Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Made With ‘Future Platforms In Mind’ Wii U?

Gareth Wilson, Design Director at Sumo Digital has told Eurogamer that the development team behind Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed created the game with future platforms in mind. Wilson couldn’t comment on the possibility of a Wii U version, but it seems incredibly likely given the game will be released later this year. The original Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing performed well at retail for Wii.

(created “with future platforms in mind,” says Wilson – but no, he can’t confirm or deny a Wii U release)


  1. And this makes more sense when you take in consideration that the Wii U was a rumored console for the game.

    1. I know right. I feel that the Wii U will be AWESOME. I want Super Smash Bros. Wii U right now. Jake.

      @ Jake, what game systems do you have. You know I’m a Nintendo fanboy, so I have Kid Icarus, RE Revelations, Mario 3D Land, MK 7.

      What about you?

  2. Ugh… ENOUGH ABOUT THIS GAME. who REALLY cares? I mean seriously. Is this really worthy of the multiple same-day post attention it’s getting? I seriously doubt it.

    1. What are you so upset about? There will be time to complain all your life.

      Patience is a virtue.

  3. Sickr. This game is confirmed for PS VITA. You might want to mention that along with the other platforms ;)

    And this better come to Wii U!!! As if its not :P It’s almost a rumor to say it’s not coming!

  4. You know what would be awesome? A DLC wich you can play as Mario! They did the same thing with Banjo-Kazooie on the 360, so why not some exclusive Nintendo characters for the 3DS?

    1. Since when did you work at sumo or sega? And why are you talking bad about your product?

      1. It’s news and it is relevant to the Nintendo WiiU, so It’s necessary to post about it.

        1. And I quote, “Core gamers are the players who ensure each new iteration of Call of Duty and Madden continue to break records.”


          Sorry, don’t know what came over me there. Oh wait, yeah I do.


  5. I just hope the 3DS version will have Nintendo Network by its side. KI:U had it, and it worked great. :D

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