Xenoblade Chronicles Is The Fifth Most Pre-Ordered Game In The United States

This weeks pre-order charts courtesy of VGChartz show that Monolith Soft’s forthcoming JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles is the fifth most pre-ordered title in the United States. The critically acclaimed game has had a surge of pre-orders this week bumping it comfortably into the top five. Here’s the top ten pre-ordered video games in the United States.

Pos Name Platform Weeks Weekly Change Total
1 Diablo III PC 7 34,774 506,212
2 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier X360 8 6,676 246,270
3 Kinect Star Wars X360 1 4,620 234,252
4 Halo 4 X360 N/A 3,288 204,087
5 Xenoblade Chronicles Wii 1 18,798 187,091
6 Luigi’s Mansion 2 3DS N/A 1,180 107,921
7 Borderlands 2 X360 25 4,916 107,086
8 BioShock Infinite X360 29 1,862 106,386
9 Max Payne 3 X360 7 2,898 101,257
10 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PS3 8 1,697 88,166


      1. FF7? That game brings back fond memories. The music in that game went so well with the environments and situations. Now I’m stoked to play. Already have it paid for through Gamestop. Just waiting on the release date.


      2. FF7 was good, I found FF6 better especially music wise. I will pick this one up if it’s a good RPG


  1. It was a mistake not to launch it in NA, everyone saw this amount of pre-orders coming.

    Now you’re playing with power.


      1. True, incredibly desperate people could have bought it fro pirates so Xenoblades could have lost quite a few preorders in the US.


  2. Damn it, make Borderlands 2 for the Wii U already. Seriously, I don’t want to buy another PS3 only for that game (sorry, my old one died and I’m not a fan of Sony games).

    Wow Luigi’s Mansion is going to be big, and it doesn’t even have a release date yet.


    1. Thats because the 360 is the main console in USA… Microsoft is american also so microsoft would sell Xboxes better in USA.

      In japan the preorder charts would be full of PS3 or PSV or 3DS I expect.

      Europe I’m not sure about, PS3 and 360 dominates as much as each other in Europe.


      1. Game preorders for PSV could be high, because it’s mainly the gamers who buy it and preorder.


  3. they’re lucky they brought it over here otherwise I would have pirated the eu version. don’t mess with gamers cause we always win in the end.


  4. Does anyone else think that the most interesting thing about this should be that Luigi’s Mansion 2 is #6 even though there hasn’t been a release date announcement!?


      1. That would be bad marketing. Much better to advertise for games coming out soon. If Nintendo began forcing Luigi’s Mansion 2 details on us now, they’d be hard-pressed to keep the stream of information consistent, constant, and relevant. They’d also be shooting themselves in the foot by taking eyes off of sooner releases.

        You also need to remember that not everyone grew up playing N64 and GameCube and therefore wouldn’t know much about Mario Tennis.


  5. Glad for Xenoblade is doing well outside of Japan. I’m just wandering why is Kinect Star Wars above Xenoblade, Halo 4, and those other good games. I like Star Wars but I’m not to fond of Kinect.


    1. Everyone hated Star Wars Kinect after seeing the comments after E3 2011 demo of SWK.

      I think it’s all the kids buying the game… you know… don’t look about the game but just because it says Starwars they buy it.


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