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Developers Say You Can Only Use One Wii U Controller Per Console

The same unnamed developers who told Games Industry International that the Wii U is less powerful than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has revealed that you can only use one Wii U controller per console. It’s always been a little up the air how many tablet controllers the Wii U supports, but it seems as though it’s pretty much official that you will only be able to use one per console. We should know for sure at E3.

“The whole thing about the tablet controller is that you only get one of them, and you can only use one and it’s not completely independent,” noted the source. “The base console has to be on, and you have to be in range.” Queried about other controllers, the source was clear: “Other controllers are just Wiimotes, or other Wii controllers. They may change the form factor or looks a bit, but it’s the same controller.”


101 thoughts on “Developers Say You Can Only Use One Wii U Controller Per Console”

    1. Its just a roomer, and the chances of this being true are very slim. Why wouldn’t they want to sell a extra controller for 100’s of dollars or more, just knowing what the controller can do, I would pay that much. Now for the roomer for it being less powerful then the xbox 360 and ps3 has to be unlikely, dew to rising advancement’s in technology and all the past roomers from developer’s saying the wii u is more powerful then ps3 and xbox 360.
      So I think its safe to say these accusation are false, but if it’s true then that just means Nintendo is just super cheap and they would be following the same mistake they did with the Wii.

        1. Now now, let’s not jump the gun. English might not be his native language. I know this group has people from all over the world.

  1. haha BS again. at E3 you could see a few people playing together. Sickr stop it please its boring us already. Post great news like you usually do… No other Nintendo gaming article site has posted this…

    1. Are you sure about that, I’ve never seen 2 people playing with 2 tablets on the one Wii U, there was multiplayer games but only using one tablet and the rest were wii remotes, it was also a concern after E3 that it would not allow 2 controllers and it was never confirmed.

      1. Check gameplay from Killer Freaks and Ghost Recon Online…they used 2 Wii U controllers on multiplayer with one console

        1. Killer Freaks used one Wii U Tablet and the other player used an Wii Classic mote.

          In ghost recon it was LAN so not two tab’s running off the console.

    2. You are the one talking bullshit by saying that we saw a few people playing together, since we saw them with 1 Wii-U Tab, and 3 wiimotes. Also, it doesn’t matter if
      ”No other Nintendo gaming article site has posted this…”
      There’s always one who’s first.

    3. This is from the same article that said wiiu was less powerful than the x360 and ps3. It’s obviously fake…

    4. I was at E3 and I can assure everyone, only one tablet controller was used per Wii U. The other controllers were Wiimotes.

  2. Same controllers….. I hope they’ll still be improved a bit…… at least to equal playstation move, which was more precise, from what I heard.

    1. Yeah… and Why Sony is still using the same controller after 15 years??? And MS using the same controller after 10 years…nobody knows

  3. Can some please tell me if There is going to be a different controller a more normal controller like the Xbox360 or ps3..

    1. the classic controller that was for the wii. and the wii u tablet which has the d pad analog stick like sony and eggsbox?

    1. I mean, Nintendo already said at E3 that they only worked with one controller and they were looking to see if they could do more. I guess they decided to stick with one since it would have cost too much to buy a second one.

      1. Soon after E3, someone renounced that saying they’d work on allowing more than 1. I could see if they really could not feasibly do it, but I figure they wouldn’t have quit now.

  4. The fact that they are speaking anonymous makes me have doubts about both articles, last we heard Nintendo was trying to make it capable of supporting 2 Wii U tablets. The only way to know for sure is at E3 and we finally get our hands on it

    1. Anonymity does not automatically discount credibility. Often the smaller voices have the potential to say more credible things, and those who speak loud and too long often say nothing important.

  5. Even if this turns out to be true, it’s not a bad thing. Nintendo knows what they’re doing. Once again, grow a pair, then try again.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Sorry, but “not a bad thing” ?
      The main feature of the Wii U is the controller and if you’re only able to use one single controller, what’s the point ? There are games that are no fun at all when playing single player and unfortunately (unfortunately in this case, I mean), most of them which are worth playing are the first-party games of Nintendo (e.g. Mario Party, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart etc.).
      To me, the whole tablet-like controller doesn’t make any sense if only 1 person is able to play with it at the same time. It’s like having a Wii and only one single person is allowed to play with Nunchuck + Wii-Mote, the others HAVE TO play with Gamecube or SNES controllers. Not that those controllers are bad, but the controls just are the most special things about those systems.

      1. Good points, but like I said. Nintendo knows what it’s doing. We have to wait for official confirmation of this. They’ll make it work.

        I sure as hell am not going to take the word of someone who didn’t have the balls to reveal their name over Nintendo.

  6. Guys it’s obvious the WiiU will be a commercial failure. I mean I’m a massive Nintendo fan and all but come on, stop trying to glamorise a dead horse.

    1. At E3 Nintendo THEMSELVES said theyve only worked with 1 per console and they were trying to get 2 per console.

      So apparently Nintendo lies to itself….

  7. Reggie himself confirmed there will be 2 controllers per system. Since this comes from an anonymous source, it’s as likely as the previous rumor.

  8. Aren’t ubisoft making a game were the multiplayer requires too controllers… they were using two when demoing

      1. Really? Are you really asking this?
        An anonymous source on the INTERNET said it and you ask why he/she would be lying?
        Against ON.THE.INTERNET.

        And please post that we will get jet-packs with the WiiU.
        Trust me, I’m an anonymous source on the internet.

          1. Anonymous he may be but Games Industry International is a reputable site. I can’t see them posting erroneous opinions. I could be wrong…

            1. Games Industry International played safe and wrote it’s and anonymous source.
              The wouldn’t lose anything if it was proven wrong.
              But since it’s them who posted this story first, the will get a lot of hits.

              Writing dumb troll bait articles is always a good idea if you want to increase the number of people visiting the site.

            2. Just because a site is reputable, it does not mean they will confirm an anonymous comment about a console is false.

      2. He said a lie just before this about the Wii U being less powerful then PS3/360 even though the Wii U is confirmed to be more powerful.

        So how are we going to believe something while they said a lie just before this.

  9. not that big a deal really,most games are single player anyway, and this means i wont have to buy new remotes, plus they just have it to were multilayer games use a wii remote

  10. First- We have footage of multiple people using Wii U tablet controllers on the same Wii U from the E3.
    Second- It was said by Nintendo that you could take your Wii U tablet controller and go to your friend’s and vice versa to play games.

  11. I don’t see any problem. It will give us a different way to play the multiplayer mode with 2 different controllers. Also, Looks good to play alone.

  12. I can see all games at launch only using one and then all other games within the 6-9 months launch period, using one …..until a game such as Mario Kart or Pikmin which will use multiple WiiU controllers is released. Then Nintendo will let other devs utilise more than one controller

    1. Wait?

      I don’t beleve this news now because he said the Wii U is less powerful then 360/PS3 even though Sega, Gearbox, Ubisoft and Nintendo and all the other game developers said it’s more powerful.

      I won’t believe this news for now unless it’s a developer telling truths and not lies.

      It’s like believing everything you see on Fox news but it’s a lie but few people believe it just because its a NEWS channel.

    1. Find Mii was using one Tablet controller.

      The other controllers were Wii mote ones; 4 Wii motes.

      Also another Game Demo Ubisoft was demonstrating (Killer Freaks), In the multiplayer one of the players were looking at their own screen on their Wii U tab, while the other player had to use the Tv screen and controlled using the Wii classic controller.

      I personally don’t believe the news on this article however… because the same people said the Wii U is less powerful then 360/PS3 even though all the other developers said it’s more powerful, I won’t take notice unless real news from REAL developers are said.

  13. Well, I read somewhere that Nintendo was trying hard to make 2 controllers work at the same time, so this could be true indeed. And if this is true, the other statement this person has made would seem more true as well.
    Nintendo better gets more than 1 controller working for the WiiU, else it will end pretty badly for them. I mean, only 1 of those controllers ? It’s the main feature of the WiiU after all, it would be nothing but imbecile to only be able to use one single tablet-like controller. On the other hand, it’s probably to save money since the controller would probably be sold for a pretty high price and so wouldn’t sell that well. I mean, alone the Nunchuck + Wii-mote were about 60-70€ at the beginning, so I don’t want to know how much they would want for a controller with built-in tablet.
    Anyway, if this is true it looks like multiplayer games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party are going to be pretty unfair games since only one of the players would have a WiiU controller, which would obviously give them advantages.

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  15. wait. i seem to recall this rumor back when wii u was announced but didn’t nintendo say you can use more than one wii u controller?

  16. I think Nintendo pretty much confirmed that 2 remotes was possible, the question is whether they’ll do it or not.

  17. HEY! LISTEN!

    Nintendo is distributing ONE tab-remote per system. As such, most of what we see will be use of one tab.

    Nintendo won’t advertise using multiple tab-remotes when the system doesn’t come with 2 unless they say, “Second Tab-remote sold separately.”

    I heard the system could support more than 2 Tablets, maybe just not with the first firmware release. Even if this is true, It’s not PERMANENT. Nintendo will have WiiUbsupport multiple tablets either at launch, or with a Firmware update after launch.

  18. Well, this isn’t really news–I kinda already figured such would be the case (at least initially for the Wii U). And none of that info is new. Though, I still don’t trust it as credible “news” if it’s from this same “unnamed” developer source.

  19. Unveiled at E3 last week, Nintendo’s Wii U console and touchscreen tablet controller stole everybody’s attention near and far. The one bit of bummer news that we left with from E3 was that the Wii U would only be capable of connecting with one Wii U controller and up to four additional Wii Remote/Plus controllers as well as a Wii Fit balance board. It appears Miyamoto’s statement that although the Wii U will come standard with only one Wii U controller, it is possible for at least two of the new 6.2-inch, gyroscope enabled tablet controllers to be connected at any given time

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  21. why would companies like microsoft and sony have to benefit by spreading a rumor like this? When Nintendo releases the system they are going to advertise and the advertisements will tell the people if you can use two. So sony and microsoft would actually lose money from spreading rumors like this. If this is just a rumor, then it most likely is being spread by trolls. Don’t worry about two tabs, you’ll have fun, its a wii with specs that will bring Nintendo fans more games!!!!

  22. come on guys
    this are the same morons saying that Wii U is worst than Xbox360 and PS3
    You gonna tell me by simple logic that Nintendo is gonna release a new console that is just the same as the last one???????????

  23. I feel like this article and the last one are simply propaganda rumors or just rumors spread for the sake of spreading rumors.

  24. Even if it is true, isn’t the wii U supposed to have fantastic online? I love local multiplayer as much as anyone, but most people are moving away from local as it is. Plus I see nothing at all wrong with using the classic controller

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  26. I thought nintendo acknowledged the importance of having 2 controllers and worked on it. I’m pretty sure I’ve read a few articles about nintendo close to solving the Single controller issue back in November.

  27. Sickr, I’m not against you or anything, but listen; if the source is anonymous, then don’t trust it. Besides, whoever said it’s less powerful that the 360 and PS3 is probably just a guy who has nothing BUT a 360 and PS3, and he’s probably addicted to them, too.

  28. Nintendo are losing. They used to be cool when the Nintendo 64 was around. Since the GameCube they have veered off into something completley different and lost so many Nintendo lovers. I know I’m not the only one who wants decent hand held controllers similar to ps3 or Xbox 360. Xbox 360 by far has the most comfortable controller out! hands down in an original gaming way without the motion shit. If your more into analogs and technical controls then I seriously think Nintendo is slowly abandoning that style. If you like motion sensor and a screen for a controller then I guess Nintendo is for you. Nintendo has awesome games but they focus on the controller way too much that it just looks ridiculous and makes the controller so bulky and with just too many gadgets. It’s ground breaking technology but its just another out of the blue idea from Nintendo that could send them losing out. No offense to fans. But I was a fan. I still am but to the old Nintendo gen consoles. Because that’s what Nintendo was about. Not creating mii’s and playing shit games and waiting for the sequel of masterpiece games like Zelda and Mario to come out. Games were about using your fingers now Nintendo makes you work your ass off and use your whole body. Which is the last thing you want when you have a big day of work or school. I guess if your old or obese and want to keep fit because your self conscious about how your physical appearance. But if that’s the case go to the gym.. A 1kg remote won’t do shit lol. Anyways I hope some people agree with me and pray that Nintendo don’t go bankrupt and perhaps maybe bring a back some fans.

  29. I also wanted to state that I really do love games on Nintendo.. Mario, Zelda, donkey kong and all those Nintendo classics that still soldier on. But it’s getting to the stage for me that the consoles arnet soldiering on. Wii no offense… Waving your hand around and holding in buttons.. I would have more enjoyment having a wank. And this wii u with a big screen on it that you can play as a handheld aswell.. It’s cool but it lacks comfort in your hands. Its like using an iPad as a controller. It’s retarded. Why can’t they just make a normal controller and make add ons to it like playstation and xbox. They are jumping the gun with this shit and expecting people to like it. Sure people would argue with me but seriously the wii is fun for a limited time until you realise how much junk and shitty add ons you get with it for each single genre of game. Now the wii u could be awesome but the truth is without Mario and Zelda Nintendo wouldn’t be here today. If Microsoft had those games which they won’t but if they did nintendo would be extinct with the dinosaurs. Aslong as they have these games there will always be fans who will just buy the console for these games. (if I missed some out that you think were awesome, I’m sorry I cbf naming them
    All.) also not being cocky but ps3 has had the best rated games of The present consoles. Wii sold the most consoles because they made cheap consoles and the only expensive enhancement was the controller which persuaded people to give the new idea a try which lead people on to buying the cheap console. I mean why not it was the 1st to come out at the time. In conclusion People want good games!! And it’s best to wait for all the consoles to come out to find out truly what shines. I do hope Nintendo brings out good games tho and I know they will. But they need to stop hanging around the side and jump in to the action.

    1. So I take it you’re a high level person in the gaming industry and have actually used the Wii U’s controller before? Because, those are the only people who have actually used the controller at this point. And from all of the videos from last year’s E3, they all said it looks clunky but it FEELS very comfortable in your hands. So unless you’ve actually used the controller please don’t knock it until you try it.

  30. I’m no hot shot but by looking at it. It’s quite big in size and looks so overated. You have your opinions and I have mine. My opinion is people want a reasonable size controller. I don’t think people give a shit about converting the game on screen to the controller too much. Especially when the controller isn’t used as a portable console and is only linked to the tv. If it was a portable console aswell it would interest me a whole lot more. It’s just another extension like the motion sensor controller. They can never keep it basic and then put the extensions on later on. Also the controller would be ridiculously over priced and fragile. Where as a playstation or Xbox controller is most probably more durable, cheaper and smaller. If Nintendo wii u brought a simple design of a controller they would get a lot more business. They are obviously scared by the other consoles so they think of different shit to come up with. I guess ever since the GameCube lost out, they haven’t bothered with having a normal controller which is sad because they can do so much better if they focus on the console itself and not the controller so much. Maybe someday they will come up with a controller where you don’t need a tv LOL because they seem to be getting there. No offense mate I have my views and I respect yours and not everyone agrees with each other. I just view Nintendo now to just go a bit to the extreme when there is no need to and they already have great games to fall back on that will always win people over.

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