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Kid Icarus: Uprising Comes Bundled With Six AR Cards

Online gaming publication Siliconera has revealed that Kid Icarus: Uprising will come bundled with six augmented reality cards. When you place two of the cards together and scan them with the Nintendo 3DS camera your characters of choice will pop out and battle against each other. Kid Icarus: Uprising launches March 23rd in Europe and North America.

47 thoughts on “Kid Icarus: Uprising Comes Bundled With Six AR Cards”

      1. Or better yet: make a new Pokemon Trading Card Game for 3DS that uses the AR function. It’d get me back into the TGC at least.

        1. Dude, I was thinking that when I first got my 3DS. I mean they did a thing with the e-reader, Why not do something with QR codes on the TCG?

  1. omg can this get any better? holy crap… xD I’m in pure shock right now! So in America we get:

    -> Stand to place 3DS on when playing the game
    -> Code for 3D Classics: Kid Icarus (if Uprising is pre-ordered)
    -> 6 AR cards

    :’D I LOVE YOU NINTENDO!!! I wanted this game long, long before any of those were announced so its really nice to have those even without needing them. xD

    1. xD I’ve had mine reserved for almost a year now (Since they announced the 3DS’s release date in N.A.)…Kid Icarus was my favourite NES games, and it’s one of the reasons why I picked up a 3DS at release.

  2. So much free stuff, hope they release a Demo so I can see if I like the game. Even then, the only game i’m really getting now is Luigi’s Mansion 2 since I already placed the pre-order. I need to save all the money I can since I have no idea how much the Wii U + a game will cost.

    1. The demo comes with a stand…dun dun dunnn! JK! Anyway, I hope these AR Cards work in the AR games, I would love to use Pit in the same scenery as with Kirby, Mario, Samus, and Toon Link to make a nostalgic Brawl fight (sadly, in the real SSBB game, only 4 can be on the field at once)! lol

    1. I hope the Wii U gets a Online YuGiOh game that would be Epic :D

      and not some lame half assed attempt either

      a really good one with a good engine behind it
      something that will really challenge people when it comes to building decks and Stratergy

      games seem to be lacking in these aspects today

      all i ever see are pew pew pew i haz a gun pew pew pew

      gettign sick of seeing shooters nowadays lol

  3. The Only Pokemon Champion

    So let me get this straight
    were getting
    -Kid Icarus Uprising
    -Kid Icarus 3D
    -A Stand
    -6 AR Cards
    for $40?
    This is why I love Nintendo :)

      1. These^ XD If it were Sony, they would sell each piece seperatley for:
        $40 for Kid Icarus uprising
        $10 for Kid Icarus 3D
        $20 for the stand
        $10 for the 6 AR card
        for $80 as the grand total.
        Oh yea, and they’d make it so you HAVE To have ALL of those to play the game….

        1. Would be worse if Microsoft did it

          they would find a way to intergrate Kinect in there somewhere

          chekc out the new Kid Icarus now you have to hold the handheld as still as possible and control Pit with your Tounge >.<

          I hate Kinect lol

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