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You May Want To Get Ready For Lady Gaga On Wii U

A source close to Dual Pixels has told the publication that Ubisoft is preparing to unleash Lady Gaga on Wii U and Wii via its forthcoming game Lady Gaga: The Experience. Ubisoft will reportedly be announcing the game at this years E3 event in June. Previous entries in the Experience franchise include Michael Jackson and Black Eyed Peas, so it doesn’t sound too far-fetched that we will be seeing a Lady Gaga iteration. Bet you can’t wait.

113 thoughts on “You May Want To Get Ready For Lady Gaga On Wii U”

      1. I prefer the Metal Version of Cartmans Pokerface :P

        though whats the deal with all these singalong games

        Kareoke died, Guitar Hero became populer, now everyones trying to capitalise on music games >.<

        dont they realise that Mario, Link and Pokemon are what really sell nintendo systems lol

        Nintendo wanna make a shit load of cash?
        then make a Pokemon MMORPG for the Wii U
        guarentieed to make a fortune

        need proof just search for Pokemon MMO's onlien and looka t how many fan made ones there are lol

    1. its impossible to make that game

      right now there is no way to make objects fly out of the Tv and hit you in the face when your playing it

      probably gonna have to wait a few more years for that one :P

    1. Or not buy her crap. You know, since the number of haters FAR outweigh her fans. And gamers in general don’t really play rhythm games as much as they would other types.

    1. I love how if you dont like a certain artists music, you’re considered a “hater” when you just dont like it, since you like it, dose that make a dickrider?

      1. Well if you just “didn’t like her” you wouldn’t waste your time telling people you don’t like her. Since you go out of your way to comment saying you don’t like her you’re obviously a hater. Stay pressed.

  1. ._.

    Well my university years were filled with Gaga music on the radio (for…better or worse)…wait what should I care? Michael Jackson was pretty awesome, but his Wii game SUCKED. Well it LOOK like it sucked. Thank goodness I never touched it…

    What happened to the days of milking the DDR/Guitar Hero franchises? At least DDR and Guitar Hero were entertaining, even with artists slapped on for cash-cow effectiveness. Experience is…just…ugh.

  2. yeaaaah i was waiting for this. because there’s a michael jackson and BLACK eyed peas experience, so why don’t they make a Lady Gaga experience

          1. Eh, guess my parents and my birth certificate lied to me then. Although it does worry me that you know more about me than I do…

              1. ………………………
                guys……look at his name….

                  1. what ever happend to our beloved internet

                    when did it become over run with such filth
                    If only we could go back to the days of the Chan and encourage more faggy wannabe kids to kill themselfs we could have saved it

                    such regrets we have now

  3. whatever! i don’t like Lady Gaga. i won’t buy the game. what’s the big deal?

    oh, BTW, she looks like Zelda in Skyward Sword in that pic.

  4. what are you people bitching about. THIS IS EXCELLENT NEWS! Nintendo is trying strategically to get all the casuals remember more sales better for them !!! this can seriously help nintendo with there head start with its competitors ^.^. dont worry guys our games will come as well . Very good news.

      1. No, it’s not that big a deal. It’s not hurting the gaming industry or gamers. Companies will release what they think will bring in money. Also, there are people out there, no matter how few, that would probably enjoy these types of games. These games fill-in the niches and small cracks in Gaming, so that everyone can be satisfied.

        Not everyone has the same taste for games, if they did it would be bad for the industry because every game would be similar.

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  6. EWWWWWWWW!!! *gags* Lardy Gah Gah on the Wii U? *pukes* yeah, no, that better NEVER happen. They can put it on other systems, i don’t care i already don’t play them, but i hope they don’t put it on Wii and Wii U. Hopefully they’ll wise up and NOT do that.

  7. Its funny that all of you assume things when seeing this. Have you ever seen her in an interview? She is one of the most down to earth performers of our time. She has an amazing voice and loves great music (i.e. Jazz, Classic Rock). Look her performance of The Lady Is A Tramp With Tony Bennett and be surprised. Im excited for this. She deserves a game about her. Deal with it

  8. ok so why are people mad? I happen to be a Monster and i would totally buy this game. If you game nerds don’t like this. 1 simple rule: DON’T BUY THE GOD DAMN GAME. (that is if it comes out) why post rude comments on something that might not even be true? its just plain stupid. You don’t like something, don’t associate with it. its as simple as that. go buy some other game that you’ll waste your life on. i mean at least its better that Ke$ha or Justin Bieber. Just don’t think about it if you don’t like it. People who do like this wouldn’t post dumb comments for nothing when all you have to do is not buy the game. Thats just what i think. If you don’t like it don’t associate with me, Monsters, Gaga, or anything in relation.

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  11. oh joy, the woman who’s poisoning the music industry (among others, of course) is going to have a game on Wii U. it may increase sales slightly, but i surely hope that this game doesn’t get widespread popularity. i won’t want to spend some of the Wii U’s early time hearing about the musician who spends more time trick-or-treating than writing songs

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  13. Why do you guys have against Gaga… She’s the best onradio artists of this time. Prob not gonna buy this though, I don’t like her music that much. But she’s still one of those artists you have to respect. She weared a freaking Meat dress and made PETA upset! That alone earns my respect.

  14. Nip slips and crotch shots for the whole family!

    I bet some Gaga fan will post a link to the M. Bison “Yes!! Yes!!” clip in reaction to this.

  15. Generic Internet User

    I was actually thinking a Bayonetta style Lady Gaga game

    so, that’s whats going on in this little ol’ brain of mine.

  16. Whether or not you like Gaga doesn’t really matter. I don’t now about you guys, but maybe Nintendo might benefit from his. Yes, I shudder at the idea of shovel ware coming to the Wii U, but perhaps Nintendo learned this time around to control the incoming amount of shovel ware crap? Besides, she’s popular and rhythm games are popular (although I never played the Michael Jackson edition). Her music isn’t that bad, it’s catchy. What did you expect from pop music? Hipsters gonna hate. If you don’t want the game, don’t buy it. As for me? I’m still waiting for Zelda, Mario, and Metroid on Wii U.

  17. Guys if you don’t like gaga why are you reading this? You must have no lives at all this game will be highly successful judging by all the millions of gaga fans that will play

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