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Sega Game Gear RPG Shining Force Headed To Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Shining Force: Sword of Hajya, is coming to the Nintendo 3DS virtual console according to a recent listing by the Australian Classifications board. Shining Force will be joined by Defenders of Oasis, a Game Gear RPG inspired by the Arabian Knights stories. Sega has yet to announced a date for either titles.


      1. But I love Sega I had a Genesis instead of the SNES,I have recently finished the GG Shinobi and I’m planning on getting the Sonic Triple Trouble!!!!!!

  1. ;) YES, Simply because there are more games for VC 3DS. ;)

    Now you’re playing with power.

  2. I was literary thinking just yesterday that I would looooove for the original Shining Force to arrive on 3DS. When I read this headline my jaw dropped and I was ecstatic, but then I found out it was the game gear one and was a little dissapointed. I just don’t know how this one will stack up to the original, but I will still buy if it comes sateside.

  3. Fuck sega we aint supporting trash or re ports. We are not buying any of there vc trash. We will pirate them fo free thogh i got elite hacker freinds and theyre white. Until sega make sonic episode 3 fuck em

  4. Have you guys actually played the original Shining Force on SEGA genesis? It’s actually really good and got me and my brother into games like Fire Emblem.

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