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Details Regarding Wii U OS?

Rumours have emerged online relating to the Wii U operating system, which is described as “huge” and “never seen before on a normal home system”. The source who claims to have knowledge of the OS states that Nintendo has reserved at least 512 MB of RAM for the operating system alone. Nintendo hasn’t shown of the system’s operating system, leaving only developers privy to such information. We should get a closer look at the user interface and the system’s capabilities in the next couple of weeks.

68 thoughts on “Details Regarding Wii U OS?”

    1. Though that isn’t really likely and it may be even weird (when was the last time Nintendo teamed up with another company for something like this?), it could work out really well. The most interesting part is that Wii U would support thousands of apps right out of the box on day one and the more adventurous users like myself would be able to develop their own apps for the system relatively easily.

      But 512MB is too much for just Android…

        1. the 1GB on hansets is also used to run apps, the OS doesnt use all the RAM. The reason 512MB is too much is because it is dedicated to the OS, they wouldn’t use more RAM than is required for Android.

        1. Yep… Multitasking require memory. This is the reason why the PS3 struggles with multitasking due to the limited amount of memory reserved of its core functions and OS.

      1. @Naner
        Why do you feel 512MB is too much? The Wii U will be running its OS in the background, needs memory for robust multitasking capabilities and the other media services rumored to be coming. Remember the major problem the PS3 have is lack to memory dedicated to the PS3 core operations.

        Well Nintendo is teaming up with a company that specialize in online experience. This coming generation for Nintendo already have several first for the company (AAA developer input into the hardware final spec, outsourcing the development of their online experience etc) . With very little that we know… it is clear Nintendo is making every effort to make the Wii U the best experience it can be.

        1. It’s not too much for an OS. It’s just a bit too much for an OS that is built to run on the palm of your hand. If it does run Android, it’ll probably be pretty extended or feature lots of background applications and stuff.

        1. Yeah…. If Nintendo uses android as an os it will be that modified that you don’t even recognise it is running android.
          But I very much doubt that Nintendo will use android it is way to buggy for that.

      2. I suppose it could be a custom build that requires more RAM. It’s hardly an unprecedented move after all.

      1. Well, Google owns Android and YouTube.

        Anyway, I doubt it’ll run android, perhaps just similar Kernel(Linux Kernel).

        1. R u guys stupid it is gonna run windows mango 7 and it will have xbox live which is why all the developers are saying its awesome;)

        2. There is absolutely no way it will be running any flavour of Android or Linux. Nintendo like proprietary. If it was based on any kind of open OS, hackers would have it rooted and running pirate copies within days.

    2. Even Android 4.0 only takes just under 200MB of ram. But I really I don’t see that happening. Like always, Nintendo will do a proprietary OS most likely. It could always be based on Linux, which is open source and powerful. If thats the case, we can expect it to do nearly everything a desktop computer can do. Archbang linux only takes about 300mb on my computer, with Opera Web running at the same time as we speak.

  1. Think for a moment before believing anything you read online, numerous developers have stated that Wii is comparable to PS3 & 360, now if PS3 has 512mb ram in total this means that Nintendo has reserved the entire ram for OS alone?

    1. Obviously the Wii does have a lot more ram than just 512… I’m excited to see that. Reduced loading times for the win! Have you ever played Modern Warfare Reflex on the Wii? Shit was ripping the disk all the time.. I’d love to see that gone.

    2. The thing about rumors is that you have to take them into consideration, not to truth. Believe it may be true and that it may be false at the same time.

    1. Remember, rumors always have some truth 2 them, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. A picture showed up on Twitter showing the Wii U controller and its redesign. Some of the buttons were moved around and the overall size of the Wii U tablet is smaller than the one shown at E3, and also includes 2 analog sticks, kinda like the ones on the Wii’s Nunchuk attachment, as opposed 2 the Circle Pad nubs seen on the 3DS. Seemed fake, but the picture was taken down from Twitter, so it was probably legit. E3 is 3 weeks away, so we will all find out then. Nintendo fans be prepared 2 be blown away!!

      1. I saw on that the redesign is actually an older model. Rumors get crazy around this time every year if you recall all the stuff last year. I enjoy reading them, but I’m taking them with a grain of salt until June 5th

  2. I have a gut feeling that the possibility of having a Wii U OS will be an epic surprise. Who knows whether the OS is running on Android… I may take it with a pinch of salt, but this is incredible. 2 more weeks!!!!!

  3. I’m beginning to get the feeling, given all these rumours that have been going around, that the system will be a lot more powerful than people are expecting. That, plus the analogue instead of sliders, means the system might be more popular than I assumed too. I hope i’m right.

  4. Here’s the deal. Nintendo is about to blow our blood pumping, thought provoking MINDS!! A Capcom developer said to expect everything we saw at e3 2011 to totally be different because it was a lot of things not revealed. Epic said that it “Wii U” is going to shock everyone…Ubisoft is going ham over it. EA is working with Nintendo like a silent partner!! THQ said it like comparing Bluerays to DVDs that much better Wii U is going to look over PS3 /Xbox 360. Most of the negative news has come from sources and gaming site that has never shown for Nintendo and are owned or bias to Sony and Micro!! IGN, 1Up, Gametrailers, gamespot

    1. I’m currently guessing that the Wii U will have 2 to 2.5GB of main system RAM. A portion of that memory may be allocated to the GPU when needed, but hopefully the GPU will have it’s own dedicated memory though.

    1. U-Droid?! All humor aside, I think having Nintendo partnering with Google/Android would be an interesting idea and a dream come true.

    2. For me it gives me an extra 300-400 euro to spend on PS3 games.
      I don’t hate android though( I love that it is open ) but it just won’t feel/ work great on a console. It is also not nintendoish . And even if it is running android it will be a modified closed version with a a couple functions disabled and added. So it will basically be an Nintendo OS based on the core of android/google tv OS. But all the bugs will be fixed,layout changed,not open source,no android apps etc.
      So I say: stop hoping for android

  5. People seem to be reporting the wrong thing. This rumor comes from GAF, specifically from Ideaman. He didn’t say the OS was huge, only that the RAM reserved for it was huge. He said that his sources believe there’s at least 512MB of RAM that they can’t access, which is what they believe to be for the OS. However, the OS itself is not that big, but the software layer, as he describes it, is big. This includes any OS functions that the system might have like multitasking, chat and video chat while playing, playing a game while another person can be watching a movie (not yet confirmed) on the TV or on another controller.

    In other words, the OS itself will not use anywhere near 512MB, but the function it can do will take up all of that.

    1. Exactly, stick to the source. The OS doesn’t need alot, it’s not freakin Windows.

      The OS itself can be as small, say 32-64MB ram footprint and the rest of system memory(rumored between 1-2GB) can be used for games and other programs(apps).

      In comparison PS3 used 120MB but was reduce to 46MB, X360 i think uses around 32MB ram for OS..

  6. The Wii U will run Android solely for the sake of inheriting all of Android’s apps. I love this idea :D

  7. Hey mens, 512 is not the ‘Ram memory’ is the ‘weight’ of the Operative system, in few term, the OS have the same weight of all the Wii Flash Memory…

  8. Hmmm interesting. I don’t believe rumors, but it would be cool if Nintendo had a power house next Gen. I know graphics don’t mean everything, but it would be cool to see something out of the norm for once.

  9. Nintendo is pulling out all the stops for the Wii U. E3’s going to be bigger than anyone even thinks it will be, imo. We are not prepared. Leave luck to heaven.

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