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First 3D Shaun The Sheep Episode Heading To Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo UK has announced that the first exclusive 3D episode of Shaun the Sheep will be available this coming Wednesday, 7th March, and only Nintendo 3DS owners can receive the episodes via Nintendo Video. As part of a partnership between Nintendo and the multi-award winning Aardman Animations, the creators of Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit, Nintendo 3DS owners will receive the brand new 3D SpotPass content for free.

The first episode is available to receive via SpotPass from 7th March and sees Shaun and the gang heading out for a relaxing picnic, unfortunately the Farmers fishing trip in the adjacent field is set to spoil their tranquil meal.


    1. my sons, 5+2, would LOVE Shaun. There obsessed with Pingu now.me personally… i want SHIN-CHAN!

  1. ready to see how nintendo will lose from their fail console the wiiu? 720 will be 100% more powerfull than that shit

    1. Source? Oh, thats right. You have none, because you pulled that fairy tale out of your ass.

    2. Hey Idiot, this is on the 3DS. And Actually the Next Xbox is said to be only 20% more than the wii U.

      1. Its also said to give blowjobs when you complete gaylo. Oh, what? Not true? Neither is the crap youre posting.

  2. I bet more Welsh and Australian people will buy a 3DS now … the Welsh really love sheep!

    Will the Welsh and Australian downloads come with a free box of tissues?

    Because it might get messy otherwise …. Sticky fingers can be bad for consoles! XD

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