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151 Artists Each Take On The Original Pokemon

One hundred and fifty-one incredibly talented artists have risen to the challenge and have each drawn one of the 151 original Pokemon characters. The collection of stunning art has been posted on the Pokemon Battle Royale blog and really showcases each individuals talents. You can check out all the artwork here.

52 thoughts on “151 Artists Each Take On The Original Pokemon”

      1. I don’t think you do. Art may be abstract, but being abstract does not make it art (GOOD art, rather). A few of these are fantastic, but a lot of them are weird for the sake of being weird, and that makes them bad art, if they are even art at all.

    1. Art is a form of expression, usually designed to invoke some sort of feeling. If you didnt like the art, it doesnt mean its bad art, it just means its not for you. If you must, draw the distinction between “bad art” and “art I don’t like” and use the proper wording when your describing it.

  1. I really like Dratini, Ditto scares me and my personal favorite was Farfetch’d because sometimes I just want to cook that thing. I laughed, I shuddered – It was great.

  2. I liked all of them except mew. I took a look at that artist’s work and I just think, “He’s an acclaimed artist?”

  3. ugh, so the Starters, Mew, and several other interesting Pokemon got screwed out of getting the talented artists. Overall they were very creative……that doesnt always mean its good art though…

  4. Wel, that was……..yeah. Jigglypuff was fucked up. These pics were hilarious, creepy and awesome all at the same time. Hands down, the most badass was Gyarados.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  5. okay… look at
    23 Ekans
    47 Parasect
    56 Mankey
    71 Victreebel (it ate ash and co.)
    83 Farfetch’d (is lunch)
    94 Gengar (killed some1)

  6. As good as some of it is, I dislike how many are so abstract that they lose the integrity of the original design.

  7. “The collection of stunning art has been posted on the Pokemon Battle Royale blog and really showcases each individuals talents.”

    Then you must be blind because they all are pure crap.

    I hope that Nintendo tell them to cease and desist.

    If fact I am going to let Nintendo know.

    1. LOL they aren’t gonna cease and desist over fan art, and you’re an asshole for trying to tell on these guys simply because you didn’t like the art

      1. Fan art are illegal and what worse is that they are selling them.

        That is clearly a violation of Copyright breech right there.

        So if Nintendo want them to stop then they will tell them to cease and desist.

        Also I wasn’t being serous about telling Nintendo, I wouldn’t even know how to get in touch with them.

        But because you called me an asshole I am going to tell Nitntendo I hope you are happy now.

  8. I personally don’t like alot of them the simple drawings dont appeal To me at all, they might not be simple to some ppl but in my opinion they just favorite would have to be gengar

      1. Now this is what I’m talking about. This guy had an opinion and kept it that way, instead of trying to state it as fact. Kudos anon, for keeping it clean :)

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  11. They look nice. I guess they’re on their way to becoming POKEMON (artist) MASTERS!:3

    I’m only good at drawing Sonic. I sometimes draw other things to keep me focused on my other ideas.

    3 Years of practice = worth it. :3

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