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Epic Mickey 2 For Nintendo 3DS Is A Follow-Up To Mega Drive Game Castle of Illusion

The latest edition of Nintendo Power has revealed that Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Mega Drive game Castle of Illusion. Epic Mickey 3DS is a side scrolling plat former which is being developed by Dreamrift. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion features hand drawn sprites and scrolling parallax backgrounds to make it feel like an old-skool 16 bit game. The game should be out later this year.

37 thoughts on “Epic Mickey 2 For Nintendo 3DS Is A Follow-Up To Mega Drive Game Castle of Illusion”

    1. indeed. I thought the 3DS version will be more likely to the wii version, a 3D platformer… what a shame =_=

    2. I disagree. We’d most likely just get a watered down port. With this, we’re getting a totally new and unique game built from the ground up and I bet it’ll be a lot of fun.

    1. Not at all!! and im super excited despite my age ahha you can never be too old for mickey! My favorite games were the ones developed by capcom :D I hope these match up to it!

      1. peteriuss evil back up clone

        In my whole life I’ve despised Micky lol not even as a child I think its dumb and well that’s why I never even bothered with Kingdomhearts or whatever…

  1. The 3ds is capable of modern style visuals… But instead we are giving 16bit visuals…deal with it… That’s what I imagine they said….

  2. Holy crap, that actually seems pretty cool. The 3DS game is completely unique from the console version, plus the 16 bit will bring back so much nostalgia from my SNES days ;) Now let’s see if they release the old games so I can play them.

  3. Nintendo, It means so much that the developer wants to give us sprites on the 3DS… Afterall, the 3DS isn’t competing with Vita, so who cares about graphics?! Hell, Why don’t you just release 8 bit games? Mickey deserves only the best, so let’s show those Vita fans what we’re made of! All gameplay and no graphics!

  4. I used to love Castle of Illusion on the mega drive! Me and my sister played it for countless hours, hopefully this will have a similar feel. Good quality & good fun.

  5. Why the hell is everyone mad over the fact that the game is going to be similar to 16-bit graphics? It’s supposed to be a follow-up and they want to keep it in a similar style of it. Stop being mad over it, fuck.

    1. I hope they mean sprite-based and not literally 16-bit. I would love to see them make highly detailed backgrounds and incredibly fluid sprites, and I hope its still in 3D (like Nintendo’s been doing with their 8 bit classics)

  6. At first I was like, “What’s a Mega Drive?” Then I remembers… “Oh yea! In Europe, that’s a Sega Genesis.”

    I’m actually looking forward to this one more than the console. I doubt I’ll be using the Wii by the time this comes out.

  7. Oh I loved that game! Man I’m waaay more excited about this than the console version, that game was pretty fun.

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    They closed down half the GAME stores in the UK losing over 2000 jobs today.

    The part that i have a problem is that they just said they were closing down half the stores without warning and i still had £10 to use up for there and yet… it suddenly shut.

    It shocked me when I got a text on the phone saying game closed down as my friend went to the shop and found it was shut down.

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