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Nintendo Software Technology Developing A New Game

According to a member of Neogaf Nintendo Software Technology is currently busy developing a new unannounced game. The game could either be a sequel to 1080 Avalanche or Wave Race: Blue Storm, both of which came out on the Nintendo Gamecube. What would you like to see Nintendo Software Technology working on?

92 thoughts on “Nintendo Software Technology Developing A New Game”


    1. I played F-Zero for the first time when I got Maximum Velocity for free from the Ambassador program. I didn’t really enjoy it because it was too hard, I ended up deleting it. Mario Kart is a little more my style when it comes to racing games.

            1. Well, easier to control and better designed than Maximum Velocity anyway. GX would be a perfect argument against the other games being easier overall.

                1. Sod the GameCube game – the Nintendo 64 F-Zero is the best of the series, in my opinion. A truly wonderful game and also contains the brilliant Death Race. Make the sequel (whenever it’s released) like the N64 version in feel and sound but with HD graphics and I will be a very happy chappy.

          1. Easier LOL! Hard games give you a challenge and you like easier, WHAT?

            And thats the reason why they invented Easy and hard modes in most video games. ;)

            F-Zero MV had 4 difficulty levels on it.

            COD MW series had 4 difficulty levels on it.

            COD Black ops had 4 settings on it also

            Metroid prime 1 & 2 had normal then complete it unlock hard.

            Metroid Prime 3 had Easy, hard then when hard complete, Hyper Mode.

            Street Fighter had different difficulty levels to suit the gamers level.

            SSBB had 5 difficulty levels on the story mode (SPOILERS: I am telling you that the Tabuu is almost impossible on the hardest difficulty)

            Some games simply did not have a difficulty like Metroid Fusion… Simply because it was an all level game and it was all up to your searching skills.

            Tell me a recent game that was impossible on hard difficulty? Even though it had a easier option available.

            I struggled big time on MW3 when i stuck top difficulty on, I kept dying on the level in India.

            I also found it difficult on Metroid Prime 3 on Hyper mode it was difficult.

            1. I’m not saying I don’t like hard, I beat all three games in Metroid Prime Trilogy on Hyper mode difficulty, MP2 gave me the most trouble. F-Zero was different, it’s probably because i’m so used to the simplicity of Mario Kart.

              1. In MP 2 i hated the Boast Guardian boss battle. Took me 10 times to defeat (Im sure it was Normal difficulty)… Most difficult boss battle ever O_O

                Kept getting killed towards the end and difficult to dodge it boasting. ^_^ Done it eventually!

      1. I think the one they gave us was like a re imagining of the SNES one. I played that one when I was a kid. It may feel hard since we’ve been exposed to a variety of other games that are easier, but back in the day, it was crazy addicting. Even Kid Icarus feels hard to people who played the original back then.

        It’s the result of going backwards. A new F-Zero would be modernized so that it would be hard, yet enjoyable compared to the old ones.

        1. F-Zero on Wii U could have some intense online races from what i’ve seen on YouTube. If the game is made to be open enough for new players to the series, I’ll definitely be into it.

          1. F-Zero on Wii U would be completely intense… thats why i want it to come on Wii U very soon ;)

    1. A snowboarding game would be ideal, what with the regeneration of SSX on PS3/xBox. And also because I fucking love snowboarding games

  1. I hope it’s both 1080 and WaveRace for the ‘U… both powered by either Unreal 3 or CryEngine3.

        1. It’s a classic. LEAVE it.

          Wii don’t want remakes. Wii want reboots that continue the story line of a game.

  2. Come on guys, read the original article. It says this is a RUMOR, and also says the dude HOPES it’s one of those two games (and the guy also says he wouldn’t want another Mario vs. DK game)…

    He also hopes it’s for the 3DS.

    It’s all hopes and rumors, no basis whatsoever. [facepalm]

    1. That looked interesting. Wouldn’t say “good” but definitely interesting. I’d love to see Platinum Games given Project H.A.M.M.E.R. and see what they can do with it on Wii U. Maybe include the main character in Smash 4 somewhere (assist trophy or boss) and see what the public reaction is to him and go from there as to whether to make it or not.

  3. A third 1080 for the Wii U (more like the original than the sequel, please. And when that’s done a third Wave Race game would go down a treat. Again make it like the N64 than the GameCube version and put it on the 3DS (the water splashes in 3D will be incredible). You listening Nintendo? Make it so.

  4. Well …….

    Lylat Wars (Starfox 64) was a launch title to show off N64 graphics.

    Starfox 64 3D was released to show off Nintendo 3DS graphics.

    Maybe Nintendo are making a new Starfox to show off Wii U graphics? … Also, there was no Starfox game for the Nintendo Wii so its about time they made a new game!

    Please DO NOT LET NAMCO NEAR IT as they really fucked up Starfox Assault on Gamecube!

      1. Evidence and source that shows it or else i don’t believe you.

        BTW: Assault was good but it was Q-games that ruined star-fox… the ending of Command looks like how to continue it. The next starfox must be a prequel.

        1. Agreed, the multiple endings of Star Fox Command were a bit … er, … Fucking shit.

          I dont think anyone could make a prequel though, because Fox’s dad was killed in the first Star Fox on the SNES and Star Fox 64 continued that story without any real gaps in continuity.

          Any prequel would have to be between StarFox 64 and StarFox Assault, because bringing back James McCloud (Fox’s dad) wouldnt really make sense …. His story has already been told and there isnt really anywhere else to go with it.

      1. whats so funny?
        maybe Nintendo made a breakthrough and
        R.O.B. is now self aware.
        Professor Hector now has a chance against those pesky Smicks.

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    1. A sequel to Metroid Prime 3 is what i want… Remember the ending with the mysterious ship? Thats what i want to know. I would prefer a direct sequel to MP3.

    1. too bad world of warcraft is now dead.i stop playing that game.ill continiu to play the game if blizzard take it serius and do world of warcraft beter

  6. new game similar to avalance 1080.hmmm…..i dont personally care for games such as avallance 1080.the only thing that i want to hear is what zelda for 3ds should be and this time i want that zelda to be better than ocarina of time and wind waker (more adventures,stages,bosses,difficulty:hard or medium i hate easy and another bull shits (etc))

    1. if you are referring to project h.a.m.m.e.r. i agree… I wanted that game to come out for the Wii… it never did… that would be cool if it was revived for wii U with Motion Plus support!

  7. It could be anything. A new ExciteBike, lol. A new 1080 or Wave Race would be awesome. Wii U is gonna be huge.

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  9. I want a WaveRace for the 3DS! Imagine the water coming at you in 3D! I hope they put in some online modes, more characters, more stages, Mii support, and maybe customizable jet skis like Mario Kart 7!

  10. Umm someone explain to me who are “Nintendo Software Technology”? Is that like Nintendo’s full name or something???

  11. I want them to make F-Zero and 1080 under one condition only. They have to be classy like the N64 versions. Honestly…F-Zero X was the best racing game ever. Best music, best controls. Never had i played such an epic game. 1080 for N64 is the same. Control were hard as a beginner, but when you once got a grip of it, it was fucking great, plus the music was fuckin’ stylish.

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  13. A new 1080° or Wave Race game, a new F-Zero game, a new Star Fox game, a new Metroid Prime Hunters game–any of those for the 3DS or Wii U would make me very happy.

  14. Its probably just another Mario vs Donkey Kong .. if this is the case, i hope they do it for 3ds with level editor and new objects.. also having control over the mini’s direction and jumps adds to the game.. i really lost interest when they took away the control over them.

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