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Grab Your Free Copy Of The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords Before It’s Too Late

Just a quick reminder to let you know that you only have 8 days to download The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords absolutely free if you have a Nintendo 3DS or a Nintendo DSi. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords will remain free until February 20th, and after that it will be a either be a paid download or it might be removed.


      1. Ha, I may not be able to get Four Swords in time (Regretfully) but at least I have one of those!

  1. The game isn’t very good alone but I’ve never played it with anyone so I can’t say anything about that. It’s boring alone though.

    1. Hahaha forever alone. Jk, I have a DSi and a 3DS and I downloaded the game on both of em. :)

    2. it’s only slightly funner with an extra friend. I have a 3ds and I gave my fiance my dsi so we play together whenever we can. But Four Swords Adventures on GCN with four players was absolutely beast. Damn I gotta find some more GBA’s and link cables

      1. Maybe Four Swords Adventures could be re-made as Wii U Ware game (or whatever the downloadable games will be called) :)

  2. I got it on the first day as well but i wrongly thought after the expiry date the game would no longer be available,this is not the case right??

      1. I wasn’t too sure,it gave me the impression it was only available up to that date to play and be removed thereafter,guess we’ll find out soon,would have liked to have kept it for good,dont suppose you’ll be allowed to copy it on your SD Card?

      2. Won’t be removed yet, that date is when they’ll start charging for it. Excitebike 3D was free for a while, now they charge for that one too.

        The SD card can be copied, but good luck finding it and determining which file it is on there. I transferred my games and data to an 8GB one, and all the files and folders had weird names.

      3. I just read the notification in the Notifications app for the 3DS regarding Four Swords and it said exactly “This software is a limited offer, from 9/28/2011 to 2/20/2012.” I think that means it will be removed, not kept in the eShop and sold for a profit. What I’m interested in is when Nintendo will update the NES games so the Multiplayer option will work (I’m pretty sure the 3D feature will not be implemented into the NES games).

      4. “limited offer”
        Offer is the key word here, it doesn’t say anything about availability.

  3. I downloaded it on the first day too. But i rarely play it, my brother have a 3DS too and we played it a couple of times, but he’s not up to multiplayer, and I don’t wanna play it alone.

  4. I asked you guys to help me get get unban from the 3DS blog. Why didn’t you? You’ll pay for being inconsiderate jerks.

    1. I tried yesterday, but every time I tried to post a comment asking, it didn’t even show up. And who cares anyway? This site is much better cause it gets the news faster and the Wii U news and 3DS news are in the same place rather than 2 different sites.

      1. Yeah you’re right. All David posts is “A few screenshots of a boring game nobody cares about.” The news on this site is much better. The reason I want to get unban is so I could protest against him. He uses his blog as his own personal advertising spot, and that charity project he did before Christmas is VERY suspicious.

      2. Wasn’t he supposed to have given us updates about the well? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………..

      3. Yes, exactly. He also has failed to show us an authenic receipt. And I wasn’t the only one who got ban for being suspicious, at least two others did. I feel like David is a bit of a shady fellow, despite his innocent appearance.

      4. Mike S really? Your actually listing to the acient assholes bullshit.
        I thought you, who visits this site as much I do would be able to smell out a troll. “The ancient hetero” got banned becuase he was a constant hater, he even got a well written email asking him to stop (which he didnt read cause he used a fake email) if you had seen his comments as I have you would know he was testing everyones patience.

        Now your a smart guy so please dont fall in line with somone who make multiple accounts just to troll 3ds blog.

        Oh and for the record if this was the best nintendo site it would have all the news. I still have to check 3ds blog and wiiu/ wiiu go cause this site doesnt report on 3ds games like the new fire emblem, harvest moon, tekken or the others. But I will say out of all of them this blog is the most varried.

      5. Well I don’t really care about those games, and I think it is pretty strange how we haven’t heard one thing about the well you donated for.

      6. All you have to do is ask about it and he’ll send ya a link.

        What you dont care about Fire Emblem it was an Ambassador game for Pete sake!(lol nevermind it seems like your into the more popular Nintendo titles I understand). And my point was because this web site doesn’t focus on one thing it can miss important news or report on it late ya know?

      7. Just went back to 3DS Blog, saw the Super Mario Bros. Ambassador update, i’ll look at it more again. Can you give me the link btw?

      8. @Mike S: If you’re being serious about the commenting thing, then David is corrupt beyond help. Also, I am giving you an invitation to join The High Order. Please tell me if you accept in your reply.

      9. Thank you. And thank you sickr for having the best Nintendo news website around.

      10. The High Order is an honourable faction that gets rid of haters and trolls. The faction will be run by me (I’ll be nice if you give me the chance.) and you Mike S can be second in command. All others who would like to join reply below. I can only take the first10 (including myself). The rest of you will be apprentices, who will have to show their worth before becoming part of The High Order.

      11. @CHW Oh, I thought it was going to be something that shows the well, has he said anything about it yet?

    2. Oh mah god just fucking go away, I can already handle the rambling of peteriuss but not you.


      Cant you get it through your head? so what if david adverised his FREE APP for 3 days?

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      1. Don’t listen to this fool Mike S. He is a naive idiot, who blindly follows David. Its very suspicious that 3 people who were suspicious all got banned, almost as if he wanted to stop us getting the news out. Also, the generous people who donated deserve something authenic, not just a link. So yes, you will be the first victim of The High Order’s wrath. Be gone you snake! Leave the good people of this world alone!

    1. “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online (Microsoft Windows, Wii U)” Is that? a hardcore game that’s NOT coming to PS3/360?!?!?!?!?! *GASP*. Suck it fanboys >:)

      1. Then again, most of the other games aren’t going to be on the Wii U, but who cares, a wins a win :)

      2. All I got out of that is that Metal Gear Rising could be coming to the Wii U. The more third party support the better :)

      3. Ghost Recon Online is an upcoming PC/Wii U only game.

        So Windows and Wii U only game… looks great. I may get it for launch.

  5. Taking down a free download makes just about as much sense as spending lots of time and money to spruce up an old game like ‘Urban Champion’ when dozens of other classics deserve the 3D treatment more. Oh…

  6. Thanks for the update. Me and my brother just downloaded it. It’s very fun on multiplayer but boring alone. Pretty good game :)

  7. Ive missed and i know people who did too and we all want it st there eshop.11.99 is reasonable since it was special but please put it back

  8. they should bring it back free once every year on the anniversary than take and put it 6.99 because its a remake of an old game

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