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Kid Icarus Uprising Was Originally Developed On Wii And PC

During the latest Iwata Asks segment Kid Icarus: Uprising producer Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that the game was originally developed on the Wii and the PC as Project Sora didn’t have access to a Nintendo 3DS development kit.

“At first we didn’t have the Nintendo 3DS development kit, so we started making it on a PC. Oh, and for a while we were using a Wii to make it!”

81 thoughts on “Kid Icarus Uprising Was Originally Developed On Wii And PC”

      1. PC’s are better…Windows 8 was developed way more carefully, the Consumer Preview is nice so far. Mac’s are really overpriced for the limitations that they have. You could find the same specs on a $500 PC, then put the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (It’s FREE! :D) on it, and it would run like a dream.

        1. mmm if PC’s are better is not because of Windows. Windows is simply the worst OS.
          Windows 8 Consumer Preview is NOT FREE. You can’t modify it, you can’t study it. It’s just “gettable with no money”. This doesn’t mean free. Linux is FREE.
          And… WAIT! U re doing a beta tester for FREE! Beta testing for a proprietary and commercial software, they want to sell to you!
          And nobody’ll pay you! And you enjoy this!
          Great man, great!

          1. >Windows
            >Worst OS

            LOL, OSX is less secure than Windows due to Apples lackadaisical approach to virus’s. Sure there is less malware out there for OSX but as it rises in popularity so does the amount of malware. But most Mac users don’t have anti-virus software because of Apples ridiculous marketing claims.

            One more thing, how are you enjoying all those games on your Mac? Oh wait.

            1. There’s no only Windows and Mac, thankfully!
              Good OS are others.

              P.S. I don’t have a Mac, and if I want to play games I turn on a console.

          2. If they didn’t require Windows for games I’d ONLY use Linux. Emulating Windows just doesn’t work so well :-/

        2. I used to play Spore on my powerful PC running XP back in 2008. The game kept freezing most of the time and made me lose my progress often.

          I play some games on Windows Vista recently; the warnings that keep coming up about security update annoyed me so much because it freezes the game and makes me lose my game progress. Also I had multiple problem playing the game sometimes.

          On my Mac I had no problems running the/a game expect a few bugs that were patched during updates.

          Really, Gaming on mac is better but the lack of games is just to much.

          1. You must be downloading too much porn if your computers have that many error messages and crash that much. Or your computer is just shit.

    1. i disagree, controls are much better with the 3ds pen than the wii controller.

      Now, if only Sakurai had thought of people wanting to use dual analog sticks with on 3ds (i probably wouldn’t used that configuration, but i was surprised too see he didn’t think of that too, you can’t use one for movement and one for aiming while utilizing the pro stick)

      1. Actually he probably did think of that, but the thing is, the 3DS stylus allows for more accuracy, and more speed when trying to aim. You could 100% control where it went, and how fast, whereas with a second analog stick, you would be more at the mercy of how fast that moved and how close it ended up to where you wanted to shoot. Haven’t you had those moments in the game where you all of a sudden had to change your aim lightning quick? That wouldn’t have been possible with a second analog stick.

        1. He is a God but he obviously had to rush the game out to a certain degree, because if he did think of it, he would have added it, have you seen the amount of control options it already has? It already gives you the option of abandoning the touch screen, so ner nee ner ner.

  1. I knew the 3DS had practically the same power as a Wii. This only further proves how amazing Nintendo’s year old handheld is. I can’t wait to see some more excellent games! :D

    1. Actually the 3ds has more power than the Wii. As a developer I can tell you that confidently. The 3ds pushes slightly more polygons than the GC, but has a shader unit akin to the one in a 360. So it beats the Wii in shading and texturing, while having a smaller screen to cope with low polycount, low resolution and fewer details.

  2. So this means the 3DS is basically a portable Wii? That’s amazing. Could also explain why there were so many delays. The people seem to love the finished product so, kudos Sakurai-san. Start work on Super Smash Bros. as soon as possible.

    Leave luck to heaven.

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        1. Wow, it is like Sickr neutered you. You aren’t aggressive at all. You used to be a good troll. What happened? (I’m replying while listening to my Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack. Willing to make fun of that?)

            1. Well Siegfried didn’t comment on the Wii U Aliens (or whatever it is) story saying how it will be the best version, so he may have been banned for a short while.

    1. siegfried von schroder's evil soul


      1. I mean, I can’t own every piece of gaming equipment, so if I’m going to refrain anywhere, it’ll be on the system that I can’t play on my HDTV. The 3DS is brilliant, and maybe I’ll cave in and buy it when it’s dirt cheap.

  4. Explains why there isn’t duel analog control schemes available.

    If he couldn’t get his hands on a 3DS until later in the game, the CPP probably wasn’t designed yet… So he didn’t have that hardware either!

    The man designs games without the hardware, talk about skillz

  5. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

    this contradicts everything Sakurai and Nintendo has said since E3 2010 about it being built SPECIFICALLY for the 3DS.

    1. It was still DESIGNED and PLANNED and BUILT SPECIFICALLY for the 3ds. They just didn’t revive and ACTUAL developers kit at the time they started, but no doubt they KNEW about the 3ds and were planning it with that in mind. Also, do you think devs make the models and texture and coding on a 3ds? NO. They use a PC. So regardless of what system any game is made for, most of the actual game making is done with a computer.

  6. siegfried von schroder

    Nintendo fans listen up! Nintendo never makes better games than microsoft so shut up and buy the future epic console.the xbox 720!

    1. The XBOX 720 doesn’t have a disc drive, therefore, you cannot buy used games, you cannot own physical copies of games, and you can’t even let your friend borrow your games. In fact, the XBOX is the worst console series on the market due to the lack of exclusives and being just a media center trying too hard to be a PC, the greatest gaming platform to ever exist. 2/10 for making me reply.


    No, seriously I would have loved if it had a Wii version. I don’t have 3DS and probably won’t have it. I’m having some serious money problems so giving over 300$ (yes, in my country it cost around 300$ :S ) is in no way an option. But 70$ for a game, I could save up for it, especially if it’s Kid Icarus.

    If needed, I would even eat less just to save up for it. :)

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