Nintendo Has A Massive $10.5 Billion In The Bank

The latest issue of Nintendo Gamer magazine has shed some light of Nintendo’s finances. According to the publication Nintendo have 812.8 billion Yen (£6.7/$10.5 billion) in the bank, which is enough for it to take a 20 billion Yen loss (£163/$257 million) every year until 2052. Then there’s almost 469 billion Yen (£3.8/$6.0 billion) held in premises, equipment and investments. When that runs out – we’re in the year 2075 by this point. Clearly Nintendo isn’t doomed.



      1. Yeah! ;)

        Makes complete sense as the guy who said first called himself Peter Griffin. because of first and his name this video was the first thing that came to mind ;)

    2. Peter G everyone!
      The newest addition to epic losers, a drop in the bucket as the human race de-evolved.

  1. Considering all the games and consoles and handhelds I bought over the years, you’re welcome Nintendo.

    1. Nintendo has been around since 1989

      If you want to know how long that is it’s quite a while.

      Back in the 1800s to 50s they were making card games.

      Then they proceded to the first steps of gaming… then in 1981… they released their first games console… the Game and Watch.

      1. SCREW IT!!!

        I ment 1889!

        I hate the way the 8 is right next to 9 on my key board… all the 9 is is an 8 with an extra curve.

      2. I was a bit tired to spot it.

        I have no idea why I put 9 instead of 8.

        It’s just also I never talk about the 1800s… i always talk about the 1900s or the 2000s up to 3000s.


      3. Look at the bright side. You could work for Capcom. I hear they are looking for people experienced with typos.

  2. this is what happens when a video game company sells their stuff for profit and also outsells the competition

  3. Yet Pachter thinks the Wii U will “Dreamcast” Nintendo. This probably explains why Nintendo is releasing a powerhouse console like the Wii U, because they have the financial security to release a console as risky as this

    1. Yes, but Rareware employees have changed so much that you can’t even call it Rareware anymore.

      I mean, Kinect Sports?
      That cannot be coming from the same employees that made GoldenEye 007 and Donkey Kong Country.
      Besides, the original founders and directors left the company when Microsoft bought it.

    1. HAHAHAHA.good story bro but nintendo accepts only people who dont copies like sony does.creative peoples and not people like u.A SHIT

      1. Is that why you don’t work at Nintendo? I’m sure you already fit the requirement of being shit, all that’s left is to apply and get rejected. Heck, once they figure out where you live Iwata will send his elite team of ninjas to track you down… and kill you.

    1. The last article with the 70 games is old news. The rest of the article is new news :D

      Also the first link is new news!

      Whats wrong with Sickr today?

      1. Actually, the first one about 3 franchises is older. It was posted on March 12, AKA yesterday. The later was posted on March 13, AKA today.

  4. This news report needs to be stuffed in Pachters face. This is another proff that Pachter is wrong.

  5. That’s almost as much money as I earned on the opening weekend of my all time perenial smash hit holiday classic movie “JINGLE ALL THE WAY!!!!”

    1. ??? *_*

      I thought the highest earning movie was avatar which earned around $2 million.

      And you made more? Ok… are you from the future? Don’t track me and kill me though if your from the future *_*

      1. I’m the terminator. Itt’s obvious I’m from the future. Don’t worry,it’s not time to kill you yet. You die in the upcoming robot war.

      2. Skynet has not started yet… :/

        It was soposted to start in 21st April… unless the PSN hack was the first signs… Wait… thats when PSN was hacked…

        MY FUTURE!!!

      3. -_-


        I ment a billion thank you for correcting me.

        Earlyer in the comments section i put 1989 instead of 1889.

        Whats next?

  6. We would be in 2052 when the money runs out if this continues? Wow i really want to see what the Game ‘The Return Of Mario’ would be like when it releases on 2052.

    I also want to see if they got in 2052! I want it to be Virtual Reality… possibly… you know? Like Startrek NG ‘Hologram’, or even something like TRON!!!!!!!!!

    OH COME ON VIRTUAL REALITY!!! But I’m worried I might get trapped in a scary horror virtual reality game for the rest of my life because I cant get out :/… but it would be epic!!! Stuck in a scary horror, oh as long as its not like resident evil or silent hill, because it would be way to scary.

    If i would be in a VR world, I would like to be stuck in a Sci-Fi world, and you get to be a hero and fly awesome ships over amazing planets, Oh and also if I don’t crash… but being on a planet when you ship has crashed would be epic ;)

    I hate it when you dreaming and when you die you wake up.

    What sort of VR would you like to be stuck in?


      … Not, “Hologram.”

      More errors, I want errors from you MOAR!! :D

      1. -_-

        I can say then I was extremely tired. Yesh… whats wrong with me then?

        Thank you for correcting my mistake again.

  7. I wonder if i go to the bank were Nintendo has its money and jump into it trowing the money in the air you know, would anyone want to that too.

  8. But they are doomed. Doomed I tell you!!!!! Sorry couldn’t resist since so many people have said that.

    1. Well that means Sony has to also be doomed because thats the same situation.

      Don’t worry, if you want them to be doomed, just hope that this carrys on then they will go in 2052… But…. say hello to Virtual Reality when your in the game.

      1. So Which is the Position of Microsoft… in all their life in the Videogames Market they have failed to make profit… those are almost a decade now, SEGA only three bad years were necesary to the Magnament to Drop out of the Market.

        So Unless in the next generatio they promise somethig than their rival cannont undo… this is mostly like a way of microsoft of Burn Profit for their Software Sales.

      2. It was sarcasm. I actually only buy Nintendo systems as they have the games I like the most and because I can only afford one system. I think Nintendo will actually do extremely well with the WiiU, just like the 3DS has.

        My comment was more mocking of Pachter, other video game analyst and everyone that said Nintendo was screwed when the posted their first year of “losses” ever and that the WiiU would fail. (Just fyi, they didn’t post a loss they just didn’t make as much of a profit as they planned)

  9. It’s a good thing that Nintendo has the investment in creating new innovations and ideas. With $10 1/2 Billion, they can create a brand new console… Oops, they’re already doing it.

    1. Yeah I believe I had read somewhere that they have close to 10 mil in research and development, more than sony and Microsoft game departments combined. That was before the Wii U announcement though…. Sounds pretty awesome to me :)

  10. Good. Nintendo should last my entire lifetime then. Haha I can trully say that I’ll play Mario games until the day I die………..unless they make a console in the future to where dead people can somehow be resurrected and play it. They should name the console the 1-Up or the NintendoContinue.

      1. I don’t think Sony should have started the PS1, I think they
        would have still been with Nintendo Today if the hadn’t.

      2. Do you really think Sony could be trusted with Nintendo’s IPs. I don’t. Nintendo was smart to back away. Giving Sony access to Nintendo’s franchises may have opened the door to Sony trying to buy out Nintendo.

    1. This is the most retarded idea i’ve seen in a while.

      Now Sony believes people have 3 hands.

  11. Those like Pachter who think Nintendo is doomed.. I knew they were wrong. Makes me want to go up to the guy and say ‘see, told you so. Nintendo isnt doomed!’

    On another note, I have to wonder how potentially scary it is that Nintendo will probably outlive everyone currently working in the video games industry. By 2075, pretty much every major figure gaming would be dead and Nintendo’s competitors would have likely left the industry.

    Then again, all this is just assuming a worst case scenario, as in, they never sell anything at a profit for the next 63 years. No chance of that happening with Mario, Zelda or Pokemon as series.

    1. You never know…. world peace could happen and the entire population could decide to spend our technology and effort in science rather than video games, and Nintendo becomes a non-profit electronics lab. LMAO

  12. Now… Where’s that dude that always appears on the comments saying that Nintendo is doing bad financially?

  13. I’m not saying they are doomed, but if ypu’re basing the fact that they aren’t on the contents of their bank you obv don’t understand how a business works…

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