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Get Yourselves Ready For The UK-Wide Nintendo 3DS Photography Competition

Today heralds the launch of a UK-wide 3D photography competition, which will see you put your creative camera skills to the test in a bid to become the UK’s Nintendo 3DS photography champion.  The competition has been launched in association with National Geographic Kids, famed for its exceptional wildlife photography, and the world’s oldest national photographic society, The Royal Photographic Society (RPS).

Competition entries are split into six dedicated categories, so no matter what you love to shoot, there’s a theme to suit you. The categories include: Animals, People, Places, Objects, Nature and Augmented Reality, which fully utilises the Augmented Reality features of the Nintendo 3DS system.

The photo entries will be judged by an expert panel, including Lauren Jarvis, editor of National Geographic Kids magazine, and Dr Michael Pritchard, Director General at the RPS.  The most promising photographer will win the top prize of a trip for two to Paris and a photography masterclass, while lucky runners-up will be awarded Nintendo goodies in recognition of their skill.

Entering the Nintendo 3DS photography competition couldn’t be simpler. Take a 3D photo in-line with one of the six themes, using the in-built cameras on the Nintendo 3DS system. Once you have captured your masterpiece, upload it to the dedicated competition website between 2nd April 2012 and 17th June 2012.

The dedicated competition website is accessible through the Nintendo 3DS browser on the Nintendo 3DS system or through an Internet browser on a computer, and will feature galleries of all the images that have been uploaded. Each photo uploaded to the website will have its own dedicated QR Code and, by reading these QR Codes on the Nintendo 3DS system, users will be able to view their favourite images in 3D.

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