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Valve Working On ‘Steam Box’ Console To Rival Wii U, PlayStation 4 And Next Xbox?

Technology publication The Verge is reporting that Valve is getting ready to show of its own console called ‘Steam Box’ to rival Nintendo’s Wii U, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox. Value apparently have a number of publishers and developers working alongside them, and the console could be announced at next weeks GDC conference.

We’re told that the basic specs of the Steam Box include a Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GPU. The devices will be able to run any standard PC titles, and will also allow for rival gaming services (like EA’s Origin) to be loaded up

218 thoughts on “Valve Working On ‘Steam Box’ Console To Rival Wii U, PlayStation 4 And Next Xbox?”

    1. More than enough; the only reason the current generation “worked” is because the Wii was seen as a “companion” device; people bought a Wii and PC, Wii and 360, Wii and PS3; you get the idea. Last generation Nintendo almost got kicked out. I can’t foresee any more than two consoles succeeding next generation.

    2. Steam has a ton of games but it will NEVER have the size of Nintendo’s library, or even Nintendo games. I mean, it has the potential to really compete with Microsoft and Sony on some fronts, but not Nintendo.

      1. Microsoft only; its games have the same “must play” standard Halo and… yes.

        Sony, on the other hand, is just a step under Nintendo. Sony alone wipes away both Microsoft AND Valve’s games, except FPS-wise (Halo, CS, TF2, HL, etc.)

          1. Its not about the games you idiots!

            Nintendo and Sony are in financial trouble and a Steam console taking away more revenue would kill them both, regardless of how good or bad the games are.

            Look at the bigger picture you fools.


            1. oh golly i forgot that you weren’t talking about ehem
              “Microsoft only; its GAMES have the same “must play” standard Halo and… yes.

              Sony, on the other hand, is just a step under Nintendo” i guess that’s not talking about games at all you retard

            2. Nintendo and Sony’s financial trouble has nothing to do with competitors, it’s due to the increasing value of the Japanese Yen meaning when they convert revenue from overseas into Yen they don’t get much money…
              And what’s to say Valve will make a console and everyone will suddenly buy it and ignore two established and popular hardware developers…

            3. Nintendo only loss money last year and they will start making profit next month. Sony been losing money 5 years straight.

            4. Nintendo had a hiccup, it’s in the transitional stage. 3DS sales have jumped, and Wii U, well time will tell. With enough hype, it’ll sell very well, being the first next-gen system. Sony has been having problems for much longer, I would think because console is definitely not their focus.

          2. inFAMOUS 1-2, Killzone 2-3, Littlebigplanet 1-2, Modnation Racers, Uncharted 1-3, Warhawk, Starhawk, Twisted Metal, ICO, SoTC, The Last Guardian, God of War 3, Gran Turismo, Disgea 4, Heavy Rain, MAG, Socom 4, Motorstorm, Resistance 1-3, Valkria Chronicles, WipEout, Yakuza, should I go on?

            1. Ah yes… continue…

              Really, Xbox is short on exclusives. It just doesn’t seem to be a problem for Microsoft. Playstation hasn’t been performing well despite it’s exclusives.

              1. It’s all in the advertisement. Microsoft is constantly advertising and putting microsoft stores everywhere. Where I live, there are 5 microsoft stores.

        1. pfff, funny to think that only Segas and Nintendos up to N64 (Gamecube, really) are consoles, the rest are computers. Playstation one could be called either way.

          Sort of helps explain how the issues have changed. with the above, if it was damaged it would have issues. Current consoles may have issues just because of what they’re running.

            1. anonymous,can u please get a real life and shut the fuck of? this is not trolling!! and if u are with nintendos and sonys size u must respect this^^ above from u

          1. valve would know what they’re doing. and they have some of the best and most original games on the market. you sir are a mega douche. you’re worse that the fake petetiuss

            1. I think this guy means that the games will not be as “iconic” or something of the sort, but i still see it as a good business venue for Valve if they know how to promote it well…

              So i think the best venue to sell something like that is to bundle Half Life 3 or a new orange box with it, or even hats :B

    3. Sounds like a bit of a waste if you ask me. The beauty of PC Gaming is that you can upgrade your box to keep up. A Steam Console does nothing to set itself apart from the competition except that it’s digital-only and runs Steam. Steam is awesome, but I can already hook my PC into my TV through HDMI. I’m doing it right now! Sorry Valve, you get a pass from me on this one.

      1. Hey guys, did’ja miss me?
        I’ll call bull on this one. Not only did Valve state about a week after E3 2011 that they were interested in developing for the Wii U (and I think we all know that would be really stupid if they were making their own console), but I also don’t think that many fans of Valve would be so willing as to splurge, what, $300+ just to get, dare I say it, the next Portal or Half-Life. Besides, those games are best played on PC, anyway. And yes, I just said that.

          1. Nope; never left the site, just the comments section. I’ve been a lot busier lately, so I’ve been checking mynintendonews by 3DS, as I do not have a smartphone. And if you have a 3DS, then you know that loading the comments for on the 3ds’ web browser is unbearablly long, and it has to reload every time you comment. So yea, I’m still here, I’m just not commenting as much.

    1. Valve IS indeed awesome. But I don’t think most of it’s fans would buy it, since most of them love pc gaming.

  1. I doubt they’ll make a console 2bh, I love steam but unless it’s announced by Valve i’m not taking this into account

  2. Wow, if it were good, I might consider it…and if it were the right price….stupid Sony and your $599 release price T-T

    1. That’s around $30. $20, if you don’t care about brand names. And even less if you’re going to mass sell them (like a retailer, or a console manufacturer).

      1. Enough RAM for a console.
        There’s no rule to say
        “Hey, you can’t get over this limit! Consoles have gotta be weak!”

    1. True but how expensive will it be? Plus they don’t have the exclusives that Nintendo and Sony have and I doubt Microsoft will let halo or gears of war on this console especially since Microsoft has a console….valve doesn’t have enough exclusives and it’s not like they come out with a game every year so essentially it’s a console that plays a few valve exclusives and 3rd party games and probably not all 3rd party games like games from konami, capcom, square Enix etc…. Not sure this will succeed

      1. Please answer this question,
        Is TF2 better on console?
        Is CS 1.6 better on PC?
        Is HL2 better on PC?
        Is Portal/2 better on console?

        Think about that

        “And probably not all 3rd party games”
        Dude, go to steam and hit the store button

        1. Any metal gear solid? Any resident evil? Any final fantasy? Monster hunter? Mortal kombat? Street fighter? Tekken? Nope didn’t think so…. I’m not saying those games don’t run better on a pc cause I know they do but that’s not the point it never has I just don’t think that if this is an actual console it will succeed because a handful of valve games and 3rd party games isn’t enough to win over the console gamer you need halo, uncharted, gran turismo, Mario, Zelda, metroid, god of war etc etc…if a console gamer was interested in pc gaming they would be a pc gamer and I’m not sure why a pc gamer would buy this when they already have a pc and you can hook up a pc to a tv but most choose not to because a computer chair and a mouse and a keyboard is how they ate most comfy playing plus most pc gamers have monitors that display at higher resolutions than TVs.

  3. Well I guess Wii U’s not getting Steam. We’re stuck with EA’s crappy service. /= Other than that I would buy a steam console day 1.

      1. So far, all Nintendo’s revealed about Nn is that basically it’s just Nintendo wifi connection but with personal accounts.
        Let’s hope and pray there’s more to it than just that.

      2. It was a rumor, nothing more. Unfortunately, it was a very popular rumor that became a false truth over repeated mentions. Part of it can be blamed on every game news site that reported on it.

        People seem to forget the word before that where Nintendo got outside help developing a proprietary online network meant to accomedate other services. While they may get help from EA, they’re not going to have Origin “be” the network.

  4. What are they doing!!! Steam going console can be a fatal blow to PC gaming! Just as its rising so well :[

    1. im guessing it’s going to be along the lines of the alienware x51 where it looks like a console but you can still upgrade the parts inside and still use it as a pc..

    2. Nah looks like its gonna be a more user friendly PC. Think about it. If they can make it affordable and make upgrading more idiot proof then rather then buying an all new console every few years you simply buy this (A) and put it into slot (A). Granted this is how a PC already works but if done in a more casual friendly way it may open the door for the idiots that assume you have to buy an all new PC everytime you wanna upgrade something.

        1. I have a vita, 3ds, wii, ps3 and a pretty nice pc and I’m planning on getting wiiu and next playstation and I’m def not part of the 1% I’m middle class but gaming is my hobby so that’s what I save for. Plus the 1% pays all those taxes so I can get a decent income tax check lol.

            1. Dude seriously the rich and upper middle class pay the majority of the taxes in the u.s this isn’t a liberal or a conservative thing this is a fact thing

            2. Yeah, he’s right, the upper class DO in fact pay 80% of taxes, so why everybody hates them so much is beyond me. It’s not like their stealing the lower-classes money, they are only increasing the overall economic pie, not winning a zero-sum game.

  5. I thought valve said they hated consoles? Well, in another article I read they claimed they want to ‘fix’ the problems with consoles. Stuff like paying for licenses. It sounds nice and all, but I don’t want another console in the console wars.

  6. Imagine GOOD and cheap downloadable games for a home console. The competition is going to be completely destroyed.

  7. But is there going to be a market for it? What will get people to buy this instead of building their own PC? At first glance it sounds like a good idea but at second thought what makes this different and better than a custom built PC?

    1. Cheaper hardware and software. When you build a PC you have to get the pieces by your own and at full retail price. What valve is offering is opening their Steam market to the people who can’t afford a gaming PC. Also, game prices on steam are cheaper than retailer prices because you don’t have to pay for manufacturing and shipments.

      1. The sad part is that most people don’t know how to build their own computer. Just like some people don’t know how to do their taxes, fix their car, or perform their own surgery. This is esoteric knowledge.

  8. Think about. There well be GOOD and cheap downloadable games for a home console. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will be completely be blown away.

  9. Dis wonts b so gud cos all consoles suck unless made by Nintendo. Dis mean dah NES is betterer thans this already. They stole idea of consoles from Nintendo.

          1. If I ever get to that level of stupidity, for ANYTHING, just kill me. I give you full permission.

            Except donuts. Let me have my delicious donut addiction.

  10. It’s not an actual console guys (if it does exist); it’s more like the Alienware x51 (which the original article mentions, ha); a PC that’s designed to capture the gaming market. It runs PC games (PC architecture), and can be upgraded. It’s literally nothing more than a brand name PC; a massive brand, at that.

    If this does turn out to be true, expect to see a lot of “Steam Boxes”; this is supposed to be a standard, not a single device. Like Intel’s Chromebook line, manufacturers are supposed to slap this label on their devices if they meet the requirements (listed in the article). It’s not a bad idea at all; it’ll hopefully end PC fragmentation as well. Meet those specs and you can play any game for the next decade or so!

    1. Exactly. Its just a Valve PC, and its not going to change valves relationships with gaming companies. 8gb is over kill for a home console, we won’t see that from any of the big 3 (for financial reasons). I think Valve has the chance to get more people into pc gaming, and hey if the price is right i’ll pick one up. Im excited for this year of gaming :3 Getting a Vita next week!!

  11. Probably won’t be some big bidget widely-advertised console like the others, but…it does sound kinda cool. I’m not completely sold on the WiiU and I’m reluctant to buy a 3DS until it gets some more good games – I don’t have enough time to play tons of games on each home console, so if Valve gets this right and the other companies don’t blow me away, I may end up not buying a WiiU/PS4/Xbox at all…it’d need fighting games though :/

    Hopeful this’ll fuel competitiveness among all the developers and everyone ends up getting better games.

    1. I’ve been sold on the wiiU since I saw Zelda in HD. That Smash bros. 4 announcement put me over the edge. As long as it get 3rd party games, which it will, i’ll be getting a wiiU at launch.

  12. Awww, wanted an actual NEW console with NEW games in the market. Valve Box? Nope, their PC’s already more powerful than it and it isn’t even out yet, and by the time it is out PC’s will be even more powerful. Steam, stick to your games on PC don’t be another clone of the PC like the Xbox 360 was. Got it? Good. End of discusion.

  13. This thing is basically a PC not a console. It’s like they want to be on the same level as Razer and Alienware but more geared towards Steam content…

  14. This sounds more like a modded PC with a Steam OS similar to gaming consoles. I don’t see the point of it. Valve might optimize their games for this “Steam Box,” but that doesn’t mean every developer will do that to adapt to their games to it, and that includes the rumored controller they’re working on.They would need a specific gaming console to take Apple head on like they seem to be claiming, but then they would split their own fanbase and it’s not guarantee new gamers will jump aboard.

    The more dedicated Steam fans are the ones who build their own PCs, so without the option for upgrades, as that seems to be the case, not many people woul follow suit.

  15. If all next gen consoles (WiiU, 720,PS4) support Steam Works and then Valve release this modded PC and offer a console like service, it would just mean that a game like Battlefield 3 say or maybe Battlefield 4 by the time all these have released for EXAMPLE, you could play Battlefield not only against people on the same platform as you but on ALL the other platforms as well.

    So in years to come when a popular game starts to get forgotten and nobody plays it, with Steam Works connecting everything together it means that potentially there are 4 times the amount of people playing meaning that when games do get near the end of their life normally, it will extend hopefully by 4 times the amount. There is no reason to NOT implement a service like that, so instead of having 4 separate pools of people playing the same game just on different platform, it is 1 pool of people all playing together whether they buy the next Xbox or PS etc.

    VALVe have already proved it can be done with an excellent example of Portal 2, now I don’t know why the 360 version didn’t have cross platform play but I am sure there was a valid reason behind it. Hopefully, this will put an end to the console Vs. PC war and we can just all play together on ONE happy service or at least a let each separate service work with each other.

    Steam = XBL = PSN (SEN) = Nintendo Network (NN) <—- Why isn't working as one already?

    1. The reason the 360 version didn’t have cross compatibility is due to Microsoft not wanting to allow steam onto Xbox.

  16. When this is released, Nintendo and Sony Playstation will die.

    Sony will go back to making TV’s and other electricals.

    Nintendo will rot away in the corner as it has nothing to fall back on, and is already losing money.

    1. Nintendo will never Die… you should check your facts before claiming stuff like this… nintendo has loads of money that Valve can only dream of…

      1. Really?

        Follow your own advice and do some research too.

        Look at last years Nintendo financial report you fucking idiot…. Big losses.

        1. Nintendo isn’t LOSING money – they’re just not making as much profits as they expected. Whenever the word “losses” is used on financial reports, it means the returns are low. Oh, and Sony’s electronics divisions are largely suffering, and their credit rating was downgraded by Standards & Poor. Their gaming division is what’s largely holding them together. As for Nintendo “having nothing to fall back on,” their titles and hardware are still selling like hotcakes. The 3DS is still the best-selling platform in Japan and Mario, Zelda, and Metroid continue to break bank.

          As for the Steam Box, evidence seems to suggest that this is a Micro-PC. Take a look at the specs, for crying out loud. Have you ever heard of Intel making chips for consoles, much less one that uses an i7? It would kill its chances at competition due to the price.

          Get back on the short bus, fucktard.

        2. Not compared to everyone else. Sony games division lost 1.2 billion dollars. Nintendo 800 million…and that only includes from the year before… When system sales slid down and software sales up… Plus when u invest money in a system development u always lose money.

          1. Investments are not losses… that’s why they’re called INVESTMENTS.

            Nintendo will get back every dollar they invested in R&D plus a hell of a lot more.

          2. Nintendo still has billions in the bank, I don’t know where nintendo r dooomed shit is coming from. They’re are already recovering from the 3ds slow down and a shit load of great games on the horizon will make sure the 3ds is successful. I think the WiiU launch will be great, Retro in crunch mode and confirmed games although ports are AAA titles like AC3 and batman. Not to mention 2exclusives we know almost nothing about(killer freaks & lego city stories), think of the overload of info we’ll recieve at e3! In 3months we’ll go from knowing nothing to knowing EVERYTHING! Seeing ACTUAL footage of REAL games!!! GET HYPE

            1. You made an epic comment.

              Your comment is true, last E3 the games that were shown that were coming (Like the Aliens, Dirt, Ninja Gaiden) were xbox.PS3 footage. Lol i remember looking at the youtube comments on the Wii U game trailer and every Sony and Micro fanboy was posting the graphics suck…. My reaction if i commented, “IT WAS CLEARLY SAID THAT THIS IS PS3/360 FOOTAGE! YOU ARE CRITIZING YOUR OWN CONSOLE!”

              Really thats what Xbox/PS3 fans were saying.

              1. Yeah people are ignorant, and the internet is a vessel for their ignorance. Im still pumped for e3 either way!

        3. Nintendo has been running since 1889 doing cards. If you think nintendo is going to fail your dumb, because it was just a one off… every company has that, Sony had that happen and their not dead

  17. I’m thinking it will be like maybe Valve wants to compete against Alienware and Onlive.

    If the Steambox is competing against the WiiU/X720/PS4 then I have a feeling Microsoft will be taking the hit the most, why?

    Steambox name is already like Valve’s version of Xbox, Steam vs Xbox Live, Valve has more first party support and to a lot of people it’s better.

    But, it seams like next gen if it is WiiU/X720/PS4/Sbox then it might get to crowded.

    P.S would the Steambox 2 be called Steambox 360? lol jk.

  18. I expect the console to be a PC-Like Console, or not being a console at all and instead being like a introduction to PC Gaming

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        1. anonymous ur just humiliating urself get a life. and u sprigaxx go and troll other gyes on an another website.

  19. 8 GBs of RAM? What on earth would it need that much RAM for? A PC runs more processes at a time than a console so for a PC that might seem reasonable(maybe a little excessive), but for a console that only runs games? That definitely seems excessive. Those specs. seem bogus to me.

      1. Also, no game needs that much RAM. If this is just going to be a console for gaming, 8 GBs is not needed. If these specs aren’t made up, then it would seem Valve is planning on releasing an overpowered, overpriced system.

  20. I hope this will become like a PC you don’t need to change every f***ing year to be able to play the newest games on highest quality… THEN I will buy it.

  21. o well well well look at this.they will use 8 gb ram for a console with only graphics and not entertainment games

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  22. There’s a typo in there I think, it says “value” where I’m pretty sure “Valve” was meant to be. Also, I find the thought of Valve bringing out a high powered console interesting. It may just seem like an under powered gaming PC, but if it really is a console and not a PC then that’s alot of power that can go toward running games and not being wasted by the OS and other things in the background. If Valve can give us a good line up of games and a decent price point (tech like this is getting cheaper every time you blink) then I think we could have an 4 way console war next generation.

    1. How is this underpowered in any way? The only definite number we have is the RAM and it’s freaking overkill! Everything else is top-of-the-line! There’s literally nothing better than an i7, and no better brand for powerful GFX then NVidia! What in that list could possibly be “underpowered”, even for a console?

      1. It may all look good now, but give it a year (when this steam thing will probably be released) and all that stuff will probably only be above-average for what you’d need for a good gaming PC. Five years down the road from now, however, it’ll likely be very underpowered. This is all from a PC standpoint, however, and if this is a dedicated gaming console then this is indeed a very powerful console. It would also be cool if it was upgradable like a PC, although upgrading it would probably only be necessary quite a while down the road.

        1. I think it’ll take at least 2 years for an i7 to be “medium-high” end, and another 5-6 years for it to be “underpowered.” For sure it’ll get outdated in a couple years, but it’ll take at least half a decade for it to be necessary to update.

  23. If this is true, then consider me excited. I can finally leave behind Sony and still get all the third party games and more. :) And of course I’m getting the Wii-U too

  24. it doesn’t necessarily sound like a “console”, but a personal computer that’s better at playing pc game than other computers, because if yo think about making a direct competitor to sony nintendo and microsoft consoles seems like a huge risk, but if it a special type of computer then its not really competing with other consoles

  25. I for one am never going to use a box that, for the most part partakes majorley in cloud gaming, worst thing in the world for economy on giant proportions. It’s useless, why fork over our hard Erned cash to 3 guys that “maintain” some stupid ass server, while manufatoring, distributing, wholesale, retail, and used endustry loose there jobs because they are not needed any more? if they don’t have money because they don’t have jobs they are going think twice were they spend their money, wich means not spending money on games, I for one would not buy a system that put me out of a job in the first place. Screw steam, stay on pc and drown as being useless and harmful to the masses.

    1. Just because they “can” dose not mean they “should” these three guys are going to laugh all the way to the Bahamas with your cash and not spend 1 thousandth of what they will make. Congratulations you just gave someone a brand new 90 million dollar home, and an endless bank account to play golf.

    1. Wow, that was a good contribution to this thread…

      Either say something worth saying OR DONT BOTHER POSTING YOU FUCKING RETARD!!

      1. Look at this thread! it’s even about ”steam box” anymore, I’m posting the only thing I have to say about it. It’s not confirmed yet, I don’t want to spend my day talking about it.

  26. STOP!!

    Why are we arguing and cussing at each other?

    This Steam Box thing is only a rumour and nothing as even been announced yet!!


        1. Trolls. Don’t even waste your time with such people. They’re fools you can’t do anything about, and they’re only here to be the foul smell in the room here, hence their anonymity.

  27. Wait, doesn’t GDC stand for Game Developer’s Conference?
    Haha you said Game Devloper’s Conference Conference then…Silly sickr ^_^











  29. hmm. I don’t think we need a fourth console on the market, but I will admit that it would be cool to be able to play all of my steam games on a console. but then again, I can already play my steam games on my computer, so what’s the point?

  30. Steam not on Wii U?

    Screw it that means we will be getting Origin by EA which we all have to hate! ;)

    1. Me to… remember the days where there were to many consoles? Atari, Sega, Commodore, Nintendo… YESH! WHAT CONSOLE TO BUY!?

      We don’t want another console Valve… go make Portal 3.

    2. I hope it is only a rumour too. It is intriguing having this rumour cause I really thought that Valve was established being an Online Gaming Plataform, I thought they were ok with that.

  31. I’d like to see sega or maybe even atari come back with new hardware. Imo sony has garbage first party choices. And I own a ps3 – but just for games like batman and dead space. The only sony brand game I like is twisted metal and wipeout. Microsof has some solid first party stuff but I’m just not into it. I don’t want valve to make a console but people already dismissing it are forgetting how dissmissive other people were when microsoft made their first console. And saying crap like nintendo is near death in some of the above comments is just plain uneducated. I’m surprised those people can even type a message after reading that

  32. As long as Valve’s “Steam Box” console has free online multiplayer like PS3 and Wii, unlike the Xbox 360, I will think about trying out and get one.

  33. Depends on how they play this.
    If steam manages to sell a console which can save data in the cloud and be accessed from other devices that run steam (eg. your Mac or PC, Android or iPhone, etc.) then I see them pulling this off.

    On the other hand, it is possible we will see this with other game companies too. Just not Nintendo (let’s face it, they ARE a bit protectionist…)

  34. So unneeded.

    Even then, it’s going to be like Sony trying to invade the handheld market only to get dominated by Nintendo from the start.

  35. As long as I still get Portal on a PC, I say congrats, Valve. (I may not have enough money to get all 5 gaming platforms though!)

  36. lmao u lot are saying 3 consoles is enough no ones telling u to by this one if a company wants to make a console let them make it. just don’t by it if u dont wont to

    1. Shamir, who let you out of your cage? I thought I locked it well enough for you to never have been able to escape and fill the internet with your horrible grammar. Seriously, who spells “buy” with “by” go back to your first grade class and start all over, shoo, off with ye.

  37. Hmmm, maybe Half Life 3 as an exclusive? That would certainly get the sales. Or maybe a timed exclusive just so they can use it to launch their machine before letting other consoles get it.

  38. hmm, this is interesting. I’m not sure if i see this working though just because its so close to a computer it’s like why not actually get a gaming laptop which does more than a console. But i’m not certain. I defiantly want to hear more about it though.

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  41. Hi. I am Gabe Newell. Thank you for starting up the Steam Box. After 1 hour in development, hopefully, it will have been worth the weight. (im a bit excited. this is just to make a joke. What if this is the system for Episode 3? I think you know which episode 3 im talking about.)

  42. 0.0 I would DEFINITELY buy this
    I LOVE Valve
    it would be cool if Atari and Sega joined the console wars again too

  43. An Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GPU? Computers with those specs cost at least about $800. I wonder how much such a cutting-edge console would cost, because if you can’t even get a PC with such basic specs for under around $800… And I wonder, if such a thing of a new console from Valve is true, if Steam learned anything from Sony and Microsoft’s current generation. Though, I wonder just how accurate this report is, because many Steam users like I already knew that Steam was coming out with a feature that’ll allow us to play our games from Steam on HDTVs. I wonder if the “Steam Box” is nothing more but a streaming device to expound on that feature rather than a full-out gaming console, because from the sound of it, that’s probably what they’ll end up doing.

    But just in case it isn’t, I’ll say this: there’s a reason why Microsoft is taking a Nintendo-esque route in not trying to be the most cutting-edge console out there–the costs to do such are getting way too much to do, and it takes way too long for them to meet their first positive profits. PS3 had about a fraction of those specs, and it cost Sony several years before they started making their first real profit from it. Same is true about PS Vita: it’ll take Sony 3 years to recoup their heavy initial profit loss–and that’s with the assumption of it being a major success. Even Sony themselves said that a PS4 wouldn’t be nearly as significant a jump from PS3 as PS3 was from PS2.

    I also find it interesting that they would risk money into being console producers when really it is the games by which gaming companies make the most of their money from revenue and royalties with published software. Even with the likes of Nintendo, who just have a tendency to produce some of the best-selling gaming consoles and handhelds of all time for over 30 years, they make most of their money from software sales. But it costs a lot to be a console producer–everything from console design to manufacturing to customer service, to upholding brand loyalty and dealing with fiscal years. With such general tech specs as those for the “Steam Box,” their product is bound to be more expensive than the other consoles. I’m not sure how many people would be willing to take a risk on the newcomer “Steam Box”–even with a company as well-liked and successful as Valve Corporation.

    It’s not that I don’t think Valve isn’t a great company (Gabe Newell is one of the greatest bosses in America and Valve is a pretty cool company), but it’s a lot of work and takes experience to go up against the veteran as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. And while they’ve had plenty of success as software developers,being a software producer is one thing, but being a software producer and hardware producer is another. Seems like to me it would be easier to just benefit from having their Steam service on the next generation of consoles and make money that way rather than try to compete with these three giants–they might end up making more money that way.

    Besides, I’ve got a computer with a Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GPU, and personally, I’d rather keep using Steam on that rather than a new console designed around the Steam service. I’d rather keep my PC and buy a Wii U. I think a lot of gamers (PC and console gamers alilke) are probably going to feel the same way. Why pay more for Steam through a (likely) pricey new console when a lot of us already have something like a Steam Box at home?

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