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Don’t Forget To Grab Your Official Reggie Fils-Aime Mii On Your Nintendo 3DS

To celebrate the Nintendo 3DS’ first birthday Nintendo is sending out Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime in Mii form to 3DS owners via SpotPass. Nintendo Europe recently send out a Satoru Iwata Mii character earlier this week to celebrate the systems first birthday in Europe. Reggie and Iwata can help you get the elusive pink puzzle pieces in Puzzle Swap, so be sure to get them via Mii Plaza.

Tip: Kelekod

81 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Grab Your Official Reggie Fils-Aime Mii On Your Nintendo 3DS”

        1. Fucking dickhead. The TROLL is the fucking IDIOT doing retarded “First” shit again. Like it’s new, big or clever instead of fucking annoying like a belieber.

          1. Yeah, his decisions are really stupid bringing us Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandoras Tower, Last Story. My OoT Soundtrack, Kid Icarus 3D for Virtual Console and so much more. :D

  1. I was hoping that the gold pants meant a special power in Find Mii. Unfortunately, it just counts him as a brown shirt. They do show up as Level 5s though, so that’s plenty of good right there

    1. Actually, toonlink49, it’s a different Mii. I discarded the NP one in favor of this one (with gold pants!). :)

    1. Really? I do admire both of them, but Reggie is more cooler, afterall, he’s about Kicking ass and taking names

  2. I got him early this morning, along with one new puzzle…it would appear however that I’m still missing one puzzle panel :( And a lot of puzzle pieces :p

  3. I got reggie….. i wish i got iwata………… cho bombo claat!!!!

    Get N or get the FUCK OUT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I got Reginator Mii this morning! guys, it’s important playing Mii Quest and Puzzle before sending him to Mii Creator. If you do it the other way around, you will not get a puzzle from him, just as my friend did =D

    I got a new puzzle from Rhythm Heaven! =D

  5. Awesome :D!I just received the special mii Reggie on my 3ds this morning and his mii is level 5 in find mii which was cool and I chosen a MK7 pink piece from him.I wished we also had satoru iwata too but oh well,at least he has gold pants on his mii lolz xD.

  6. Why the fuck do you even want Reggie I don’t find him important to Nintendo at all if he left no one would thats how pointless the guys is to Nintendo

  7. I always wondered; we all know Reggie for NoA and Iwata for NoJ but how come we never see or hear from whoever is the main person for NoE? I mean we’re all aware of the popular decisions they’ve been making lately(Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora’s Tower) yet I couldn’t name them if I was asked. Why is that?

    1. There are no big conventions for Nintendo in Europe, so there is no big public work, but yeah those guys are really awesome lately.

      Only 36 Kilometres seperates me from Großostheim btw. Would take me half an hour to say hallo to NoE. ^^

      1. Take your 3DS and see if you can get their Miis. :)

        As for events, for things like those Nintendo Direct conferences, we get the Japanese one translated, while America gets Reggie. Think it would be good to get more noticed and give us faces to put to the company.

        With the Wii U’s upcoming release it would be a good time to make an appearance to announce a price and release date. Maybe make an appearance at Gamescom or any of the big European conventions as well. Seems in Europe we get everything via press release.

  8. I got him, but, in my excitement, I saved him to my Mii Maker before I did the Mii Plaza games, and he disappeared :(

    I didn’t get any of his puzzle pieces or help fighting in Find Mii

    1. peteriuss evil back up clone

      I’m very glad you have such a sexy body like mine, but I strongly disagree with your statement-Reggie From Nintendo…

    1. Whats wrong I’m here now ;] though I am Actually Reggy I check regularly every Nintendo blog to see what you guys are up to…

      1. OBJECTION!!!! you spelled Reggie as Reggy soo it was either a innocent mistake or…….YOUR NOT REGGIE AND THEREFORE AN IMPOSTER lol (ok my nerd moment is over lol rofl)

  9. peteriuss's grandmother

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  10. what about us aussies im guessing 31 of march snice thats when it came out here
    also check out my website im in the middle of doing scripts and could do with some feedback

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