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Nintendo Comments On Star Fox-Metroid Fusion Wii U Rumour

Kotaku has contacted a Nintendo of America representative to discover whether there’s any truth to the Star Fox-Metroid Fusion Saga rumour which was doing the rounds on the web yesterday. As expected, Nintendo of America replied with the standard ‘we don’t comment on rumour or speculation’. I guess we will just have to wait until E3 to find out.

63 thoughts on “Nintendo Comments On Star Fox-Metroid Fusion Wii U Rumour”

    1. You fly, drive a tank and drive a submarine in the Star Fox 64.

      Different Starfoxes have different gameplay but 64 is the best, find the gameplay on youtube

    2. They were saying that many of the stages will be like a normal starfox game, with it occasionallly going to the ground ala StarFox Adventures, except they plan on making him more “ninja” like, similar to how he is in Smash Brothers. All rumor of course….

    1. This doesn’t mean anything because it is a standard and they comment every rumour – true or not – with this sentence.

      1. I think they don’t want to out flat lie if they want to keep it a secret… It’s like a safety sentence… Companies who tell the truth gain more respect

    2. In what fucking universe does “we don’t comment on rumour or speculation” means yes?

      It means wait and see, although I am calling this rumour fake since Star Fox and Metroid are different games and should not be crossed over outside of Smash Bros.

  1. Stupid boy.
    Did he expect that they answer: “Oh hey, of course, we develop this game since two years. It will come out in December.”

    Just think.

    1. Just about every company does that standard reply to rumors and speculation, they wouldn’t deny it because then they would be commenting on it.

      Doesn’t mean it’s not false, and doesn’t hint at it being real.

  2. The Only Pokemon Champ

    God Nintendo why do you always have to be so quiet and mysterious about everything?
    E3 is soooo closeee
    Cant you just loosen your belts just a little belt?

    1. I read an Iwata interview article back last month, where he said Nintendo wants to “keep their software and some parts of their innovations quite to prevent anyone tries to steal or copy them”As a long time gamer and fan I will admit its no secret that Sony All stars is a BLATANT slap slap in Nintendo face; and sony didn’t even blink when they announced it

    2. WOW WOW WOW!! If Nintendo were to do that before E3 they would lose e3, like sony did in 2011. keep in mind this e3 is primary focus on wii u, they dont want to make wii u look bad.

  3. I bet it wasn’t in development, but now they’re like “Crap, why didn’t we think of that? Quick, I want a trailer ready for E3! Go go go!”

    1. My Rhythm Heaven instincts made me press the imaginary A button three times when you said “Go go go!”

  4. “Nintendo Comments On Star Fox-Metroid Fusion Wii U Rumour” … “we don’t comment on rumour or speculation”. Am I missing something here?

  5. Sickr: “Nintendo Comments On Star Fox-Metroid Fusion Wii U Rumour”
    Nintendo: “We don’t comment on rumour or speculation”
    …nice title.

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  7. I honestly really hope that this is fake. I dont want retro’s talent wasted on a crossover game.
    they need to make:
    1) an amazing metroid game
    2) an amazing starfox game
    in that order plz :)

    1. This exactly, except ‘in any order plz’ I don’t care which one I get first, they’ll both be great

  8. Nintendo’s smart about that. They know better than to respond to such rumors. Though, I do like how it might not be a “yes” but it’s not a real “no,” either.

      1. Darren, who is the webmaster at Shinesparkers, has loads of contacts all over the industry. This particular one is an ex-employee of Retro who was still around when they decided what would be the project they’re currently working on and he can confirm it’s not this rumored crossover.

        Hope that helps. :)

  9. Nintendo is too lazy and cheap to have real people write stuff anymore. It’s just a forum letter response.

  10. This is my first visit to this site and based on the quality of the article title vs actual article content, it will be my last. What a waste of space (and my time).

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  12. We got all the information we needed…
    Either the game exists or it doesn’t………………..

  13. Here are 3 reasons why this might be false. 1. The source stated even he wasn’t sure about this rumor and that it was just a pitched idea from nintendo that might have not seen the light of day just like the TMNT game by Rocksteady. 2. There is already another metroid game rumored in development by Epic games. 3. They said they are working on a project everybody wants them to do. I dont think a crossover game is what comes to mind. 4. The source also said that they wanted to work on a new ip instead of starfox. Looks like they are doing both, a new starfox and a new ip since there is rumored to be 3 new ip’s at e3.

  14. This doesn’t mean anything. It is the standard PR response. So should people start contacting Nintendo about the price? Is the system going to cost $300? $350? And if they simply denied the “rumors,’ that’s that mean they would be true even if they were basically different answers? We would narrow down the price, which is why it’s better to just give the standard PR.

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  16. If they were to make another Metroid game, it would have to be either a sequel to Metroid Prime 3 or a whole new Metroid title entirely. Metroid Fusion counts as Metroid 4, so, why not make a Metroid 5? It’s been, what, 10 years since Fusion came out? and yet, no true sequel to fusion was released.

    Plus, the cliffhanger ending of MP3:C (at 100% completion) had me wondering: Is Dark Samus planning for revenge on Samus? or is it an easter egg altogether? Only time will tell……E3 shall have the answers we need.

  17. Metriod is fuckin gay..u wanna make a real game get the controls right first u fukin the rom is super shitty

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