You may remember a rumour which came from the Paul Gale Network that claimed Batman Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City developer were working on a mature Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Well, it turns out that the rumour was completely untrue, as the developers have explained to Kotaku that they’re doing no such thing.



  1. thank god for hearing my plea. teenage mutant ninja turtles isnt good game AND the anime and the live action sucks and its for babyes including the game.i dont want fail games to be at wiiU.


        • I disagree. To MOST gamers, a “mature” rated TMNT would HAVE to mean excessive blood & limbs flying. Not necessarily a “mood” or a “setting” or an “artstyle” or having a main character die or something like that. Nope. Usually “M” = BLOOD. Look at their weapons for fuck’s sake. That’s what blades are meant to do. Draw effing blood. Stab & cut your god-damn opponent. And I think if they rated it “M”, (which would be limiting & disorienting their usual target audience) & those few that bought it, would more than likely be let down if there WEREN’T gushing wounds aplenty. So, it doesn’t make much sense from a business or a creative standpoint to make a mature TMNT game without unrelenting gore. What else would constitute it as “mature” & who exactly would such a video-game appeal to?
          Unless we’re talking about turtle fucking, turtle dicks or killing an enemy with “The Secret Of The Ooze”; because that’s a completely different “mature” entirely. One that nobody outside of “Robot Chicken” should EVER want to go near!


  2. So the game Title Fight Nintendo Smash Bros Rip Off for Sony is also fake because Paul Gale are the one who started the rumor. I guess this mean we should go by rumor and just wait for any game or console is officially announce by the company.


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