New Pokemon Game Trademarked By Nintendo

Nintendo and GameFreak have issued a trademark for a new Pokemon game titled “Pokemon Tretta”. Not only has Nintendo registered the name, but they’ve also created a logo for the title as well. In Japan, the word “Tretta” is a popular product name which translates to either bookshelf or bicycle. Nintendo has not only created a Japanese logo for the game, but they’ve also produced an English logo too, which suggests that whatever the game is, it will be heading to the West eventually.


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  1. another pokemon version?
    GREAT i love to see it.

    i cant wait to see a pokemon game for wiiu too

      1. Oh excuse me not typing properly on my horrible keyboard, and look at your own spelling you idiot.

        I hate all of you ‘peteriuss’ trolls. Just get off the Internet and get a life…

      1. … I’m the retard?

        The series is on a decline, that is a fact. If Nintendo isn’t careful it will follow Guitar Hero down the trash.

  2. I’m starting to hate pokemon now….In the past, even the spinoff games were awesome, but now it’s just a cash cow…

  3. 5 games all in this year alone? O.O wow, GameFreak, way to overmilk your series. You’ve officially outdone Activision with their Call of Booty: Black Cocks

  4. This could be Pokemon’s true answer to Mario Kart after the failure known as Pokemon Dash. Also, quit complaining about Nintendo milking the franchise. They’ve done with Mario and Zelda, and you guys never complained. I sense some 80s and 90s bias.

  5. I swear, it BETTER not be another poke-walker thing. How about a pokemon MMORPG? That would be awesome nintendo. Or how about just a console rpg with online elements for battle/trade? Or screw it, you know what would be pretty cool? An AR pokemon using the 3DS camera and a GPS that puts rare pokemon in sightseeing locations around the USA and blends them into the city scape. It would make sense, AR is very popular in japan right now with trading card games.

    1. 100% on a Pokemon MMORPG. We should have already had one even if it follows the route of Digimon and Shin Megami Tensei and have it playable via PC (which I doubt would happen). Point is, those of us who are Pokemon fans should be playing the MMORPG right now and probably have like 5 years logged in.

      …that idea aside, I could go for a new handheld TCG title.Being able to play online and against others around the world this is also a no-brainer.

      1. Yeah serious, just think of the possibilities. Form groups with other players, explore the world and battle wild pokemon, earn accessories that power up certain stats on your pokemon, Player vs. Player battles, customize your trainer and home, special events sponsored by Nintendo where everyone teams up to battle legendaries and MAYBE catch them, even those stupid extras like the dance studio or poke blocks/talent show thing would have an extra level of awesomeness if it was against 15 other people and countless spectators that actually vote on the winner! I love you Nintendo, but you have to stop being so afraid of the internet lol

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