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GameStop Drops Nintendo 3DS Price Ahead Of PlayStation Vita Launch, Other Retailers To Follow?

US retail emporium GameStop has slashed the pricing of the Nintendo 3DS to $150 ahead of the release of Sony’s PlayStation Vita, which is due for release on February 22nd in North America. Other retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart are still charging the recommended retail price of $169.99. Maybe we will see other retailers follow suit?

118 thoughts on “GameStop Drops Nintendo 3DS Price Ahead Of PlayStation Vita Launch, Other Retailers To Follow?”

    1. Cool story bro. I liked the part where you supported your completely objective statement with factual evidence – oh, wait never mind, you can’t even write correctly, so why should I expect you to know the difference between fact and opinion?

      1. I think the word you were looking for, Hocotatium111, is subjective. If that was an objective statement, it would be based on evidence. Irony is fun, isn’t it?

          1. bah! it’s all in good fun, Petros. I’m not really a troll. I’m just playing the part of a troll. Wanted to get into the mind of a troll, see what it’s like, purely educational. I’m actually a Nintendo fanatic. I won’t do this again, promise!

        1. Just when sony television division lost billons and the vita upcoming trainwreck and just when vita was about to get a break guess who shows up…Gary motherfucking oak!

  1. PS Vita will be raped by the 3DS like this, probably in the middle of the year they will realize their utterly obvious mistake by selling ps vita with a memory card included and awakening the rage of many people who bought it early.

      1. where did you read that? every spec list i have seen shows the vita will no built in memory for saving files and no card for it with the console.

      2. I read, only the 3G Launch Bundle and First Edition Bundle come with memory cards. 4GB for the First Edition Bundle and 8GB for the Launch Bundle.

        1. Well then, it’s just for bundles then. What kind of an incredibly obvious nimrodic idiot actually believes the Vita comes with a memory card?

      1. wait.. but then where is your SS getting the money to pay for your unemployment?? is your piece of shit leeching ass going down to the strawberry fields, burn in the sun & work for shit wages, so kim kardashian can enjoy her Strawberry Wild Jamba Juice?

  2. Wouldn’t gamestop lowering the price mean that ps vita is screwed well we’ll see lets hope the nintendo 3ds does well and i guess the vita too

  3. WOAH!!! That’s awesome actually! It isn’t like the 3DS is losing ground, it just gives the 3DS even more room to grow.

  4. Things on sale and the sale ends before the vita releases.

    Good trolling attempt though.

    Also did you know that they are trying to make trolling a crime in Texas USA?

    Hope it passes cause it would be so fun.

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  6. Oh man! Paying $250 for this thing and learning of all the price drops makes me so hesitant to buy a Wii U day one if it is over $350.

    1. Hey we got all those free games. I ain’t complaining. They were going to be like $5 each that’s at least $100, the GBA games probably would have been $10 each. So it’s more like $150.

  7. I feel like Nintendo has some sort of partnership with GameStop. First the Circle Pad Pro and Xenoblade Chronicles are exclusive to the store, now this special limited time offer. Btw, Sickr, I think you should make it clear that this is a limited time offer rather than a permanent price drop.

      1. If this were for Vita, you wouldn’t give two shits how provocative the title was. You just want this site to be “objective” so you don’t have to feel too bad about how your interests make you a minority on this site. This isn’t your house; you’re just a guest, so don’t crap on it.

          1. Then be a good journalist somewhere else. Build your own site, or be content with Sickr’s.

            What a fuckin prick.


                1. He failed to mention a VITAL piece of information and trolled all of you while doing so.. how the fuck is it top notch??
                  that fact that you cant see that is Hilarious
                  XD trolls stick together

        1. That was awesome, Pleasant. U made another comment in regards to the harvestmoon model trash, and i applaud u for both. Such intelligent perception keeps me reading the comment section and is an inspiration to the ignorant.

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      1. Have you seen how bad the Vita is doing in japan? (the only place where the PSP actually sold kinda well). Its doing so bad that I’m not even sure if it will survive in other regions.

    1. Whether it sells or not, Sony’s attitude towards it is disappointing. You’d think they’d do more for its support considering how it’s like their only new thing for the Playstation brand at the moment. It’s important that they do support it to their best, otherwise the consumers are the ones who get screwed.

      1. I know right, it’s like they think it’ll sell with minimal effort.
        A big super bowl Ad would have shown a great effort, but i don’t remember seeing any vita ad that day.

    2. Well if the ps vita is a fail then they will fail with about 600 of my money because I will support its cutting edge portable kingdom as with all nintendo portables i feel like a baby playing a disposable small screened piss poor quality speaker and low resolution gaming system with a gimmicky 3D! I might be putting it down when I already own one from day one but thats because its true I can’t stand the notion that nintendo is better when the games that are out feel like psp quality games thats not better thats called being sub-par what makes it worse is that the have to come ot with a circle pad pro idea to add on a 2nd analog stick and don’t even think about possibly putting a 2nd battery in it to extend the life of the poor sub standard battery. Then just to piss us off some more they will relize their mistake and release a 3DS Lite Version with it incorporated into it and just suck us into buy yet another one! Feels like Nintendo is following suit to Apple by releasing new versions every year!

  9. Uncharted Golden Abyss had an abysmal ending. With the lame way Nate rescuing Marissa by lifting that block; and both being rescued by Sully. What’s with Marrissa throwing away that amulet after all the hardwork? Dumb ass ending if you ask me.

      1. Mario Kart Wii had an abysmal ending, with the lame way Mario wins the contes by using boost; and winning a stupid trophy. What’s with Peach not giving Mario a BJ after all that hard work? Dumb aas ending if you ask me. Which is why I know the Wii was a failure, good riddance.

        1. Bwa ha ha, Did you experience your failure in mario kart wii, not been able to obtain a trophy in the game until now hoo hoo. Prove me wrong, youre skills from what i foreshadow in the future, tells of me winning mario kart. Oh BTW youre fantasy of getting head by peachy girls after working so hard is just sad. Tell you this go make a domain name for it at it seems you needed the most, go on ask daddy for it.

          1. @ Mike S.: I was just waiting for that clip after I heard what Jio said. ;)
            @ Jio: comparing an Uncharted game to a Mario Kart game is just really showing how desperate you are for material here.

            1. Spriggax, have you ever thought I was, I dunno, joking? I’m making fun of his comment at how he criticizes a system just because he doesn’t like the game’s ending.

        2. First off, the Wii didn’t fail because if it did, the Wii U would have been already out. Second, you’re comparing Mario Kart (a racing game) to Uncharted (a game with a plot), not very intimidating.

          1. lol…If Wii failed what DO YOU CALL LAST PLACE PS3? oh I know a loser…no wonder why Sony as a company is dying. Can’t wait for the PSV to bomb…everybody knows it already is LOL….EXCELLLENT!!!

                1. no it’s just fun watching Sony burn with their typical overpriced product!!! PSV dies within a year!!! HP touchpad all over again!

  10. I think Gamestop’s decision is a smart one. Nintendo may sell more because of this while because of the price comparison Sony lags in PSV sales

  11. i’d say the vita isn’t going to do so hot upon its launch in the west, especially when compared to the 3DS. the vita will start out with its high price and overpriced specialty memory cards that appear to be ≥ double the price of an SD card with the same capacity and not many games that westerners will go for. i don’t feel that many fans of uncharted will be willing to shell out $300+ just to play a prequel when they can just read about the storyline online and just play the other uncharted games (including the new uncharted 3) for similar gameplay experience at a much cheaper price.

    besides that, there are a few original games sprinkled here and there for their respective fans, and then there are the many games that are also available on the PS3/PSP and some games that are just straight-up ports. that’s not going to sell consoles nowadays, sony. maybe that junk was tolerated back in the GBA days when there were ports and remakes left and right, but that nonsense ain’t gonna fly with a $250/300 system in this day and age (and i doubt it would’ve back then at the $250/300 price point). also, apparently march is going to be a month in which the vita doesn’t really get new games, while the 3DS is coming out with the new kid icarus game, myst, and rhythm thief, so the vita is going to be buried by the 3DS (at least until new games come out for the vita)

    also, a much-desired price drop of the vita may not happen. sony cut their TV department for huge losses sometime recently. that + selling the vita for a loss already + all the vitas that aren’t getting sold = no price drop soon. also, i believe that sony’s pride (as shown in articles about their response to the vita’s flopping in japan) and loving of money (somewhat driven by pride. i don’t believe sony’s higher-ups will take pay cuts to keep the vita alive like nintendo did with the 3DS) may prevent the vita’s price cut from ever happening. by the way sony has acted toward the vita (their “big advertisement campaign for the west” so far is just a promotion from taco bell), they’re just going to sit back and watch the vita slowly die, expecting a boom in sales every step of the way, much in the way that sony-centric gaming journalism sites (like IGN) are going to

    1. Yeah, if Sony was smart they would go third party and bring all their games to Nintendo, Microsoft, Android and Apple systems!!!

      1. no, if sony was smart they would’ve put more time and effort into having more desirable and original games made for the vita. and they also would’ve put more effort into their advertisement campaign. too bad sony seems to have dropped the ball hard on those ends. with the vita’s price point, few original games, and lack of advertisement outside of a single promotion from a fast food joint, i can’t see the vita doing too well in the west.

        this more than likely won’t be the end of sony though, so they won’t be going the way of sega anytime soon. also, if you weren’t joking about android and apple in that comment: NO. JUST NO.

  12. Sorry to always play Devil’s advocate, but I’m sleeping with someone at Sony, and If I don’t defend the Vita 10 times a day, They’ll break up with me.

    Being a Sony Fanboy is the only way I get laid!

  13. Sounds like I’m the only one who wants the vita to survive. I’ve seen some pretty good games. I think it’ll sell well here in America cause each country has different tastes. And vita to me seems like it’ll do good over here in America.

  14. I find that the title was very motherf***ing unnecessary. Trying to make it look like nintendo fears Sony. Lol nice try but no one with half a brain would fall for it. But I don’t think it’s in nintendos best interest to underestimate Sony.

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  16. Hmm Im starting to get a little worried about vita. I was hoping that it wouldent be as fail as PSP but the news latley seems to make that the case. Regardlous Ill still buy one, I really want to play Uncharted and Modnation Racers on it. Will it replace my 3DS? no it wont because my smartphone is doing a damn good job about that xD sorry but browsibg the internet on this thing is a hell of a lot better then using my 3DS or any video game system for that matter.

  17. it seems like newegg is getting with this deal as well!!! This does not bode well for Vita launching within a few weeks of this price drop with no or little marketing. RIP Vita adios amigo!

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