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Wii U Is Less Powerful Than Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 Say Developers

Developers who have spoken under the condition of anonymity have told Games Industry International that the Wii U is actually less powerful than the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. This will come as shocking news to many as developers have previously said the console was slightly more powerful than both current gen consoles.

“No, it’s not up to the same level as the PS3 or the 360.,” said one developer who’s been working with the Wii U. What does that mean? “The graphics are just not as powerful,”

“Yeah, that’s true. It doesn’t produce graphics as well as the PS3 or the 360. There aren’t as many shaders, it’s not as capable. Sure, some things are better, mostly as a result of it being a more modern design. But overall the Wii U just can’t quite keep up.” Said another source.

227 thoughts on “Wii U Is Less Powerful Than Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 Say Developers”

  1. HA!!!!!!!!!!

    I refuse to believe this bull shit.

    How the rass claat Nintendo to make something not more powerful than 6 year old tech? I simply don’t believe the to fuck!!!!

    Get N or get the FUCK out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Actually it is true, since the Wii U has an extra screen, its not as powerful to withstand 1080p so it only has 720p

      1. Actually I think you better get your facts strait before you say shit like that. The Wii U’s pad screen is a peripheral device with it’s own Graphic Card inside.

        1. Nintendo themselves said that the other consoles can’t replicate the Zelda HD demo. So I call BULL-Crap!

          1. You’re right, cause companies never lie or exaggerate their product in any way to make it seem better than the competition….

            1. There’s a potential to get sued for false advertising if they were to lie. Nintendo isn’t that stupid.

    2. Notice that the developers and their companies are not named, while many valid sources (EA, Ubisoft, THQ) have said it will be MUCH more powerful.

      1. exactly my thoughts it maked me mad with all the BS they put on here cuz the “anonymous” quoter is a jealous microsoft/sony prick

        1. What are the chances that the so called anonymous developers were paid by Sony and Microsoft to make up this shit? All the other devs say it is more powerful which I stongly beleive in.

      2. @Sam

        Oh my fucking God, FINALLY someone says something sensible. Seriously after all of the credible sources suggesting the Wii U is anything BUT weaker than the current generation, one anonymous source says otherwise and suddenly it’s taken as fact? I don’t think so.

      1. Lawlz, in that first article Brian Martel from Gearbox even says its not a next-gen console. Its just a ‘stop-gap’.

        “We think it’s going to be a really cool stop-gap in between this generation and the next generation.”-Brian Martel

    3. I have to say this sounds like utter rubbish, no wonder why the chose to stay “anonymous” more than likely it comes from either Sony or Microsoft as they are worried about the Wii U getting ahead in the market as it will be released before their new consoles. Look how well Xbox 360 did because it was the newest console out for months before the PS3. Only now is the PS3 finally catching up in sales so clearly it was a strategic move to release it first.

      Blog of a Games Development Student

    4. listen to the all powerful venom i dont beleive it either we will all want to see the console then here this bull shit

    1. Note the CLEARLY INCOMPETENT DEV (if he cannot find the power within WiiU that does exceed PS3/360) -“remaining anonymous”

      This is lame press code for “we just made this shit up to get fans raging for a few hits on our shitty little webpage”.

    1. Yeah, I’ll refuse to believe this bull.
      I mean, we’re almost 2 months away from E3 2012. The official news are coming soon.

  2. Nintendo has a history of using their own shaders, so it’s not as easy as most developers are used to. It’s doesn’t mean the console is less powerful, devs are usually just lazy

    1. Wow, I actually forgot about that. 3rd Party developers that aren’t used to Nintendo will look on the surface and say it’s not the same, when in actual fact Nintendo’s shaders create a greater ‘pop’. Ever wonder how games like Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 looked so good on a Wii?

    1. Wii would like to counter your point with “gameplay”

      Wii is a POS compared to ps3/360 it’s what you do with the hardware that makes the difference, and Nintendo does that well. (now if only 3rd parties would get off their asses and do something constructive)

    2. Okay peewee, first of all, one anonymous source’s claim does not suddenly discredit eons of developers saying it’s either on-par or stronger than the current generation.

      Secondly, the Wii was about as powerful (if not slightly stronger) than the Gamecube and it was still a pretty big success with some really good first party content.

      1. Deepthroat blew the whistle on government officials, which is why the anonymity was necessary. The anonymity of these developers aren’t, when dozens of identified third-party companies and developers (especially Vigil Games) have already commented on the Wii U’s power.

        1. Maybe the “source” is close to Nintendo and just wishes not to be named in order to keep a positive relationship

          1. When I heard “deepthroat,” I immediately assumed you meant grey fox from Metal Gear Solid. I started cracking up.

        1. err what matthew? Nintendo was more pwoerful vs ps1 in terms of power and graphics. Likewise for Gamecube. so BS mate

                1. errrrrm read earlier articles? and I was at E3? N64 was more powerful that gen, look at the graphics come on…

            1. There is no such thing as an “up-to-date” console, mostly because nobody in the world defines something as “today’s standard” or “tomorrow’s standard.” It all starts with somebody making something, and other people following it, and nobody bothering to think about how the “standard” came into being. In the end, nobody’s following a standard. Sony’s PS3, despite playing the same games as the 360, is hardly the same type of console (its framerate retardation of almost every third-party port is evidence of that), and Nintendo’s consoles have almost never been the same as anyone else’s. And Microsoft’s consoles always die. There is no singular standard. Everyone just works at the best that they think they have, and that should be the way it is.

          1. This is accurate. Only with Wii they felt backed into a corner with something to separate themselves from the competition.

            They probably would have gone the Bluray & graphic whores route if it didn’t mean paying Sony money.

            I wouldn’t worry anyway, the trollers left WiiU til last with these types of posts. How many “wont play used games” troll articles have we had for PS3 & 360 which clearly aren’t true?

            Troll articles should come with pinches of salt.

            E3 and ONLY E3 will truly sort out the Men (Wii) from the boys (XB/PS/PC) ;)

            1. lol PC gamers have nothing to do with sony and microsfoft, dont hate cuz he have machines 5x better than current consoles. now taht that is settles i love nintendo because as stated, i play PC for graphics, we wont the graphics game, but nintendo has the best consoles because they are very original and are extremely fun and revolutionize gaming with their awesome ideas, i own a 3ds as well as a wii, a 64, and used to have the snes. i find it funny how microsoft and sony always end up copying nintedos ideas and failing :)

    1. It´s a hard comment, but true, wii was wonderful at it´s moment but we don´t need another 6th generation console.

      I don´t care what´s gona take the processor to produce the second display graphics i want 1080p at 45-60 frames, i don´t wanna save money to buy a cheap console!

  3. Notice how the only developers that are saying the Wii U isn’t as powerful as the PS3/360 will only say so under anonymity.

      1. a) there is no need to his their names
        b) Plenty of other NAMED developers are already confirming its more powerful, and it even got Epic games excited so this is total bull

  4. Doesn’t sound legit to me. Not when famed, non-anonymous developers were saying months ago that it was more powerful, and it will have only improved since then.

  5. Obviously Bullshit. Developers who have spoken under anonymity? If anything that just gives “them” no credibility at all. Anyone could have made this article.

  6. what about a previous article when a developer said the graphics are jaw dropping? yeah exactly! this article is bullshit. Sickr why post this crap?

  7. Oh great, another rumor for trolls. People are quoting rumors as facts, for both sides. Nintendo fanboys rant on whenever they see a “Wii U is weak” rumor, while XBOX and PS3 fanboys cry their hearts out at the DRM-only rumors. Everyone just calm down and wait until these consoles actually get released, all these bullshit rumors won’t get us anywhere.

    And stop quoting these rumors as fact; I see fanboys on all sides quoting rumors, be it to show how much better their console is or how much worse the competition is. It’s all a pile of steaming crap, and everyone should just calm the fudge down until these consoles are released.

  8. Why the hell would you want to buy a next Gen console thats less powerful than the other consoles on the market?

    It doesn’t make any sense,i would rather hear an official line from Nintendo themselves before i believe any unnamed developers.

  9. Why should I believe some guys who don’t even have the courage to show us their names and say in our faces that the Wii U is less powerful? That’s bullshit.

  10. Not as many shaders?… Those people don’t know what they’re talking about… YOU PROGRAM IN YOUR SHADERS… OpenSL or whatever format they’re using. You make the shader. I’m not listening to any of this

    1. I think they’re talking about “stream processors”.
      PS3 doesn’t even have shaders on it’s GPU.
      The Xbox 360 only has 48 of them.
      The rumored Wii U GPU has 800 shaders.

    2. They’re talking about processors; the Wii had none (the system didn’t support shading for most engines, with companies having to adapt current systems or make new ones to fit the software), while the 3DS does. The Wii U obviously has some (3DS can’t be more powerful than the freaking consoles), though I’m pretty skeptical it’ll have less than the PS3’s zero. They’re probably talking about the 360, though I’m skeptical of even that.

  11. Oh, yeah, anonymous developer is surely a credible source. We saw the demos at E3, and so did eyewitnesses: it outputs 1080p with great visuals.

    1. Your_Life_Ended_with_Me

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  12. I will never believe anonymous sources about gaming. This is most likely just some Xbox fanboy, whose little troll in the form of an email of phone call got way out of control. Ignore it, it is false.

  13. Aw, that’s really sad. I can’t understand why Nintendo keep away from the graphics they can have.
    Anyway, Nintendo still has exclusive stuff… For a while.

  14. only trolls will believe this crap and people need to understand it’s not about graphics it could have poor graphics but good game play and if it’s enjoyable then that’s all that counts

    1. mygravatar'sthabest

      I mean, HELLOO! are you serious!? shitty graphics belongs to the crappy nintendo’s past generation (wii). How can you be “ok” by having the same old pathetic graphics AGAIN?! I’m against the: “gameplay is all that matters :)” that is bullshit. Nintendo’s gameplay is the best out there, that’s for sure; but why can’t they have the best graphics (at leat on par, when comparing to the old-outdated ps360 hardware) as well? I just don’t get it. (loooooool I’m kinda mad hihi!)

      1. Because Japan doesn’t believe in graphics.

        Remember an article where miyamoto said “Americans will buy anything as long as it has good graphics” some companies put game play above graphics, and some the other way around. I’m a fan of games where both are present. I don’t care if the game looks bad, but only to a point. Same as I’ll play a good looking game, but if the gameplay is boring why should I play it?

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  16. This is clearly complete crap, but Nintendo haters I bet will most likely take it as fact. These developers either have very early dev kits or are just flat out lying through bias or just not trying hard enough to get their games to work. Since they commented under anonymity I’m thinking it’s the second or third reason. Plus, who cares about the word of these developers over the many more who are praising the Wii U for it’s power?

  17. *sigh* Nintendo you guys make the shittiest consoles but you make such good games I mean honestly why not have a regular controller are you that stupid Nintendo people constantly beg you for something a normal gamer would want WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND

    1. the same reason why sony hasent changed there controller since 94 here it is 2012 bro nintendo has made 5 new controllers since than screw u

  18. Completely believable it’s known ps3 / 360 couldn’t use all the power, like putting robin reliant wheels on an f1 car the powers there but you can’t use it due to other components. Graphics stuff is bull maybe on the control but not the tv!

  19. no wii u is not at a level with ps3 and 360 hell not even the wii is at the ps3 and 360 level there above and beyond like sony used to say play beyond now its never stop playing lol

            1. im not sure why you’re so mad. did my comment really hurt you? cause let me remind you this the internet you shouldn’t get mad about a comment

  20. They probably don’t have the final dev kits, cause I refuse the Wii U is less powerful than current gen consoles

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  22. “The graphics are just not as powerful.”

    WTF? Are we sure it wasn’t a pre-teen being interviewed? That does not sound like a professional statement.

    1. You found a clue!

      This too:
      “There aren’t as many shaders, it’s not as capable.”

      The PS3s graphics processor does not have shader units at all and the Xbox 360 only has 48 shader units.
      The rumored Wii U graphics processor has 800 shader units.
      I call massive BULL STUFF!

  23. You guys claim these anonymous developers are some nameless wannabes who can’t divulge their names, but has it occurred to you guys that these anonymous developers might even be the same famed developers who claimed the Wii U was very powerful back then, but are not divulging their names?

    That’s the thing about anonymity: Those developers could be anybody, even Wii U’s so-called “strongest backers”.

    And people fawned all over some of Wii’s strongest titles and they weren’t even the least bit bothered by their lack of graphical ability compared to the other consoles, so despite what many of you “I’m gonna leave Nintendo because their graphics suck!” guys say, the minute Nintendo pulls out some of their strongest games onto the Wii U, we’re all going to fawn over them all over again. Cuz we all know when enjoying a great game that the graphics ultimately stop being so important.

    In other words, if Nintendo’s core games were good even on the Wii, imagine how big of an explosion they would make on the Wii U. Crazy, but true.

    1. It never occurred to us because it makes absolutely no sense! Dozens of third-party companies/developers have commented on the Wii U’s power in the last months and all of them claimed it’s more powerful than 360/PS3! In fact, Epic Games and Crytek, both companies that mainly focus on high-end hardware praised on the console! Nobody talked about the Wii’s hardware capabilities before it was released and nobody really talked about then! If Nintendo never wanted to show off its power, they would’ve never exhibited those tech demos at E3 and let big-name companies even open their mouths.

      1. It makes perfect sense. Do you honestly believe like a naive idiot everything the media throws at you? Did it ever occur to you that the devs twist their words around for a given purpose? They don’t think like us consumers, they’re trying to do whatever it takes for us to get the message that we WANT, not the real message that we should be getting. If you’ve never considered this reality in your life, you are definitely very young at heart. Whether the console truly is as powerful as they say, I don’t really care, but to claim that the word of reputed developers is absolute proof simply because they’re reputed is something I won’t stand for. And neither should you if you’re mature enough.

  24. If this is true then it is a huge disgrace for Nintendo. Even if it is on the same level as the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360, it still is a huge disgrace for Nintendo, not as huge as it is in the case before but still pretty huge.
    The other two got released about 6 years ago and if Nintendo isn’t able to pass the other two in SIX years, then I don’t know. I hope for Nintendo that this is not true.

  25. FUCKING BULL FUCKSHIT! Maybe the developer was paid by Pachter to say this useless fucking crap about the Wii U. And GRAPHICS don’t matter. I need someone else to tell me if the Wii U’s graphics are AWESOME :D or BAD. And graphics do not matter. Buy it anyways.


  26. The annoying thing is that the trolls will believe this and start bashing the Wii U, ANYONE CAN MAKE AN ARTICLE AND SAY SOMETHING!, I think I could also make an article and say something about the Wii U and people will believe me. This rumor is fake or it could of also just been a April fools prank.

  27. Who cares about graphics? If it plays the games i enjoy, being only slightly behind doesnt bother me.

  28. we have seen tech demos that prove otherwise, so not really believing these two anonymous source articles

  29. Interesting. I would actually believe that if they hadn’t shown us the Bird demo and the Zelda HD demo last year. Plus, they’re flat out saying the system is not as capable as the others. How can you say that unless you have a finished game running on the system already? And even at that, they wouldn’t know what the guts inside the system are unless Nintendo told them the full specs, which I don’t think they’ll do.

    Are we certain this is not a last minute April 1st thing?

      1. Anyone can say anything. Just because it seems more believable does not mean you should just believe it without considering how unbelievable it could be.

        1. Nintendo released the specs, they’re more powerful than the 360 and ps3. If you need more proof black ops 2 is on 360 and ps3 in 720 it’s on the wii u in 1080, both versions are running at 60 fps.

  30. The 360 and the PS3 have been out for over 5 years and have been pushed their limits…the WiiU hasn’t even be released yet.
    Games that come out towards the end of a consoles era are way better graphically then the games that come out at launch. Compare any PS2 launch title to God of War 2 and you’ll see what I mean.
    So basically what’s being said here (assumming its true) is that the WiiU is slightly worse before launch than consoles that developers have been working with and pushed graphica for over 5 years.

  31. This is what Pachter would say, I bet Pachter just claimed this but told everyone to keep his identity secret.

    Or, this is some troll who thinks Nintendo sucks.

    Sega, Gearbox, Ubisoft, Darksiders 2 developer, Nintendo has confirmed the console is more powerful then 360 and PS3

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  33. Really, cause the Darksider 2 developers said it wa son par with 360/PS3. Anther report ahs stated its more powerful then a PS3. Honestly none of us will know until the final specs are released what power is under that hood

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    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _\. . . . . ._,-%. . . ..`\.

    This is such a lie, it’s already been confirmed the Wii U is more powerful then 360/PS3.


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      1. I’ll take multiple unchecked rumors by named individuals over the one random anonymous rumor that contradicts them any day.

  35. Huge rumor I must say. The developers are probably using an old sdk. How can Epic games be excited for something that’s weaker than a 360, and how can they say it can do better than the zelda tech demo with unreal engine 3 if its less powerful than a 360, which can’t hold the zelda tech demo by the way…

  36. I believe it. And even if it was slightly better, considering the PS3 and 360 are over half a decade old, if the Wii U is on the same level then that means that it’s already outdated -_-

  37. Anonymous sources aren’t reliable. The guy who wrote the article on gameindustry international is an obviously biased asshole trying to turn people off of the Wii U early on by pointing out its weaknesses based off of the little information Nintendo has given us so far. It’s easy to say anything you want when you use “anonymous” sources as an excuse. I can’t believe his article even exists, it’s very amateur.

  38. Even if this is true, its not like I give a crap. Nintendo is about game quality, not graphic quality. The Wii and DS proved that to us this past generation by producing many great games.

  39. I say whoever posted those quotes is a douchebag who plays too much CoD on the 360 and PS3 alone. Sure the Wii’s graphics wern’t as good, but it said the Wii U would impress HARDCORE gamers! That basically means that the Wii U will have more action games and less casual shit, but everyone knows that Mario is the best casual/action series on the Nintendo systems! And, the Wii U graphics on the TV will be 1080p, but when it switches to the pad, it has the same gameplay, but with, and I quote, “so-called shitty” results. Don’t call Nintendo shitty. Nintendo is just Nintendo. Without Nintendo, there would be no Mario, or Sonic, OR EVEN ZELDA!

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  41. If this was true, why would Nintendo even release it? It would already be doomed by the last gen consoles. I think someone’s just trying to hurt Nintendo here….

  42. So when did next gen consoles HAVE to be better than the current gens graphics to be in the next gen? Why does it HAVE to be more powerful to be in the next gen?Why do graphics have to matter so much? I personally like games not to look too realistic. And don’t call me a fanboy just because you don’t agree with me.

  43. Nintendo just hasn’t given anyone the final development kit and you know why its because of trolls like this who can’t keep their mouths shut.

  44. I find this hard to believe. I mean, the GPU architecture alone exceeds that of the PS3 and Xbox 360. Why would Nintendo modify a GPU architecture similar to the more recent R770 GPU architecture (if this is true) just to have it perform lesser than the 360 (which is a modified ATI X1900 architecture)? And it isn’t hard to surpass the RAM of PS3–it’s only 512 MB total of RAM–I would imagine that Nintendo would need at least 768 MB just for rendering to the secondary controller screen alone, not to mention quad-core processor (as some have indicated the Wii U utilizes)–it takes power and memory to render and stream to a second screen. And why the anonymity? If Ubisoft and developers of Darksiders 2 can risk their professional reputation by saying the Wii U is pretty powerful, why should I trust these rumors from two anonymous sources?

  45. I bet sony or microsoft trolls are behind it! They dont understand that with the anti-used method they will follow in their new systems, they will lose million of customers and also stores to support them!

    Even if they are more powerful the wii U, with this methods, it is just not powerful enough to make us buy it… Buy a pc instead and a wii U for our mario’s :)

    Wii U will be much more powerful than xbox360 and ps3, the point is, how much powerful to be feature proof. I dont want to buy consoles every 4-5 years but 7-8 years instead… The newer consoles are an investment… Old times are over.

  46. it would be pretty pathetic if they werent able to produce more power than the 360 and the ps3. i mean i could build a pc for $300 that is more powerful than the 360 and ps3, and those are both optimized! so if you used the same specs i would use on a console it would be a tremendous difference in quality. so yeah im calling major bs on this.

  47. After some reasearch about the original leak.. Its fake.. busted..

    The article states ” “There aren’t as many shaders, it’s not as capable. Sure, some things are better, mostly as a result of it being a more modern design. But overall the Wii U just can’t quite keep up”

    If someone knows some things from graphic cards, this article is just bs… Xbox360 have 48 unified shaders by ATI..

    Why nintendo choose a card with r770 chipset, or newer, and all this chipsets come with 600++++ unified shaders, and nintendo cut all this shaders from it? Why they didnt choose an older chipset, that it could cost them MUCH less than the r770? It is stupid even talking about it.

    I am expecting wii U to come with NO LESS than 500 unified shadders, because 500 shaders means power and feature proof..

  48. Seems a little dubious. It goes without saying that the next microsoft and ps3 will be more powerful than the WiiU, Nintendo releasing their console and having it weaker than the current stuff makes no sense.

    Only time will tell, I guess. During pre-release, both the positive and negative aspects are always massively exagerrated, keep that in mind guys.

  49. The naivety in the comments for this article are amazing. You really expect a developer to call this out publicly? At the end of the day, they want to make money just like any business wants to.
    Nintendo fans always make me laugh. Remember how everyone said that last years E3 Wii U sizzle real (or what ever they called it) was amazing. Then it turned out that the footage was from the PS3! Enjoy your old outdated tech, the way Nintendo are leaking money makes it look like the end is quickly coming.
    How much longer can they survive on just the same old Mario and Zelda. There’s going to come a time when they become irrelevant. The newer generation of gamers won’t have the same nostalgic memories. Many are more interested in their iphone and ipad games.

    Either way, the Wii U will only be the most powerful CONSOLE for a maximum of a year. The PC already dominates it and the 720 and PS4/ Orbis will re-establish the pecking order in terms of graphics.

    1. are u kidding me? PC will dominate all consoles and for all times.. There will be NO ps4-5-6-7-200 or xbox10000 that can have the potential or horse power of a pc.

      Your statement is only about wii U, Next year PCs will enter direct x 12 while the consoles will stick with direct x 11 technology cards for the next 7-8 years.

      1. And I speak mostly for graphic card tech.. Not directx itself, as its a microsoft protected platform. The new Keplers rocks! How about the next generation!

  50. Sickr, this was first posted on the internet on the 1st of April. Do you know what that means? Your a day late…

  51. THQ: “WiiU is just a lot more powerful than current HD consoles it does 1080p very easy.”

    Epic: “It will do things current HD consoles simply can’t do, it’s going to be a powerful box.”

    Crytek: “WiiU devkits are very powerful,the specs are very good”

    Vigil Games: “We had the game at the same level as high end pc version in a matter of days and a few lines of code got the game up and running on tablet in 5 mins.”

    EA: “Wii U is not a transitional platform, it is a true next generation system

  52. Any person some basic graphic technical knowledge will know this article is a joke. “There aren’t as many shaders” quote gives it away that it is trolling. The programmers have to program their own shaders !! They could make 10 shaders or 1000 shaders, it will only take more time to make more. The capabilities of the machine and how well the shaders are written determine how many can be used simultaneously. But saying the number of shaders available out-of -the box from nintendo or from any 3D engine running on WiiU have something to do with how powerful the console is graphically, is a big BS. It has nothing to do with how powerful the console is graphically ! Its like buying a car but saying its underpowered because on all the roads where you use it, there is a limit of 10 miles per hour.

    “There aren’t as many shaders” quote only tells us that the people saying this don’t know anything about graphics, making games, or even what a shader actually is ! Now if they had said that the shaders are limited in the number of instructions and passes then ok, or even if they said we can’t have many shaders simultaneously, that would have worked but this is BS. Just by looking at the tech demos one can tell there are no such limitations. The new ATI card is a lot more powerful than what the PS3 has which is old and weak. This is just a troll BSing, don’t take that rumour seriously.

  53. Developers confuse me now. Before it said it more powerful then ps3 and xbox 360 , then said on par. Now less powerful. I guess we will never find out untill the full specs are told by nintendo or e3 2012

  54. Nintendo not that dumb. Graphics that are slightly above the current gen, yes thats true, not below now that sounds like the real nintendo.They said themselves their looking for the balance between hardcore and casual gamers their console will be above current gen. Tech whores remember wii u has two screens for use, tv and controller, graphics dnt rendered the same. Its technolog already running up production cost, so its not current technology being recycled with a new controller. Developers have came out and said wii u is more powerful than current gen, and beside its still early development. Devlopers are making games for wii u, that are also on the other next gen consoles. Tech whores remember all developers are nt the same. Money makes games beautiful, thats why developers complain about the cost of making a game. nintendo codes their consoles diffrently, thats why nintendo games area cut above the rest, they know how to use their machines. Were learning from this statement above from other developers, their complaining about something, means what ever game they making will suck becuze of lack of funds or just effort. Nintendo did something smart and release wii u maybe a year before their rivals. People are more pumped about a modern wii than a new ps or xbox. Its the same road ipad used to market. Then they will wait and revamp the wii u to stay a head and match its rivals. Nintendo specs will be find, the zelda game demo alone tells me the graphics will be above this gen. Its a new generation in the console wars, developing your user base, show them some graphics,and throw games from diffrent angles to get somebody to buy your product…

  55. “On par” only means “the same” if you are excessively literal and/or a golf fanatic. In the common vernacular, the Wii U being “on par” with the PS3 and 360 merely means that it easily matches it, not that it is exactly the same. Here are some thoughts for you people to put your doom-and-gloom into perspective:

    There are dozens of developers on board with the Wii U. And many
    of them are saying that the Wii U exceeds the PS3 and 360 significantly in both graphics and overall performance.

    The Wii U is being built with 2010 hardware. IBM even said that the CPU and GPU is the same one that powered the Watson supercomputer, which is the same machine that was on Jeopardy a while back answering every question miles quicker than its human competitors and eventually winning the whole thing that season. The PS3 and the 360 are using hardware from 2004-2006. It’s pretty easy to see that there must be *some* increase in power.

    As far as the specs go, here are some developers who showed their interest in this new machine.

    “The specs are very good. It’s a challenge for designers, but once thought through it can add value, and that’s what’s ultimately important. Our guys in Nottingham; they are very happy with their testing on the dev kits we recieved and they’re excited about it.”

    Valve:”Wii U seems to be a lot more powerful than the previous generation,” they claimed. “It sort of fits better into the scalability in terms of graphics performance and CPU performance, so I think it’ll be a lot easier for us to fit it into our scalability model.”

    THQ:”The Wii U is much more powerful than the other HD consoles, so the Wii U doesn’t have a huge problem doing 1080p for the majority of its games.”

    THQ: “Expect the majority of third party Wii U games from most publishers to have native 1080p, additional content, and smoother frame rates than what the PS3/360 versions have to offer.”

    At least as far as the graphical capabilities are concerned, hardware is reaching an all-time high for power. The closer you get to photo-realism, the less visible difference each new advancement actually makes.

    Remember we became gamers not because one system has graphics better than another, but because of the gameplay and the fun and overall joy video gaming brings us. A hardcore gamer is a person who plays EVERY single type of game out there, not just Call Of Duty. I play Mario, Pokemon, Street Fighter, Tekken, Uncharted, Mario Kart, Modnation Racers, I Even Play A Little Tetris, Or Some Sonic CD, or even some Metal Gear or Ninja Gaiden every once in a while. I can gladly call myself a hardcore gamer. People need to stop being so close-minded.

    I guess I need to do a little Video Gaming History 101 session. The only time in the console wars that a system beat out another in overall sales because of it being graphically superior to the competition was between the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. The Genesis had a faster processor than the Super NES (7.32MHz vs. 3.10MHz), yet the Super NES was able 2 display more colors on screen (32,768 colors simultaneous vs. 512 colors on screen for the Genesis). Audio-wise, the Super NES was supplied by then business partners Sony Corp, who allowed Nintendo to use their SPC700 chip, which has a much clearer and crisper sound than the Genesis(Even with all its crappy doody accessories keeping it on prolonged life support).When the Super FX Chip was coupled with the Super NES it could display polygons, allowing for 3D graphics, nearly unheard of at the time. Long story short, consoles who sell the most in the console wars are usually underpowered compared to the rest.

    The Xbox 1 and the GCube were both more powerful than the PS2, yet the PS2 lives on. In fact Sony is still making them, at least until there is no longer a demand for it. It is the best selling home console of all time, even though if you count up all the iterations of the Game Boy line and the Nintendo DS line combined, they easily surpass lifetime sales of the PlayStation 2.

    Even the Wii was the least powerful of the 3 this generation. Everybody kept saying,”Oh motion controls will never work.”, Uh huh, righttt yet the Wii outsold just about everyone, and motion controls as a standard feature was so successful that Sony and Microsoft came up with their own motion controllers, each with varying levels of success, even though the PS Move bombed in comparison to the Kinect on Xbox 360 which I’ll applaud Microsoft for not technically copying anyone, although some consider it a ripoff to the PS2 EyeToy/PS Eye but the same can be said of the PS Move which was a ripoff of the *cough* Wii Remote *cough*, and it was not that much more accurate than using a Wii Remote.

    Basically at this point Nintendo is still finalizing the Wii U. We know that power and abilities wise it will at the very least, match the PS3 and 360 point for point for features. The Wii U is THE only system that will be able to output visuals in native 1080p. Food for thought, the PS3 and the 360 cant do 1080p out of the box. Both top out anywhere between 570p and 720p, then upscale to 1080p, which is why in some games you see an increased amount of jaggies and bluriness on screen. The Wii U wont have that. Trust me. It wont. Because the Wii U can output full 1080p natively, there is no point justifying its “oh its got the same graphics as the other two consoles” mentality. That is a realization that there is a real monster residing under the plastic skin of Nintendo’s new console, just waiting to be let out. E3 is literally around the corner. With what looks to be a stellar launch line-up, a combo of innovation and good all around features, the 8th generation of video games looks to be a blast. Now we wait, and see. That is all we can do.

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