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Pachter Says Nintendo Is In Disarray, And They’ve Blown It With Wii U

Our favourite Wedbush Morgan industry analyst Michael Pachter has once again taken to damning Nintendo. Pachter recently spoke to GamerLiveTV to announce that Nintendo is in complete disarray, and that the company has officially ‘blown it’ with Wii U.

“I think Nintendo is in disarray. I think they’ve completely blown the Wii U by not telling people what the price is going to be. It’s going to launch at $249 because it has to. I think they’re dead anyway because Xbox with Kinect will be priced below that by the time they launch. Wii was a bubble and that the Wii bubble has burst.”

– Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter

211 thoughts on “Pachter Says Nintendo Is In Disarray, And They’ve Blown It With Wii U”

    1. Xbox 360 sucks… it’s unreliable and it breaks more then the PS3.

      Kinect sucks because theres hardly any mature games.

      Buy Xbox Kinect if you want to play kid games.

      Wii U will have Ghost Recon Online and Killer Freaks… anyone who thinks Nintendo’s Wii U is for kids is an retard.

      people expected the 3DS price to be higher but was cheeper then they expected…

      Wii U will be slightly more expensive then Kinect but who on earth would run and jump around after a days work and their tired.

      You don’t move like that with Wii U and it has better graphics and better interaction.


            1. They were made by separate people.

              I always stick to this name….

              I posted at the top to get as many people replying as possible because its the first bit they would read.

        1. EXACTLY how I feel. Xbox has pulled off a lot of great online and social deals, but their games are still lackluster. If Wii U has working online, it will jump far past Xbox in my book.
          I can only hope others agree and buy Wii U. And “Nintendo fans” who couldn’t stand waiting for top Nintendo games will hopefully return for the Wii U.

      1. All Nintendo has done is announced it. They’re going to get the specs and price announced in time. They just wanted to get the idea of the Wii U in everyone’s head. They haven’t blown it. If they’d blown it, they would announce the price of $750 for one tablet controller and $2,000 for the console six days before they released it. For being a professional, he sure has no talent for his job.

        1. Sigh…

          I bet pachter is expecting $2,000 for the console price.

          It’s going to be around $300-400.

          Even Sony did not announce the price for the PS3 until 5 months before release and they announced it about a year before they said the price.

          1. Yes, it will be in that range. It’s not out till November, it’s not like hearing the price now will make a difference from hearing it over the summer. How about paying attention to all the amazing things the controller can do, even before they finish the product? Or how it IS getting third party support and new IPs?

      2. You are right, but what about XBOX360 without Kinect? All my friends just play it like that :(

        Plus Patcher, in the future, when people see a new console coming out, thy’d give it a try.

      3. You sound like you came from Sony playstation and just jumped onto Nintendo’s new system, because of the graphics.

    2. Why do people even keep mentioning this guy.Its not like his word means anything and he’s been wrong how many times now?The more he is mentioned the more he will be able to keep talking about bullshit.

      1. I find it interesting what he has to say. It makes no sense whatsoever, but boy oh boy is it funny whenever he is proven WRONG!

        I await E3 2012… the day Pachter will eat his other foot.

  1. More words are coming out of Pachter’s mouth I see… yet he still has not learnt the way of the “Make some god damn sense” technique. Alas, some of us are cursed to never see the light of intelligence.

    1. He’s doing this because it’s the only way he can catch some attention, trolls are persons who are in need of attention, he’s pitiful.

  2. Why do you keep posting quotes by this sap? He obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about since he’s forgotten that mostly everyone is a Nintendo fan deep down and looks forward to this console whether they admit it or not, and will most likely buy it.

        1. Hey wiggler,
          You just basically said; “Don’t that word as an insult, because it is offensive”.

          I’m not sure you realise the who point of an “insult”.

          1. Good point, but he means it’s offensive to people to whom the insult was not aimed. Using “gay” to insult Pachter,who isn’t gay btw, implies that being gay is a bad thing, it isn’t. Therefore it offends gay people who were not the target of the insult, Pachter was.

            I think the word asshole suits him just fine. Or if you want to be PG about it: Troll.

            1. Most of my gay friends use “gay” as an insult too because they *gasp* don’t care.

              IMO stop being so sensitive.

              1. I wan’t the one being sensitive. I was just trying to explain to the guy above why that word was offensive to some people.

                I personally don’t care either.

    1. The point you can tell if the Wii U is blown is if it does not sell at all.

      PS Vita was blown because it sold less at launch then the 3DS did at launch.

      Wii don’t know if Wii U failed yet because I don’t have a time machine :P

  3. To be perfectly honest, I think in a way, he’s right. Yeah the appeal of the Wii is gone, and yeah not many people are sold on the Wii U but that’s because we really don’t know anything about it. If I where Michael Pachter I would hold my thoughts of the Wii U until this year’s E3 and check out the games that will be coming to the system before giving strong thoughts like this, his words might come back and haunt him.

    1. I know alot of people interested in the U myself included

      I woudlnt say many people are not sold on it

      Were entering a new age of gaming systems and Wii u is top to win again imo
      Sony leaving things till last Min could be a good thing for them but Xbox Rumours are not doing it any justice at all

      Im really keen to see the new xbox model at E3 not because im interested in buying one
      but to see if these rumours about it are true or not

      If this xbox has no backwards compatability its going to be a bummer for 360 fans
      if it has intergrated Kinect its going to be more exspencive than it needs to be and people who are not interested in Kinect will be a little annoyed about that

      If it is pro New games only then thats going to be a huge deal
      to ensure that it will only be able to play new games it will require some sort of online ability and access key register
      now since this is Microsoft I exspect that XBL will be the requirement
      in short making the system completely useless to everybody who doesnt want to pay for a XBL account and people who do not connect thier system up to the internet

      if these rumours are true then this 720 is going to fail soo hard
      and after the abuse that the Wii U got last year by the E3 260 community i cant for them to get a taste of thier own Medicne

      1. The thing about access keys wouldn’t happen. It’d be a bad idea with console gaming and would defeat the point of buying used games.

      1. He probably has to use a Mac because anything more complicated would be too hard on his brain.
        Not saying Mac is bad, it’s just simple and not very flexible.

  4. Oh well, Pachter has a thing for seeing things from the stereotypical gamers point of view. Witch, though common, is not as dominant as people think

  5. Wouldn’t shock me if he changes his tune once the Wii U comes out & sells great. Knowing him, he’d probably say something along the lines of “I was always behind the Wii U & Nintendo 100%”

    Seriously, he’s one of those guys that you want to just punch……constantly lol

    1. Nahhh, since the Wii was revealed to not be HD and not have a button controler from lauch he has disregarded nintendo and all its fans

  6. youdon'tcareaboutmyname

    haha, go str8 to fucking hell motherfucker, i don’t know this bitch keeps telling shit about nintendo but why he doesn’t talk about his own life intead talking shit about others.

  7. Anything Patcher says in my experiance is the exact opposite to what actually happens, so…

    Nintendo is absolutely fine. They have done the right thing with the Wii U, and they can’t exactly tell people how much it is going to cost because they haven’t even announced a launch date yet. It might be $249, but that is about right for a launched console anyway. The Kinect will not sell more than the Wii U, just because it will be cheaper. The Wii was a bubble, and it has burst (but it doesn’t even matter though because it is an entirely new console).

    Which do you think it is more believable? Mine or his?

    I would like my money being a gaming analylst please :)

    1. I know…. even PS3 move is better.

      Wii mote > PS3 move > (Kinect does not belong here) ROB , from NES… the gun for Duck hunt.

  8. patcher’s kidding,250 dollars isn’t bad for wii u,it isn’t said that the xbox is originally priced with the kinect 300 dollars,he’s talking serios man?is he out of his mind?

    1. yeah $249 is such a terrible price

      yet i remember the Xbox 360 launching at $299 lmfao

      and Wii U is a next Gen System
      so what he’s basicly saying is that its ok for Microsoft to Launch a System notoriously famous for Hardware Failures at a price of $299 USD
      but Nintendo Launching a System with more advanced Technology and for the first time good HD quality graphics with a totally new form of controler and a promise on not only increadable first party developer software but also much more 3rd party developer contracts
      Nintendo Launching this system 7 years after the launch of 360 and for a cheaper launch price is absolutely absurd

      am i wrong?

        1. I know

          I didnt buy one till they dropped down to arnour 300 pounds

          its a decent system but wasnt worth the launch price

          Wii on the other hand I got on relese day
          and Wii U I already have money put away for its launch day relese
          and since the Wii U is going to get the Multiplatform market i have no reason to invest in any other system since Sony claim to be sticking with PS3 for a while longer (which i already have)

  9. Anyone else smell that? Smells like bullshit.

    Pachter you are a fool. You have respect from not one single person and you play Farmville with your mother. You truly are a pitiable insect.

  10. Pachter makes these wild statements as a desperate effort to cling to relevance. His predictions and analysis have zero credibility, but he can always get a little gamer press by giving a good batshit insane rant like this.

  11. Kinect?
    That failed piece of shit? That boasts nothing but shovelware, and will only ever be used for such? Yeah, Wii was a bubble, but a bubble that made a shit ton of money and led Nintendo to record profits. It may be a failure to “hardcore gamers”(who Pachter loves to dick ride), but to true Nintendo fans and Nintendo themselves, Wii was far from failure. How about you wait until they announce something, and show more of the console before you talk shit and proceed to get on your knees for Sony and Microsoft, Pachter. We need more actual journalist and analyst in the industry who aren’t just fanboys with bias, trying to hide it and not doing it very well at hiding. This guy has not one thing to say positive about Nintendo, yet Nintendo goes over the moon everytime, and he comes up with another negative outlook on Nintendo. A 40-50 something year old man who’s always kissing 12 year old Cowadooty fans asses to look like he knows something.

  12. The fact that he’s posting so much recently shows he’s just making it all up as he goes along. Nice to see him backing things up with facts.

    Maybe I should call myself an Industry Analyst and start shouting crap. I mean they seem to have taken this guy’s word as gospel so it’ll probably work.

    1. I might have read his words with an open mind, but since Pachter is an idiot there is no way anybody will take him seriously.

    2. Not all of us are Nintendo fanboys. Pachter tells storys from his dreams a night before.

      I own PS3 and Wii and i tried Kinect… it sucks, no good games.

      PS3 motion has Golden Eye and Kill zone.

      Screw what people say about Call of Duty on Kinect… it will suck and blow up the series if it goes on Kinect.

      1. The only CoD they could use Kinect for would be a Rail Shooter which would be a absolute disaster for the series
        Hardcore CoD players would go mental at developers for wasting time and money on it

        and the only contribution Kinect could make to the Current CoD gamestyle (free roam arcade shooter) is Voice commands for the Single player mode and spec ops

        again useless since most CoD players dont even bother playing the story mode

        1. Lol true fact most people don’t play story mode.

          I think the story mode on MW2 was epic and the best bit of the game… why do people bother not playing the story and only buy it for the multiplayer.

          I’ve played all the MW series story modes and their epic.

          Mw series: Story > Multiplayer (Always)

      2. I really like Mass Effect 3 WITH Kinect, not on it. Quite a difference. Verbal commands are more intuitive at times. That being said, COD for Wii sucked so bad! Wii cannot do FPS like PS3 or 360. I’m sorry, I need 2 systems. I am going to school for game design, and looking at the Wii U from that angle, It looks like it will be a trip to play with and design on. Problem is how successful will it be. Nintendo did a great job supersaturating the markets, putting a Wii in many (mostly casual gamer’s) homes. Problem with that is the casual gamer will not likely go out and spend more money so soon – I could be wrong. ANYHOW… I like how the Wii U is a different portal to deliver different games. If it gets nasty ports that are meant for XBOX/PS3, the Wii U will be greatly under utilized. Designers really need to think differently and creatively with this. Just a thought.
        I’m not sure what exactly Pachter is saying here, but I agree somewhat. Just about the point re: its price. It isn’t devastating, just I have a funny feeling it will be more expensive than what Pachter is even saying. It won’t be a powerful machine coming into the next round of consoles, but we’ll all have to see once more info comes out.

    1. Miyamoto kidnapped his family and stole his bike when he was 11. He never forgave him for it. If Miyamoto would apologize and return everything, the issues might be settled.

  13. I was literally going on this site thinking “I hope there isn’t any more pachter crap on here” upon reading the first words of the headline I said, “oh, speak of the devil, he’s right on time…”

    1. I mean seriously, Sickr, does anybody actually give a hoot about what this guy says? You could say some random guy out on the street said this and I would actually take it more seriously. Nobody ever wants to see pachter’s name on the headlines of your articles!

    1. He’s probably one of them people who threw his Wii remote at his 5.000 pound 3D tv and tried to get compensation from Nintendo but they laughed at him saying yeah like were going to fall for that one :P

  14. Patcher is a total retard on Microsofts payroll

    Kinect is a good Camera but a poor gaming tool
    without a controller games like Call of Duty or Final fantasy or pretty much any game that involves walking around by player freedom is completely unplayable using it

    Kinect is useful for pretty much dancing games, and rip offs of Wii sports thats about it

    360 Sales are not going to keep up much longer after the announcment of the new system but hey maybe if they do say its wont be backwards compatable and you will not be able to play used games who knows perhaps people will have common sense and avoid it all together keeping 360 sort of in the game

    and if those rumours specs are even remotely accurate the next xbox will be stupidly exspencive
    intergrated Kinect, 2GB RAM, 6 Core CPU and a prototype GPU? lol yea cheap

    Patcher is not to be taken seriously the man is a Moron

    1. Thats because the system itself hasent been finished yet

      what Nintendo showed last year was a Wii U that they were not fully finished with
      the controller and other aspects were not definate and Nintendo said that there is much room for changes in the system before launch

      the assured customers that the system was going to be reasonably affordable though

      Just wait for e3 im sure we’ll get our price and relese date this year along with a nice look at definate Wii U titles we can pick up this year

  15. Dear Mr. Patcher,

    You may have noticed, on your Nintendo hate-trip, that many modern buildings have things on the wall called “plug-sockets”

    Legend has it that, if you insert your fingers or random metal objects into such “plug sockets” many people would rejoice at your noble act.

    PS: The bigger ones with “Danger 25,000 Volts” written on them seem to work best…

  16. Could you please just stop posting this stupid Patcher quotes? If you wanna do it, take old ones and compare how many times he was right or wrong. But this here is just cheap dumb traffic…

  17. Lol sickr. You said in the caption that “patcher has once again taken to damning ninitendo.”Lmfao the way you said that, you sound like you’re tired of his crap too :D

    1. $250 are you joking?

      PS3 is that price right now and it’s 6 years old.

      I’m saving up quite a bit… I’m expecting about $300-350

  18. Twice in one week Pacther? I would love to share his point of view, but unfortunately I can’t get my head up my own ass. But really it’s not fair to judge the man so harshly. I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone this but, the reason Pachter hates Nintendo so much is that on the day of the Wii launch he was the first one in line and on his way home with the Wii he was mugged and sodomized with his Wii remote. He swore vengance on Nintendo for making a controller so easy to shove up his ass, the rest is history.

    When Iwata heard of this incident he had only one thing to say to Pacther: “Leave luck to heaven”.

  19. I just read all these comments…i cant stop laughing…holy crap Patcher u better hide in a hole (in your mother’s ass)

  20. That was almost believable until he said the Kinect was going to take over the Motion gaming end of the market. If the Wii had people flailing about, the Kinect does even worse.

  21. I finally see what pachter is doing. He says this Bull shit for a reason. To piss people off that’s what trools do. Trolls piss people off and make you want to beat the fuck out of them but you can’t because you’re behind a screen and miles and miles away without intel on there wereabouts. Does Pachter even know that there is an xbox 720 coming out? yes he does but he acts as though he doesn’t and talks shit about 360 costing less when that is basically like saying the atari 2600 costed less than the NES. He has nothing to live for he predicts bull shit for a living and has to live with the fact that he’s nothing but a game analyst. So what does he do he trolls to piss nintendo fans off and why? Because that’s what he does to get any ammount of fun out of his life.

  22. Two things to note here:
    1.- The Kinect will never become “King” of motion control gaming. If the Wii made people look stupid for flailing about, the Kinect does even worse. Plus, it’s a peripheral, meaning NOT NECESSARY in order to play the majority of games. Besides, what good games are there for the Kinect that are actually worth buying the thing and the game. Hefty price tag for something so overhyped and underplayed.
    2.- Even if the WiiU is $250 USD at launch, it will sell better than the PS3 did with its $300 USD price tag and the PSVita with $250-300 USD (which has apparently tanked with it’s initial sales). Whether or not it will do better than the 360 is yet to be seen; the 360 has a huge head start, giving people good games on average at a reasonable price and considering its fanbase… we will have to wait and see how it goes. But it will not fail, that much I do predict. Nintendo has to have learned from the 3DS, if not then they truly have fallen into disarray.

  23. when will this attention seeking prick just shut the fuck up. the wii is one of the best selling consoles ever, beating both 360 and ps3. how he can judge a console before its release date is just ridiculous. its like me saying “OH CHEMOTHERAPY IS NOT GOOD, WASTE OF TIME” but id be begging for it if i did have cancer. hes a very obnoxious and insignificant piece of trash

  24. Pachter is only testing us, the Nintendo fans. He analyzes our reaction to what he says, then tells Nintendo “You guys have a highly supportive fanbase! They will be absolutely blown away at E3 2012”.
    Nintendo then slips him a fat check and say “Thank you for your ongoing research with the core group of our fanbase”

    That’s my theory.
    -Wildman-…. out.

      1. But Nintendo only have to Look at the big Mario and Link Posters dotted around thier building to realise
        yeah were the fucking best :D

  25. Is pachter joking or what? $249 is going to be Wii U launch price?

    PS3 was $600 and Xbox was about $400

    PS3 is about $250 now because it’s 6 years old.

    You can’t compare a controller with a screen to a motion finder.

    Wii U has mature games and Kinect has kids games… theres only 2 mature games on kinect… the rest are kids like sonic riders, kinect sports and kinectimals.

    Well pachter why don’t you do research before reporting false information.

  26. It’s official.

    Pachter is trolling everyone.

    Can we please stop giving this jackass the time of day?

    He’s not even as entertaining as Jack Thompson was.

  27. Sickr, no offense, but you should stop posting Pachter news. He’s unreliable and a troll. I don’t think it’s necessary to post every opinion he has.

    1. I laugh at the fail everytime i see the Pachter news.

      Seriously why don’t we make fun of what we read from pachter?

    1. Now i’m going to make Wii U jokes… while pachter makes Xbox360 jokes.

      Wii U is going to fall out of the sky next E3… it will land during the Xbox conference and destroy the new Xbox.

      1. one of Nintendo’s Wii U… one of them is going to blow up and it will blow up every Xbox in the world… however nothing blew up expect all the xboxes… no Wii U was blown up apparently…

        Sony fans protest… but the Wii U blows up the protest… however that Wii U does not blow up.

        Wii U does not blow up when blowing up the Xboxes… because it does not get Red Ring of death.

        1. Once… a guy called pachter played on a Nintendo console… he hated it, he raged and made hate comments on Nintendo and said Xbox for ever…. however he was playing on a Commodore 64 not an nintendo console, when everyone knew he was playing on a Commodore 64 and not a Nintendo everyone hated him.

          He hated commodore 64 because he played it in 2009 and believed it was a Nintendo console because the graphics looked very old.

      2. Yea think of all the first party games they will announce and totally take over the hype. I’m guessing they’ll introduce a new Mario Kart, new Zelda, The Next Brawl, Mario Galaxy 3, Pikmin 3 and possibly a new Starfox and Kid Icarus for WII U and who knows what else.

        1. Right now im positive Pikmin 3 has already been confirmed as a launch title for the U and we will definatly be getting a New Zelda for it so dont worry about that (just dont know when well get it)

          New Zelda coming for 3DS too and likely a remake of Majora’s Mask after that

          Mario Galaxy 3 is very likely a possibility and We all know there will be a New smash bros
          probably a new Donkey Kong and Kirby title too further down the line

          although one of my biggest hopes is for a New Console Pokemon game
          not like Battle Revolution though
          more like Stadium
          perhaps allowing you to use the 3DS as a controller for online battles
          or even better a Pokemon console MMORPG
          i’d be really happy about that

          1. damnit i messed that up

            I ment using the 3DS games (when they come out) linking them up like Stadium did with the Gameboy games or something along those lines

      3. Wii U is new, shiny and amazing… it deserves to be the US presidents console. The US goverment trashed 100 Xboxes in 6 years because it had red ring of death. Wii U never gets red ring… it’s reliable. PS3 is also reliable… anyone who beleves Xbox is reliable is a reader of IGN(orant).

  28. This guy is either an idiot of the highest order (the sort who would get called an idiot even on The Only Was Is Essex) or he is on Nintendo’s payroll. Think about it, he’s constantly banging on about how Nintendo is screwed, giving Nintendo nothing but press. No such thing as bad press.

    1. True.

      I can’t beleve how he’s so biost and supporting Kiddies Kinect which has Sonic Riders, Kinectimals and Kinect Spores… while Wii U has mature games like ghost Recon Online and Killer Freaks.

      I bet pachter plays Farmville and that sort of shovel-ware, and just beleves with out playing on any game console saying… Kinect rocks Nintendo is for Kids.

      “Wii U is for Kids”, my first reaction to that comment is the commenter is possibly a retard because Ghost Recon Online and Killer freaks are mature games, not kids.

  29. He said the same SHIT, about Nintendo Wii,.. and FAIL (and fail bad)

    He said the same SHIT about N3DS … and guess what ? he FAIL (Again, and even worse)

    This guy, is stupid, or he like to fail everytime… (is like a clown looking for attention) I mean, he’s just an attention whore…

  30. Sickr, can I make a suggestion? Umm can you stop posting “Patcher Says” articles? They do nothing but make people angry and you know it. So, can you stop trolling us and give us REAL news? Thank You

    1. To me, Sickr posts this for our enjoyment of how much trolls fail.

      I laugh everytime i see a article about Pachter because it has so much false infomation and fail.

      “I think they’ve completely blown the Wii U by not telling people what the price is going to be” I mean WTF! They announced the PS3 one year before they announced the price and said the price 5 months before launch! XD

  31. No but seriously, I’m starting to get annoyed because I really don’t understand anything of this. Is it you Sickr who quotes him out of context, or it’s really him who’s so f*k*n’ biased ?
    I mean…. he just seems to hate so much Nintendo and do all in his power to try to get that company bankrupt… As professional, I don’t understand why he’s so partial/fanboy, and what’s his purpose in all of this…. He’ll cheer if he’s able to get investors out of that company?
    Pachter, if you’re that much of a fanboy toward Sony/Microsoft, please boast those companies, and let Nintendo do what they gotta do. That’s all. Stop foreseeing their death everyday…

  32. And he comes to this “brilliant” conclusion without any real information about the console since E3. Bra-friggin-vo!

    This, along with the majority of Pachters other statements, continues to prove how divorced the investor base is from the consumer base. Unless absolutely everything about a console, along with its existence, is announced at E3 and released within the same year, they won’t be satisfied, and even then they’ll bash it for not being a social network or cell phone game.

    Sometimes I wonder if Pachter would have called the Sega Saturn launch the most genius move in gaming history.

  33. I have bought 6 xbox consoles, because 5 have broken and not due to mishandling. I took the last one in and traded my console and all games for a PS3 with the move bundle. I bought my girlfriend a Wii for her birthday recently, so I have experience with all three consoles. I can honestly say that Xbox has some pretty good games that are Xbox exclusives such as Gears of War etc.. but the kinect and the move both have a very limited selection of games produced for them. I don’t think the kinect or the move will take much market share from the Wii U.

    I believe the other consoles came out with their versions of motion controls to try to catch up with the Wii’s already advanced control system. I will never purchase another Xbox as I am not keen to throwing money away on poorly manufactured electronics. I will stay with my PS3 and will eventually upgrade to a Wii U, the inexpensive cost of the Wii U just solidifies my decision.

  34. I was reluctant to say anything before, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, can someone please tell this guy to SHUT UP!!!

    Gosh man, if you’re going to damn Nintendo at every opportunity, at least come up with realistic facts. How in the world will the Kinect be able to stand up to the Wii U?

  35. I swear Pachter just says stuff for the media attention – he’s been wrong (and actually admitted that he’s wrong more often than he’s right). I do wonder how he still continues to earn that nice wad of cash.

    In all seriousness, I would have hoped Nintendo would have learnt from the failures of the 3DS launch for the Wii U. The one thing I do agree with is that the price point needs to be incredibly competitive. Motion controls were incredibly novel in 2006, but touchscreen controllers are hardly anything new. Not to mention that dual screens has also already been done by iPad. Nintendo need to push out some top software to highlight the unique selling points of the system.

    1. Ipad isn’t a console you can’t compare the two.The Wii u is a true gaming console and i hope people won’t get it confused. Software isn’t going to be the issue here is going to be misleading statement like the ipad has done dual screens already. Dual screens are new for home consoles. No the DreamCast wasn’t a true DS not by a longshot and only idiots and trolltron would compare the two

  36. “I think they’ve completely blown the Wii U by not telling people what the price is going to be”

    When i read that bit i can tell it’s bull because they announced the PS3 one year before they announced the price and 5 months before they released it.

    “Wii was a bubble and that the Wii bubble has burst”

    Well then why is Xenoblades and last story still making sales?

    “I think they’re dead anyway because Xbox with Kinect will be priced below that by the time they launch”

    He’s now saying he loves Kinectimals, Sonic Riders and kinect sports… their kids games, and yet he says Wii U will suck and yet it has Ghost Recon Online and Killer freaks. He really is a kid because he loves kid games… i wish i could stuff the Uncharted 2 box in his face and make him play it.

    “It’s going to launch at $249 because it has to”

    What a bunch of bull this is… you can’t just say it’s going to be priced that because it has to. You see… he shows no evidence in his speech.

    All this is lies. don’t believe it because everything he says is false.

  37. Man, reading all of these nintendO fanboy quotes is hilarious. So, the wii u will only have a slight edge over the ps3 in terms of prOcessing power. Ok, so it has a tablet controller. Wait a second I can have my HUD on my controller and have my main screen free? So it’s basically a gimmick, and it is…’s just another way to do things than the norm. Not a revolution……seriously. So if I have a ps3 and. 360, why would I want a wii u? Every ge will be on a system I have already…..except Mario Zelda and some games I can live without. I will wait for my ps4 and 720 cause that is when we will get a bigger jump in gameplay and graphics. The wii u is a system that is the medium system, then the big boys will come to play in 2013. And who gives a fuck if the wii sold the most, the install base is primarily kids, seriously you cannot argue that. So just stop, the better system with the better capabilities were the ps3 and 360, not because they sold more but because they can do more….like simply Play a DVD haha. Same for the ps4 and 720. The wii u might sell more but the 720 and ps4 will have more power and capability. :)

    1. If the details in games were any more detailed it would take too long to develop. This gens consoles are powerful enough to process most things a game needs so releasing a new console you won’t see much improvement in graphics or gameplay because it would take so long to develop just a few seconds of animation. Nintendo is the smartest they know that tablets are going to be the new remote control for your TV because people are starting to browse the internet on their TV now and a touch screen tablet with webcam offers the best control for doing that.

  38. what patches fails to realize is that nintendo are the trend setters and all other companies are copy cats that cant offers nothing but better gpu xbox360 stole there kinect idea from nintendo wii and who else try to copy nintendo of course sony ps3 with there gay glow sticks when wii u comes out watch sony and microsoft try to copy nintendo once again with no success.
    i’m nintendo 4 life !!!

  39. I bet Pachter jacks off to the thought of him actually knowing what secret things are going on inside Nintendo’s offices.

    I KNOW I DO!

  40. Why does it always seem like that when there is good news about Nintendo Pachter comes out and try to bring them down?, it seems like he can’t stand that good things happen to Nintendo.

  41. I think this Patcher guy has consistently proven his/her stupidity on multiple levels. They know nothing about the community for which they write. Well, maybe the typical gamer, but with the gamer community continuously evolving and growing, they know squat about the community as a whole.

  42. I don’t think it should be priced any higher than $300. I might as well buy the Wii if it’s going to be more money.

    I am just pissed that it’s not going to play DVD or Blu-rays. :(

  43. “I think Nintendo is in disarray. I think they’ve completely blown the Wii U by not telling people what the price is going to be. It’s going to launch at $249 because it has to. I think they’re dead anyway because Xbox with Kinect will be priced below that by the time they launch. Wii was a bubble and that the Wii bubble has burst.”

    – Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter

    I’m lucky I’m a fan of Nintendo. Or that Pachter is not that much of a Nintendo hater. If he was, he’d be saying this:

    “Nintendo is in disarray. They’ve completely blown the Wii U by not telling people what the price is going to be. It’s going to launch at $249 because it has to. They’re dead anyway because Xbox with Kinect and the PS3 will be priced below that by the time they launch. Wii was a bubble and that the Wii bubble has burst. Nintendo has fallen apart and will always do so with all of their consoles. Xbox, PS3, and the smartphone and tablet gaming market will SURELY prevail.”

  44. He is so wrong. There’s no way Nintendo will fail. They’re too popular. Loads of people will buy a Wii U at launch and when Mario games come out for it,even more people will buy one. Nintendo are a long way of dieing.

    1. I think Pachter had a dream Nintendo turned into Sega then failed again.

      Or, Pachter had a dream that he hated the NES when he played it in 2008 saying it has bad graphics. EVEN THOUGH ITS FROM 1986!

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