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New Fast And Furious Dead Or Alive 5 Footage

The latest episode of Inside Xbox contains exclusive new footage of Team Ninja’s forthcoming Dead or Alive 5. The game has already been confirmed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi, previously hinted that the team may bring Dead or Alive 5 to the Wii U, when the system launches later this year.

27 thoughts on “New Fast And Furious Dead Or Alive 5 Footage”

  1. DOA5 for the U… If Team Ninja develops the game for the Big N’s new console… it would be more of an honor to get that game when it’s released. I love Princess Kasumi!!!!!!

          1. F**k Uncharted (Tomb Raider clone)!!!! I’m sure the Wii U will bring adventure games to the new system and take it up to the next level.

    1. You’ve got high hopes if you think you’re ever going to see a Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball/Xtreme 2/Paradise game on a Nintendo platform…

      I agree, the games are fantastic and I can’t wait for another one (particularly if Dead or Alive Paradise is anything to go by), but it’ll never happen on a Nintendo platform.

    1. i wonder why no tombraider for the wii2.but who cares!? only the 4 tombraiders were the best the other tombraiders suck a lot espcially underworld

  2. When will we get TRUE multiplatform? I don’t want to be limited to who I can play with just because they play on another console. Seriously, they should be able to do SOMETHING about that.

    1. At the very least, it’d require consent from all of the Big Three, and I doubt any of them would agree with it. I’m surprised Microsoft hasn’t done some sorta 360/PC cross-platform online multiplayer though. I guess there are technical obstacles that I’m unaware of as well.

  3. looks like every fighting game out there. I used to love fighting games. But there is not really anything truly innovative to this. Just another fighting game. I mean, REALLY, a body HITS a 20 ton generator and it blows up? And the person lives AFTER it blows up? yyyaaaaawwnnnnnnnnn…

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