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Darkstalkers 4 In The Works For Wii U?

Venture Beat, the publication that announced Resident Evil 6 and its characters before Capcom officially showed off the game to the world, is reporting that Darkstalkers 4 is currently in development at Capcom. Darkstalkers 4 has apparently been in development since last year, and is produced by Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken producer Yoshinori Ono. We should hear more about the game at Capcom’s Captivate event.

74 thoughts on “Darkstalkers 4 In The Works For Wii U?”

      1. I hope Darkstalker 4 has less bland characters. The only one that stuck out in the previous were Morrighan, Felicia(I wonder why…), and the Wolf guy, I forget his name. But that’s just me

  1. If this is so, and I don’t believe it is… Capcom may have taken the first tiny step in restoring my confidence in them.

    They’ve still got a long way to go, though.

            1. And Pocket Fighter
              and Namco X Capcom
              and We love golf
              and SNK vs Capcom
              and gunbird 2
              and UDON comics also in an OVA of the game, etc.
              It is the character of the Darkstalkers series with more equity out of your franchise. And there followed by Felicia, Lilith, Demitri, Hsien-ko, B.B Hood and Anakaris.

      1. DarkSIDERS, DarkSTALKERS… Easy to make a mistake there, I thought this article said Darksiders 4 and it said Darkstalkers 4.

        If it was Darksiders 4 then WTF? Because Darksiders 3 has not even been made.

        1. im not a fanboy, but its gonna come to xbox whether you like it or not. microsoft always finds a way -___-. and also expect the DLC to come 1 month earlier.

    1. A 3DS version pleasssssssse =D
      And it will be nice to add new animations to these classic characters…
      Morrigan it’s just the very same character from immemorial times!! She moves exactly the same. I mean this is good for gameplay but maybe a variation in animations will be appreciated ;)

  2. (off-topic)
    I just found a really awesome glitch in MGS 3D! I tried to look it up on the Internet but I couldn’t find it! If you have the Stealth Camo, use it then go to your backpack without changing your current item (Stealth Camo) and switch the Stealth camo to some other available item then exit out of the backpack. Once you exit out, you’ll see Snake, but he’ll be glowing green! I did this with the 3-item-cycle if that makes a difference. Your Camo percentage will also still be 100%! Unfortunately, you’ll have to do the glitch every time at every area so it’s only worthwhile if your in a big area.

    1. Thats just awesome, your probably the first guy to unleash this glitch finding to the internet. ;)

      If your doing it all the time then your cheating so don’t do it all the time.

      Also… the game is not out here in Europe yet :/ And why does North America get the game first even though the game is made in Japan? It makes no sense. a game thats from the country its made is always released there first and this time it is not. Also this is probably the first 3DS game to come out in NA before Europe ;)

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  3. Reblogged this on Guardian Hero and commented:
    I would like to see them go the route that Koei Tecmo did with Dead or Alive Dimensions. K-T included the whole DoA story in Dimensions, so it would be great to see that in a Darkstalkers Wii U game (Darkstalkers Universal?)

  4. Capcom showing some great confidence to the Big N by delivering a new Darkstalkers game for the U. I wonder what Morrigan look like on the U… sexy!

  5. oh damn this better come out for wii they need real games that will keep people coming back not crap that has been the majority and a darkstalkers game might do it I mean they’re are some real crazy characters in the games

  6. Dear lord yes. I don’t care if this comes out on the WIi U or any other system, there just needs to be a Darkstalkers 4. I sincerely hope this rumor is true. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Oh hell yes, it’s about time they made a new Darkstalkers game – they haven’t made one since the early days of the Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable)… The only downside, is that being on a Nintendo platform, the game will likely be watered-down quaite significantly, as was done with Dead or Alive.

    For those that have never heard of it, Darkstalkers (known as “Vampire” in many Asian countries) was “the other fighting game” that Capcom made during the Street Fighter II days… It was a fantastic alternative to Street Fighter II and gained quite a large cult following, though Capcom mostly used the series as a test-bed, with much of the functionality and technology being implemented in latter games by Capcom, including the Street Fighter series.

    Honestly, if you’ve never played this series, you don’t know what you’re missing out on… Darkstalkers is so much more original than Street Fighter, with better characters, gameplay, storylines and graphics:

  8. There will never be another Bloody Roar game.

    Hudson cancelled Bloody Roar 5 development on PS2 in 2007.

    Hudson stated that the series is permanently dead… So get used to it.

  9. So who is your favourite Darkstalker?

    I can kick the Fuck out of anyone with Jon Talbain !!!


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