Ubisoft Says It’s Ready To Take Full Advantage Of Wii U Digital Strategy

Ubisoft’s digital manager Chris Early has told Eurogamer that the company is more than prepared to take full advantage of the Wii U by offering unparalleled digital content on the platform. Ubisoft previously took advantage of the PlayStation Vita’s digital offerings by providing digital copies of the company’s launch software. Here’s what Early had to say about their plans for Wii U:

“We’ll absolutely take advantage of whatever the policies will let us do with the platform from the standpoint of providing digital content.”

“Nintendo has not announced a lot of their digital programs at this point of time. Our key is, as you see from us from a content perspective in supporting the platform, is we’re going to be there like we were with the Vita, and support the policy side of it as well. With the Vita all of our games are available digitally, and they’re even optimised from that standpoint because that was a policy in place we were able to design to.”

“So from the same standpoint, I expect when the Wii U comes out and there are digital policies that are there, we will be in support of them as well.”


      1. Distributing Retail games digitally?

        I don’t understand that bit. please explain (Sorry if im being IGNorant.

      2. selling full games online as a digital download. same game, normally the same if not slightly less price, just no physical copy of it.

      3. what i mean by that is having the ability to purchase a game digitally that you can buy at a store physically.

    1. There are advantages to both you know. You can sell and let people borrow physical games and digital games can’t be lost or broken.
      It’s all about preference, so don’t go saying something sucks just because you don’t like it. It’s a really ignorant and immature thing to blindly say.

    1. It won’t be fun if your drop it and it goes in tha toilet.

      Really, Imagine trying to get it out of the toilet, it would be wet and possibly… ummm

    1. Doubtfully “iPad” apps, but I figure there will be news, Nintendo news, weather, chatting… Things that Nintendo input itself. Like the Wii.
      However, thaere were the reports of Nintendo execs traveling to other companies that could put basics like Facebook, youtube, and other sites on the Wii U.

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  2. I know Ubisoft get a lot of stick for some bad decisions, but you can never accuse them of not supporting Nintendo.

  3. All support is welcome. Ubisoft always has Nintendo’s back for better or worse. I’m grateful for that.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. As long as Ubisoft don’t spam the Wii U with “Imagine” games… I’m fine with their support… other wise; STOP PUTTING SPAM ON THE WII U!

    1. And yet Ubisoft confirmed that AC3 is coming to Wii U on march 3rd.

      Wow; i’ve seen many comments like this, do they think the Wii U is not a real console?

  4. This is one of the main reasons Nintendo is #1 video game company. Everything we want in a next generation console and a whole lot more. New features in Assassin’s Creed III are exclusive to the Big N’s future-proof console. Our bodies are ready!!!!!!

    1. Its Free To Play so obviously you can’t buy it from a store. It has to be downloadable from the online store.

  5. why ubisoft cooperates with a useless company?
    who cares that digital thing will suck a lot on wii U

    1. Why do you always troll like a complete coward, Roy’s boyfriend? Go back to your cage and play with your toy tiger!!!!

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