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Grab Your Free Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards From Nintendo Right Now!

Nintendo is giving away three Kid Icarus: Uprising augmented reality cards on the official Nintendo website. To redeem the three free Kid Icarus: Uprising cards you’ll need to have a Club Nintendo account. The three cards in question are the Great Reaper, Drill Arm, and a rare Palutena card. Go redeem yours now!

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      1. You know… every time someone says something related to 1st will get that video or a similar one if you say that.

        Also, your not Second also.

    1. I’ve been so jealous of half the stuff Europe and Japan get in their club nintendo reward program and EShop, let us have ours D:

      1. I hope so…

        I am already bringing some Eureka Seven stuff for him to sign as well. Funny thing about Johnny Yong Bosch is that it is because of him and his band Eyeshine that my fiance and I met back in 2008 when they came to Nashville for the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC).

      2. JYB doesnt voice pit anymore he voiced the e3 2010 trailer then nintendo decided to have the woman who voiced pit in brawl voice pit in kiu

  1. F*cking…phone…won’t let me sign in because of club nintendo’s stupid pop-up sign in box!!! >_<*

  2. Can we just print the cards out and use them like we could do with the ones that came with the 3DS? Or is there something about them that stops that? Since I can’t get these or the game informer one

    1. Considering they are free, I say they are worth the wait. I mean come on, you don’t even have to use any points to get them. That being said, I hope this is a sign that Nintendo is serious about considering making the cards a prize on Club Nintendo. Only thing better than that would be for them to sell them retail, which does not seem to be a possibility right now.

  3. Awesome! I’m glad Nintendo is doing this. I think AR Cards would be cool rewards for Club Nintendo so I hope they do more of this. Not just with Kid Icarus but with other franchises too.

      1. Exactly. Though, they’d probably make more money by selling those in decks. There’s already 400+ cards. Throw in trainers, gym leaders, shiny Pokemon, items, etc; they could reach 1000 cards easily.

        But, like, Donkey Kong, Luigi,. Peach, Yoshi, Zelda, etc. If they’d do a few different packs of 12 or something, I’m sure it’d do well at Club Nintendo. It’d probably be relatively cheap to make. A pack with Zelda characters, a pack with Mario characters, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Animal Crossing. That’s much better than some of the crap they have in there. Like the Nintendogs Greeting Cards.

  4. for people in the UK apparently the next issue of Official Nintendo Magazine is gonna be doing some exclusive cards too next month =3

  5. thanks for the heads up Anoymous, now just wonder how I am going to get this game if rumors are right, (UK person here)

  6. Just ordered it!

    (And did a “quick” survey that had over 40 questions. They even called Kid Icarus Uprising Mario Kart 7 a few times)

  7. Oh man… this is their final attempt to get me to buy the game…

    … and…


    … working…

  8. Ordered mine. It’s sites like these that make me smile :) Thanks Sickr for the news flash!

    1. I think they have a specific batch that they will randomly include with the game. Let’s say, if they have 200 different cards total, maybe 100-150 cards will be randomly distributed with the game, and the rest will be given away at different events such as this or the gameinformer one.

  9. Man, I’m so going to masturbate to that Pulutena card to death! Never underestimate the excitement of a nerd. (j/k).

    Jokes aside, do you think Nintendo is trying to get as many people as possible to sign up for club Nintendo? I mean, they’ll produce these cards and ship them for free, so they’ll “lose” money on them. Maybe this has something to do with Nintendo Network, which they have yet to fully turn on.

    Either way, I just got confirmation that my order has been placed. I already got the one from Gameinformer. Let’s just hope Nintendo Power has another one.

  10. Personally, I think the street pass feature for Kid Icarus uprising is one of the most innovative yet. I wish we could exchange car parts in Mario Kart 7.

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