaged software should be sold to our consumers in a form so that the consumers will know in advance that they can enjoy playing the software they purchased just as it is.”

      I think that quote pretty much said it.


  2. Sorry, but I call BS. When Nintendo realizes they can make some quick money with paid DLC, then they’ll do just the same as everyone else. This article is worth bookmarking, as his quote will gain a good laugh in the years to come.


      1. Years ago didn’t foresee the masses of sheep that would pay for dlc. Wait until Nintendo gets a taste of profits from making an “official” mario suit for his next game, or a special kart, ect. Fans WILL pay for it, and I doubt Nintendo will just let the opportunity slip.


      2. A mario suit isn’t DLC. It’s just extra shit. Not part of a unfinished game. Nintendo has always done little additions to their games that you could get with preorder or whatever. CoD has been doing the whole “unfinished game, DLC has more maps than the actual game” thing for years and still get shitton of cash. You honestly think Nintendo WOULDN’T noticed before? Nice logic.


      3. Having multiple suits WOULD be dlc, moron. Street fighter is a perfect example with all their costume packs. The added maps is exactly what I was refering to, but Im not surprised you need that explained to you. Nice reading there.


      4. Sure, they may add DLC later for the Wii U and the 3DS in the future, but you forgot one crucial fact; the fans. It is our decision if we want to buy it or not. Fans won’t pay it unless if it is actually worth the money, look at CoD, every game is unfinished, and they know fans, or at least, the twelve year olds are going to buy it because they don’t think. DLC could be added, but it would be extra items and maps, but it would be added to a finished game, so you don’t need it and you will still have fun.


  3. Still, they will likely have paid DLC that was developed after the game was made, which is fair since they took the time to make something more.
    But I don’t want games being released like Batman: Arkham City and Soul Calibur IV with DLC released at the same time just so that preording from certain game stores would let only those people have the DLC(which should be in the final game) for a month or so.


  4. I don’t think that Nintendo is against the idea of DLC, just the idea of selling you a game which forces you to buy DLC. The newer assassin’s creeds are a classic example of this. Preorder early, get extra missions and characters. You’ll need to spend 10 dollars to continue playing multiplayer because everyone else has game modes and maps that you don’t have. Adding on 50 stars to Super Mario Galaxy a couple years after release wouldn’t be a problem.


  5. DLC is a great way to prolong a game, though. For example, Mario Kart. It gets old. A few years from now, everyone who bought it will be so tired of it. And that’s where DLC comes in. New characters, new courses, new upgrades. Mario Kart isn’t like Zelda or Pokemon where you can release a new game with a new story a few years later. It’s basically been the same game since 1992. There’s not much difference between each game. And once I beat it the first time. I don’t play it much afterwards. Sometimes I get in the mood for it but for the the most part not so much. Adding DLC down the road would simply freshen it up a little bit. It’d give me a reason to want to play it again.


  6. Um, says the company that gives us Pokemon games that dont get full content unless you’re in japan watching a freaking pokemon movie and get a download code. seriously, when did you ever get pokemon games that had straight up everything in there. They put it up for like 1 month to download per wi-fi and thats it? You can do better nintendo…


  7. The difference between this “gift” and the DLC hell, which Crapcom and all the others are doing, is that theses Pokemon datas are gifts from watching the movie or visiting a convention. They do not charge you extra money, they give it free to your visit. Sadly, at least for me, you can’t get them later on without a cheat module or from another person if you can breed this pokemon.


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